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Deck the halls with bounds of holly . . . The carol played from the CD player in the corner. I smiled as I side stepped around Odie and moved towards the Christmas tree. Gently I slid the little glass reindeer ornament over the tree's branch. Stepping back I looked at the whole tree. The bottom half was covered in glittering decorations and golden brushy tinsel but the upper branches remained bare. Humming to myself I moved towards the shopping bag full of new decorations Atlanta and I had bought yesterday. Just as I picked up one that was shaped like dove, something whizzed past me in a blur of red and green. The little dove fell from my fingers and landed hard on the floor. I shuddered at the loud cracking sound it made as it shattered on impact.

"Atlanta," I snapped looking back at my best friend. Atlanta paused for a second to look at me.

"Sorry Theresa," she shouted quickly before taking off again with a new lot of tinsel in hand. Shaking my head, I scooped up the shards of glass and tossed them to the side. I moved to pick up another ornament when Odie slapped his lap top shut.

"Stupid piece of junk," he hissed pushing it away and folding his arms across his chest. Forgetting about the ornament, I went and sat down beside him.

"Wow, I never thought I'd see the day that you broke up with laptop," I laughed pushing it back towards him.

"It would help if it would work," he snarled death glaring the piece of metal.

"Why what were you trying to do?" I asked curiously.

Odie's face flushed and he looked down embarrassed.

"Trying to get the lights on the tree to work," he mumbled.

Neil left his mirror on the couch and moved to stand beside the tree.

'Well it would help if it was plugged in genius," he remarked in his nasally voice. As soon as the plug touched the power point, the tree lit up in a sea of colour. Neil turned triumphantly towards Odie who was slapping his fore head.

"See told you so; I guess you're not the only smart one. Remember that time with Sybaris and the safety cap. . ."

"Awe, don't be mean Neil,' I replied looking back at Odie.

"Yeah," He remarked meeting Neil's gaze.

"Isn't Christmas supposed to be the time for forgiving?" Neil just shrugged and went back to his mirror.

"Well look on the bright side Odie, at least you haven't created any mutant puddings to eat us yet," I said trying to sound optimistic.

"Odie made pudding, where?" Herry's head shot up like and eager dog when some ones says cat.

"No Herry, if Odie made pudding, we would all be dead, like Drama Queen said," Archie remarked, entering the room with Atlanta. Odie just rolled his eyes.

"Can we please change the subject," he grunted. Atlanta and I burst out laughing along with Archie and Herry. Odie gave up and joined in. Eventually the laughter died down and we returned to decorating the tree.

Looking around at my team mates, I couldn't help but feel happy that we were all together this Christmas. Every person here meant the world to me and I would go to Tartarus and back for any of them. (Which I have actually done several times.) True, I did feel more strongly for one particular person in our group but that was beside the point. As I moved around to the other side of the tree, I caught Archie's gaze. Through the glitter in his eyes, I could tell he was thinking along the same lines. While we both had our disagreements, we still were really close friends. (Battling an evil maniac god of time will do that to you) My mind drifted back to last Christmas when we had been together. We had lost Zeus and Jay and Neil had to hunt down this horn thing so they could wish Zeus back. The party the gods through for us had been really nice but what really stuck out in my mind as when I found Archie on the roof alone. Normally this was Jay's thing to so it was weird seeing Archie in his place. I had decided to see what was wrong. He ended up telling me about his family and how his dad had died we he was three and his mum couldn't take care of him because she was battling terminal cancer. I remembered my heart going out too him. Since then I had learned we had two things in common, loving to members of our team who were completely oblivious to our feelings and having dark pasts. (Though he knew nothing of mine)

"All done!" Herry's call bought me back to earth. I stood back to look at the tree and gasped. It was Beautiful! The branches were wrapped in gold and silver tinsel and the branches were loaded with colourful ornaments. It almost reminded me when mum and me . . . No! I will not think about that now. Desperate for a distraction, I focused on the tree. Something was missing?

"You forgot the star Herry," I said picking up the star and walking over to the tree. I tried to reach the top but it was too far out of reach. Whose idea was it to buy an 8 foot tree any way? Suddenly foot steps sounded behind me. I turned around to see Jay looking at the tree and my heart couldn't help skipping a beat.

"The tree looks great guys," he commented, drinking in the sight of the tree. He seemed to be in a more relaxed mood today but behind the smile, I knew he was still worrying about Cronus. You would think the guy would be able to chill over Christmas at least? Jay walked and stopped beside me.

"Umm where's the star?" he asked.

"Right here," I replied thrusting the star up. He frowned.

"I'm to short and Herry will ball the tree over if he tries," I explained.

"But Theresa should be able to reach it if some one where to say, lift her," Neil purred lightly.

I glared at him. What was he trying to do? Sure, there is no way I would object to Jay lifting me, but coming out of Neil's mouth made it sound all wrong.

'Neil," I hissed, feeling my cheeks flush. Jay's face went red.

"I could help you if you want," Herry offered. I was thankful for his help; Herry was so much like a big brother to me and Atlanta. Neil tsked and Jay just shook his head.

"It's okay Herry, I've got Theresa."

Still blushing he turned to me.

"Ready?" nodding I stepped towards him. I felt his hands around my waist and in one swift movement I was on his shoulder like I weighed nothing. He held my leg as I reached across and placed the star of the top of the tree. This properly wasn't the best time to have worn my black skirt. I let my hand fall back from the tree and rest on his shoulder. Gently his hands found my waist again and he lifted me down. Jay held me close longer than he needed to. We met each others gaze and the rest of the world seemed to melt away. Well for a moment anyway. Odie's fake cough and Neil's snickering bought us reluctantly back to reality. Blushing even more than before, we broke apart. Silence hung in the room for a moment before Athena walked in. In her hand she held several letters. She tossed one over to Atlanta and Odie and one to Jay. Finally she handed the last one to me. I didn't need my telepathy to know that their letters were from their families back home. They must have missed judged the timing because it was still a week until Christmas or maybe Hermes had something to do with it? Finally I decided to open mine. I wasn't sure who it was from but there was only one person who I really wanted to hear from, my dad. The envelope looked very professional, not like a letter sent from home but still I opened it. The hand writing was more like calligraphy than hand written. The letter read. . .

Dear Miss Theresa

You and your corporation have been invited to the Hathaway annual Christmas ball.

Date: 24th December

Place: Hathaway mansion.

Please RSVP by next by 21st December.

Sighing I folded the note back up. Great, so he didn't even have the time to write to me personally, instead I get invited like I'm some boss or official, typical! I was about to shove the note aside when I noticed some additional writing in blue pen scrawled on the back. The writing looked very familiar. It read

Please come early Theresa, Bruce is already here and Steve is dying to see you again. Bring your friends up this time, I want to meet them.

The thought of seeing Steve again made me smile slightly. There was no signature but I already knew who it was from. I glanced around the room and my friends. We had already planned to enjoy Christmas here, not at some fancy corporate function. Snorting, I scrunched up the piece of paper and headed towards the bin.

"What's that Theresa?" Jay asked looking at me side ways. He seemed to pick up my frustration.

"Nothing important," I said flatly throwing the piece of paper in the bin. Sighing, I slid past him and headed towards my room. Guilt began to nor at me as soon as I go to the stairs. I really had to go, even if I didn't want the others to suffer through it, since he was my father I had to go. Plus Steve would kill me if I didn't show up. Finally with a plan in my head I headed up to my room to pack.

I moved over and reached into the bin, pulling out a blue sheet of paper. What's this?

Gently I flipped the piece of paper over. The paper was fancy and was written in some calligraphy font. As I read the letter my I frowned. This doesn't make any sense. Grasping the piece of paper tightly I decided to ask Atlanta if she knew what was going on. By now, the living room was almost unrecognisable. Tinsel wound its way around ever spare inch of the room. In the centre, the tree stood all and proud. As the star came into view, I felt my body tingle. No, now was not the time to think about how good it had felt holding Theresa. Atlanta must have seen me, because she left Archie who was trying to stop Herry eating the things that Athena had made, and walked over to me.

"Is Theresa ok, I haven't seen her in hours?" She asked casually but I could tell there was just a hint of concern in her voice. We both knew she had only been up in her room for a few hours but I still couldn't help worrying a tiny bit. Thank goodness Theresa didn't know that or she would have ripped my head off by now.

"I don't know Atlanta, I was kinda hoping you could tell me," I replied meekly. Atlanta's gaze narrowed on the piece of paper.

"What's that?" she murmured snatching it from my grasp.

"Just a letter from her dad inviting her home for Christmas," I said looking over her shoulder at the note again. Archie and Herry must have noticed because they walked over to join us.

"Who writes letters like that any more?" Archie snorted.

"It sounds like some high class social invitation rather than a letter from home."

"Yeah," Atlanta responded flipping the letter over. "Why would her father do that?"

"He's properly just to busy," answered Odie.

I felt a pang of sympathy for Theresa. That would explain why she wasn't eager to share the contents of the letter. Both Atlanta and I knew how much she was looking forward to hearing from her dad.

"There's some thing on the back," Herry murmured flipping the sheet of paper over. We all read it.

"So her father want's her to go back early and with us?" Archie looked at me cautiously.

"Yeah Baby it party time!" yelled Neil.

'Wait who says we're going?" Archie snapped back.

"Why wouldn't we, were i-n-v-i-t-e-d." Neil said slowly like he was talking to a five year old.

"I want to go, I bet they have great food," Herry remarked.

Atlanta shifted in her seat.

"I want to go for Theresa but it's up to you Jay." Her gaze fixed on mine. Herry and Neil looked eager but Archie looked reluctant. Odie didn't seem to mind any way.

"Do we even know what we're in for? I mean last time we went to her place it looked more like so loner guys mansion. I don't plan on dying of boredom on Christmas," Archie scowled. The thought of Cronus probed in the back of my skull, what if he attacked?

"If your worried about Cronus Jay, Hera already promised the gods would deal with him over Christmas," Odie put in.

It was down to my decision I guess, or was it?

"It's fine by me but we should ask Theresa, she didn't seem exactly happy when she got the letter." I announced. Just then I heard foot steps in the hall way. Theresa appeared looking worn out. We all stared at her expectantly. She drank in our stares looking confused for a moment until she spotted the piece of paper in Atlanta's hand. Narrowing her eyes, she glared at the piece of paper and then at me.

'What are you guys doing with that," She asked a slight edge in her voice. We glanced around at each other wondering who was going to tell her. I was just about to own up when Neil butted in.

"Were going to party baby!" he shouted walking out of the room.

"By the way where is the place any way? I can't look a fool, particularly at a corporate event." Theresa just snorted and let him pass. The rest of the team quickly retreated to the kitchen, leaving me alone with Theresa.

She glared angrily at me but then her expression softened.

"Why did you tell them," she murmured refusing got meet my gaze. Subconsciously I moved closer to her.

"I was curious sorry," I replied. Theresa looked up at me and I felt my brown eyes melt in to her green ones immediately. She held my gaze for a moment before breaking away sighing.

"So you guys are coming then," she muttered under her breath.

"Only if you want us," I said softly. She nodded and looked at the piece of paper until her gaze fell on the address. A small smile tugged at her lips. I looked at her curiously but failed to capture her gaze.

"If you're worried about the others causing trouble if it's some thing corporate then. . ." She cut me off laughing.

"No it's not that, though it would be interesting to see what would happen between Archie, Atlanta and Herry."

"So your ok with it?" I asked trying to get a straight answer. She handed me the piece of paper back.

"You guys can come, but I'm not responsible if you bore yourselves to death," She said light heartedly.

"We'll take that chance," I replied eagerly. By now the others had emerged form the kitchen and had apparently heard the news. Neil shouted something and rushed up stairs to pack. He was followed by Herry and Odie. Atlanta and Archie gave each other nervous stares.

"Will I have to wear a tux?" Archie groaned sounding for once actually afraid. I couldn't help but chuckle.

"You get it easy then," Atlanta snapped at him, heading up to her room. Beside me I heard Theresa stifle a giggle.

"You were right this is going to be interesting," I murmured turning to face her.

"Yeah, I'll just be glad to see every one again," she murmured to herself. I frowned.

"Who is Steve anyway?" I asked feeling slightly jealous. Theresa seemed to notice this and just smiled.

"Wouldn't you like to know!" she resorted playfully before walking away. Yep this was defiantly going to be and interesting Christmas!

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