Part 2 - Chapter 12: Confusion and faint hope

Early the next morning, Shadow woke up with a start. Sleeping next to him was Windfire, the vixen he loved. Then he remembered "I never did find out where Lockdown and Jolt were" He got up and snuck out quietly. "I hope they're alright"

Lockdown and Jolt were some distance outside town waiting for any other Decepticons. Lockdown was once more issuing his call in Cybertronian.

"This is Lockdown. If there are any Decepticons in the area, respond, and converge on my position"

He got a response, the one he had been waiting for all this time.

"Oil Slick en-route"

"Macerator reporting"

"Octane rolling"

"Thunderblast incoming"

"Dreadwing within striking range"

"Dropkick hears you. My team's on the way"

Oil Slick was a fellow Cyber-Ninja who also left when Yoketron started to go out of control. He was a medic and chemical genius.

Macerator was a squat and powerful fighter. A bit better than most soldiers you'd find.

Octane was their fuel supplier. Lockdown wasn't sure he could do much good in a fight, except be a large target.

Thunderblast specialised in aquatic combat. As this area was mostly land she would be at a disadvantage.

Dreadwing was an excellent fighter and former General of the armed forces before Optimus Prime took over.

Dropkick's team consisted of him and three other Decepticons - Darklight, Stormbringer and Firebolt. Four if you counted his sometimes-girlfriend and eye-in-the-sky Laserwave.

All together, there was a possible ten Decepticons heading to aid them. But, how quick they could get there was another matter. "Lets roll back for the town. I sense something's not right" Jolt got up, almost spoiling for a fight "But just remember -" "Yes, I know. Don't expose myself unless the Autobums do" They transformed and rolled.

Dreamer and Jaden woke to find Shadow missing from the warren, just as their daughters woke up. "Where's Shadow?" Windfire asked and thought "Was it all a dream? Or a lie?" "He couldn't have gone far. Let's search for him" They searched the immediate area, then went in separate directions.

Windfire was searching by the lake when she was approached by Revan. "What's the matter, Windfire?" "It's Shadow. He's gone!" "Have you tracked his scent?" "I can't. Did Lockdown and Jolt say anything?" "No. They seem to have gone too"

Suddenly something shot out the forest and struck Revan in the side. He shuddered for a second then fell down. Windfire was shocked "Humans! They shot Revan!" She thought before something pierced her neck and knocked her out.

"Anything?" Dreamer asked "Nothing" Jaden replied "And it doesn't surprise me. We were fools to trust him" "Don't say that. He could come back at any second" "I'm not getting my hopes up" Then they were shot by the same projectiles.

Over the park the foxes were being shot, Bold, Whisper, Serena, Husky, everyone. Once they were all down a figure stepped out of the woods, who grinned and uttered "Revenge is mine"

Shadow was wandering through the town in disguise. One area, he noticed, was strangely empty. He snuck into the area and found Doug, Lewis and Noah gagged and tied up to a lamp post. "What did they do now?" Shadow observed "I guess I should untie them" Noah noticed and shook his head. Shadow didn't notice that and started untying them when…

Knuckles and Claws leapt out and tackled Shadow to the ground! Shadow drew his machete and blocked Knuckles' knuckledusters. "Jesus, is there anything you two won't do for money?" "Pretty much" Knuckles said. "Yeah, we're bad that way" Claws continued "Well, I'm bad this way!" Shadow turned around, turned back and head butted Knuckles away. He then kicked Claws out from under his feet, sliced the rope keeping the others to the pole and removed the gags. Doug was relieved "I never thought you'd be our call back to reality, but I'll take it" "Shadow, this seems to be some sort of trap" Noah explained. "For me?" "For all of us. Those two said something about a big attack coming, that 'not even your big friends could stop'"

"Oh, Christ" Shadow thought, wishing that he hadn't left the others back at the park. "Do you know what they were talking about?" Noah asked. Shadow didn't respond, and instead just gave Doug and Lewis his guns and Noah his machete. "Let's go. You might need those weapons" "What about you?" Shadow morphed. "Just follow my lead" Shadow ran, and the others reluctantly followed him.

After a while they were crossing the road when a black SUV stopped in front of them. "What's the big idea?" Lewis yelled, kicking it. "We're in a big hurry, so move that gas-guzzling fender now!" Then the driver turned his head and flickered out. "Get back!" Shadow told the others. The SUV transformed into Trailbreaker and smashed the ground with his fist, sending concrete flying everywhere. Then Sureshock drove up, transformed, jumped onto the roof and started smashing the buildings with his electric whips.

Amidst the screams, the group had no idea how they were going to get out of this one.