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1) Apocalypse Strikes - Horror, rated M. The Frontier gang live a normal life in an apartment. Takuya and Zoe are engaged and live in one house in an apartment as right next door lives Kouji and Koichi. Beside them, another house where Jp and his little brother Tommy live. And next door to them Is Ryuu and his little Sister Saomi. Friends for life. However, That may end as life is drawing to a close with The dead rising and killing.................. Takumi, Sakouji, Blood, Violence, Gore, Takuya-19, Zoe- 19, Kouji-19, Koichi-19,Jp-20,Tommy-17, Saomi-19,Ryuu-21

2) Malice- One-shot Supernatural/ Horror, Rated M. Zoe, a 19 year old girl, lives with Abusive Parents, Evil sisters and a molesting uncle. One day they were out and she decided to look for her lost stuff in the basement. Calling Takuya who was at a party, she got notice that he will come later. She goes to the Basement. However, she never knew an evil entity was right next to her.............. WARNING- Minor Takumi, Gore, Blood, Deaths.

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Chapter 10- Remembrance

Kouji carried Saomi as Takuya carried Zoe. As Kouji ran with all his might, Saomi was lifelessly hanging. Her thoughts wandered to past memories....

***************12 years ago***************


A 6 year old Saomi was sitting on the ground and crying. A 7 year old Ryuu stood there panting with his stick in his hand. Apparently, they had a mock battle with sticks, and Saomi got hurt. Ryuu dropped his stick and went over to Saomi.

"Saomi, I am sorry..."

Saomi screamed with tears in her eyes. " GET AWAY!! I HATE YOU!!! "

With that she ran off into her room, leaving a sad Ryuu. Hours later, She came back out, it was dinner time and just as she Got out, She was grabbed by Ryuu. Ryuu pulled her into a loving embrace before putting something in Saomi's hands and winking.

" I am sorry Saomi. Come on, mom is making Teriyaki!"

Ryuu went away, Saomi stood there before looking at the thing he gave her. It was a Chocolate bar. She really liked this one as she smiled and ran happily to join her family at the dining room.

Takuya and Kouji rounded a corner as they went onto a fire escape stairway on the side of a building. They climbed it to the top and went into a shabby looking shack at the top. Takuya Put Zoe down and closed the door. Zoe was crying a lot, but Saomi was in total Shock...

****************11 years ago********************

She And Ryuu was running down the Alley. The murder they had seen had totally Wrecked their minds. Ryuu Had seen most of the things. Saomi Could tell that Even Though Ryuu was focused on their Well being, the Murder Had been A great blow to him.A Sudden noise Made Ryuu Grab Saomi And pull Her Behind A Dumpster. through The Small Space Above,They Say A Huge Bird Fly by. But That Was no ordinary bird, Because It had A Human Figure. It was Kyo. Ryuu Then Grabbed Saomi by The shoulders and Made Her look At his face.

"Saomi... Promise Me......Promise me that we will Stay Together. Promise that We will not do the Same things as our Father. Promise Me!"

Saomi nodded Her head Slowly as Tears flooded Her eyes. Now That The danger had passed, the grief took over As The siblings hugged each other and Cried.

Saomi Finally noticed Where They Were As resting in the Shack. Zoe had finally Stopped Crying As Saomi Stood up.
"Where Are you going Saomi?"
"Kouji, Get Takuya And Take Care Of Zoe, Okay? I need a talk with him."
Kouji Took The Sleeping Zoe off of Takuya's Hands As Takuya made His way over to Saomi.
"Yeah Saomi?"
"Listen... Take This Sword"
She Handed Him the Excalibur.
"Wha!? How Did you--"

" I Grabbed it When Ryuu kicked it out of kyo's hand. But It was More Like the sword went through My Hand." She Raised Her right Hand to Show that A bloody Stab was there which Went through her Hand.
" Oh Fuck...."
"I'll be okay. Now listen, DO not Lose That Sword. It is The only sword That can kill Kyo."
As If That word was a spell, The Door Broke down as a Shadowy figure stood there.
" My, my......Isn't That my sword.....Saomi, Shame on you, stealing from your own father?"
"Takuya......Run....Grab Zoe and Kouji And RUN!!"
Kouji Heard This as He started to run. Kyo started To run as Well but stopped When Saomi put Her gun's Barrel On kyo's Forehead.
" You make One move and I'll blow your Brains out..... You might not die.... but you can sure as heck feel the pain........"
"Now Saomi..... are You forgetting who I am? Come On Saomi....... I don't Want You to Die..... Join Me..."

Kyo smiled As He put a finger On The gun and Lowered it as Saomi Stood There, Shaking as Her emotions fought over what to do. "Good... Now I'll be going....."
Saomi Stood There As Kyo Walked Away. Kyo was smiling at his victory, When suddenly. BANG

A Bullet Went throu

gh His Chest As He fell onto his Knees in pain.

Takuya and the Others were a Few feet in front Of Kyo, Climbing down The Fire Escape. Zoe had Woken up as She Ran along side Takuya. Kouji Stopped As he heard The Bang. He Looked up.

Kyo Stood Up as Saomi ran at Him. Kyo Dodged Saomi's swing with her Sword as He Grabbed Her neck and flung her off the side of The Building. As She fell Screaming, Kouji Had seen Her and He had Jumped off The Fire escape. He Grabbed Her and His jumps force Guided them Into a Dumpster.
Saomi Smiled " good thing there is One Of these in every Alley..
They Jumped Out as Takuya and Zoe had Come out. Takuya Ran ahead With Zoe as Saomi Struggled to follow. The fall had Injured Her. Kouji was helping her When Suddenly Kyo Grabbed him By his long Hair and Threw him Down. Saomi Fell down as Kyo stepped on kouji's Back. He Grabbed The Back of Kouji's neck as He raised Him up and threw him On to a Destroyed car. Kouji's back Hit The car as the impact made him flip over The car and onto the street behind the car.

"That took care of Him......"

Kyo Then Turned as He Grabbed Saomi by The hair and Pulled Her up. She reached For Her gun but Kyo kicked Her On her ankle and broke it. She Screamed at the pain as the gun dropped out of her hand. She looked up only to see Red eyes. Suddenly, She couldn't move. She watched Horrified as kyo Bared his Fangs...

Kouji Stood up, Very painfully. Good thing The soft top roof of the car helped him not to break his back. He looked at Saomi and at once Sadness and Anger flooded into him. Saomi was being drained of her Life as kyo's wounds were healing. Kouji Grabbed What was nearest to him, A Large Shard Of glass And Threw it at Kyo. Kyo instantly let go of Saomi as The Glass cut Him. He Grabbed Saomi's Gun As He Jumped on top of The car. Kouji Backed away Before Kyo Shot him With The gun. The bullet went through his right shoulder as kyo proceeded to empty the rounds into him. Soon The gun was empty as Kouji Lied there, blood seeping out of him. Kyo Then brought out his wings as He flied Over to find Takuya. Saomi Just opened Her eyes and crawled over to kouji with the Little life she had left..

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I Am really sorry about the delay But life has been a real Bitch to me. to make it up, i am gonna give double episodes today! Yes, This is The Final Chapter of THE FALLEN!!!

Final Chapter- Love is never beaten.

Takuya and Zoe were still running across the ruined town. Other People were already gone as The dead now littered the floor. Clutched in takuya's hand was The Excalibur. A sudden sense told Zoe that kyo was Here. She and Takuya Stopped as they Turned around and Saw Kyo. Zoe walked towards him as takuya was shocked at what She was doing. Kyo smiled as he thought she gave up but as Soon as she Came in front of him, A sword formed out of thin air in her hand as She stabbed Kyo with it. Kyo staggered back As time had stopped For Zoe as She proceeded To Form swords and Stab kyo. Soon, There was roughly 150 swords in Kyo as Zoe stepped Back. She Snapped her fingers as The swords disappeared and Kyo fell down. Zoe smirked as She said. " Guess what. I mastered my power of 'Traceing' "
Takuya Stood in awe as He Saw Zoe coming back. But Suddenly Kyo stood up.

" Don't You Know...........I can never be killed"

Kyo Shot a Ball of dark Energy at Zoe as it hit and sent her several meters away.

Takuya Cried out as Zoe laid there. Not moving.
Takuya then turned to Kyo. His Rage Was Only matched with how much he wanted to Kill Kyo. The Excalibur gleamed As He Rushed At Kyo. Kyo brought out his sword as They proceeded to Fight. Swords met and Sparks Flew. Good and evil Fought. Takuya And Kyo were locked in a deadly Combat. A Battle where Only one will stand. A swift Slash had grazed takuya's Shoulder as he thrust His Sword. The Sword Missed As Takuya Felt Kyo's sword go through His Chest. Kyo Brought out his sword as he kicked Takuya towards Zoe. He fell next to her as She gained consciousness and Looked at him. Takuya panted as he looked at her. Zoe Crawled over to Takuya As She Held Him on her Lap. Kyo Was Coming Towards them. Zoe Grabbed Takuya's Hands As He was Holding Exacalibur . Zoe smiled through her crimson stained Hair.

" Lets Finish Him Together."
Kyo was Standing over them as He did not notice Excalibur. He crouched as He Placed His claws On Zoe's Cheek

"Time to die..."

As Quick as A flash, Zoe and Takuya Thrust The Sword and it went right Through Kyo's heart. He Let out a final scream as he fell back. The sword Excalibur faded as Kyo lay there. Zoe suddenly felt Takuya slipping as She held Him tight. Takuya felt his Heart giving way as He hugged Zoe. She kissed him as Their last Moment was Great. "I love You Takuya..."
" Me too Zoe....... I loved you from the day I met you..... And I still do....." They kissed again and after what seemed like an eternity, Zoe felt the grip of Takuya's Hand On her lessen. As His Hand Fell limp. She leaned back as She saw Takuya's Face, Looking as if He died In peace. A slight chuckle made her Notice That kyo is Still alive.

" You Know.......... I never wanted to kill you before....... I had seen, In a dream that I would die by your hands unless I killed you. You should have died. But The love of that boy and his will to protect you foiled my plans....... I guess destiny cannot be changed by can only be changed by blood........ and i don't have the right to Take that away from you now that I have already lost........ here....... take this....."
Kyo brings out a red jewel out of his necklace.
" Take this and make Him Swallow it...... if You have true love between you........ He will live...........Good Bye.............Zoe............."
Zoe took the jewel as kyo closed his eyes to finally meet his end. Zoe inserted the jewel into takuya's Mouth as her Life turned For the better.....

The End

But Wait!! There will be an epilogue Chapter including what Will happen to their life and the Bloopers that happened on set!! So Stay tuned :D