Bella looked across the table at Alice, who was reading a Vogue magazine. She cleared her throat and Alice looked up.

"What?" Bella shrugged.

"Nothing." Alice returned to her magazine.

"So," she said, still looking down, "how's it like being married to my, brother?"

"You mean Edward?"

"Edward is my brother." Bella thought for a while. Marriage with Edward was nice. They were happy, and being with Renesmee made them even happier. Renesmee was with Jacob now, he was happy to have babysitting duties whenever Bella wanted some time to herself. Sex with Edward was amazing as well, but she kept feeling she missed something. Something she couldn't get with just a guy, even if that guy was the best looking male vampire on earth.

"Its, good."

"Oh, okay then." Alice flipped a page and stared down. Bella returned to her book, making an attempt to break the awkward silence.

"How's it like, being married to Jasper?" Alice and Jasper had tied the knot earlier in the spring. Alice didn't answer, scanning the page she was on slowly.

"It's, like always."

"Oh, that's good."


"Well, it's better than fighting." Alice eyed Bella questioningly.

"I guess," she said, flipping another page, "Well, I have a ring now though." Alice lifted up her hand and flashed the bright diamond ring on her ring finger that Jasper had gotten for her. Bella nodded, wondering why Edward hadn't gotten her something like that.

"It's nice." Alice nodded and looked back down.

"I like yours better though."

"No way, this old thing?" Bella said, surprised, lifting up her hand and placing it beside Alice's. Well it was true, Bella's ring was nicer. It was a platinum band with a violet diamond in the middle carved onto a heart. Bella loved it

"The diamond is purple. I've got plain ones." Alive picked up Bella's hand to look at the ring closer. Bella felt an electric shock go through her as their hands touched. She pulled hers away and got up, moving to the refrigerator. She felt weird, queasy. Alice got up and went behind her.

"What happened?" Bella shook her head, turning around.

"Nothing." She made to leave but Alice put a hand in front of her to stop her. Bella could have gone on, being a newborn and all she was stronger than Alice, but she didn't. Her queasiness faded slowly, replaced by another feeling as she looked down at the short, raven-haired girl in front of her.

"Don't go," Alice said, moving closer. Bella reached to the side and put her book down on the kitchen table, taking Alice's magazine from her and putting it down as well. She put her hands on either side of Alice's face and kissed her on the lips, temporarily forgetting she was already married to Edward, and Alice was married to Jasper.

Alice kissed back, tiptoeing so she could be almost as tall as Bella and leaning in on her. Her hands wove through Bella's hair, pulling at it to get her as near she could. She breathed out her words slowly.

"I had a vision just now." Bella moved down to taste the soft skin on Alice's neck, guided by Alice's hands.

"What did you see?" she asked, in between kisses.

"I saw, you and me." Bella reached the top of Alice's dangerously low-cut top with her lips. She roughly pulled a side of it to down to run her tongue across Alice's bare shoulder, making her shudder.

"What were we doing?" She put her hands on Alice's hips, lifting her tank top up slightly to expose the skin on her waist. Alice's reply was mixed with a slight moan as Bella moved downwards, putting her mouth over her newly exposed stomach.

"We were fucking." Bella smirked as she unbuttoned Alice's jeans, pulling them down slightly. She moved her tongue over to her hips and bit down on a part of Alice's flesh, gently but hard enough to make her gasp. Alice gripped the kitchen table hard, forming dents in it, arching her back to get her body closer to Bella's lips. Bella obliged her request, covering every inch of her skin with kisses.

She ripped off Alice's tank top, throwing it aside, and helped her up on the table. Alice pulled Bella up by her hair to reach her lips again, while Bella's hands made short work of getting her rid of her jeans fully. There was shuffling outside and Jasper jumped in through the window, looking at his wife on the table, wearing only her underwear, his sister-in-law on top of her. Edward came in through the door, and saw the both of them, open shock on his face.

He rushed back out, but Bella had seen the look of pain and anger on his face.

"No, Edward, please." Bella let go of Alice, pushed past a still Jasper, and ran out the door. She was faster than Edward and caught up with him in no time. She put her hands on his face, pleading.

"Please, Edward, I'm sorry." Edward stopped, his face twisted with agony. He didn't look at her and walked on, pushing her hands away.

"No, Bella." Bella began to cry, she hadn't known it was going to hurt him that bad. She rushed back to him, not letting him get away.

"Edward, I want to explain." They were nearing their cottage now, Edward opened the door and walked in, slamming it so hard bits of stone shook off the wall. Bella was alone, for the first time since she'd turned into a vampire. She sank down on the stone steps, crying.