A punishment went really bad

Summary: McGee is unfairly punished. Tag to Power Down (s07x8). Warning: spanking of adult. Don't like? Don't read!

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just write about them.

"Hey, boss. I was just..."God I am dead, he thought.

"Just what? Rubbing it in? Because he left you with the paperwork earlier? "Gibbs asked with his stern voice without revealing his own thoughts, making Tim froze at his place.

"Yeah" he admitted, not sure if it was the smartest thing to do.


His boss haven't made any further comment on his behavior at that point so Tim believed that he could get away with his inappropriate behavior towards Tony. But he was wrong. The next day, when the case was solved and the power restored Gibbs said:

"You've got one hour to hand me your reports."

50 minutes later 3 reports where handed in….

"DiNozzo, David call it a day. McGee, you have one hour to finish with the paperwork of the case, I want you to hand it to the director."

McGee was puzzled. That was a punishment or a way to show his trust to him? It could be a punishment for his behavior towards Tony or a way to give him more responsibilities and show his appreciation for the way he, the techno-geek, had survived without power. The true is that he was the only one who managed to do his job as good as possible under the circumstances, so it might just be sth positive. He took a deep breath and focused on his work. This should be perfect and on time. 45 minutes later, he was reading his report for the third time. It was absolutely perfect. He took a report file put all the papers in tightly, singed them and headed for the director's office. The secretary let him in.

"Sorry for bothering you director, but I have got the case report ready."

"Yes McGee, I know. Give me the folder."

Tim moved with confidence and handed the report.

"Ok, you can leave for now."

Tim left the office very confused. "For now"??? He was not allowed to leave yet and he did not know why. Of course it was only 6pm, too early usually. But the rest of the team had already gone home, an hour ago, and he had nothing to do. He went to his desk, gathered all the papers that he had used to write his report, tidy the place up, answer to the emails that he couldn't reach due to the black-out and tried to keep himself busy while he was waiting, what really??

The time passed, it was now 7:30pm and Tim had done everything that had crossed his mind to avoid thinking, but he couldn't find anything else to do. At that moment his phone rang.

"Special agent Timothy McGee" announced himself as usual.

"Yes director, I'll be right there."

Within seconds he found himself knocking on director's door.

"Come in McGee."

"You asked me? " He said, spotting his boss sitting in one of the chair in the corner of the room. This can't be good, he though.

"Yes, it's about your report. "

Tim couldn't find anything to say. Panic came all over him at the thought that his report might have mistakes. He though that 'silence is gold' and waited patiently for the director to continue.

"Actually you report is very good. It has all the necessary information, it is neither too small nor too big, doesn't have too many details, there wasn't any mistake. You did a great job here. Well done Tim."

Tim was puzzled. It was the last thing he was expecting. Not only he wasn't in trouble but also he was praised for his work and addressed by the director with his first name. He felt his face turning red, he felt really proud of himself but on the same time sth didn't fit. His boss hasn't spoken all this time.

"Thank you director" he said. While on the same time he turned to face his boss, asking for a comment (he didn't mind if it would be positive or negative as far as it would break his silence), but his boss remained cold and expressionless.

"I am just telling the true Tim. Now I am calling it a day so I can leave you two alone."

Great, he though, I am the only one who doesn't know what is going on. Why the director is leaving us alone???

Before he could finish his thought the director was gone and Gibbs had stood up.

They stared each other for a very long time before Gibbs finally broke the silence.

He was proud of the way Tim was looking at him, directly in the eyes, and about the report but he had no intention to go easy on him.

"Today you were acting like two differed persons McGee."

Tim look confused. What did he boss meant??

"At the one moment you were the agent I know and I trust, doing your job perfectly and the next you are a toddler, having an attitude towards your big brother or behaving like a teen." He tried to explain to his confused agent. "I think you should know that it was the director's idea to ask you to write the case report. I wasn't sure if I could trust you on that, but he had seen only your good side today and I let him give you the chance. I would have been really disappointed if you have failed the report but it seems that you have some self control, at least."

Tim couldn't believe what he was hearing. That was a lecture that could apply to Tony that was always fooling around but not to him, and not for just paying back Tony. That was unfair. He is the good boy of the story not the bad one- he had never been the bad one. That criticism was really bad just for the incident with Tony. But what else could be wrong? Maybe his comment about the photocopy machine……

"And don't even think that I am unfair with you. I am not telling all these just because the thing with DiNozzo." Gibbs continues as if reading his thoughts.

"Then what??" Tim managed to ask, desperate to understand the reason why his boss was so pissed with him.

"I developed the photos from your camera." Gibbs said considering it more than enough.

"And?" Tim asked even more confused than before.

"You dare to ask? I found what kind of photos you where taking when you were supposed to be working." And with that he threw on the table a pile of pictures with some female NCIS employees, some aware that they were photographed and some not.

Tim stared at the photos and then his boss. And then the photos.

"I haven't taken these photos boss." He said, sure for himself.

"Don't lie to me McGee. It only makes matters worse."

"I am not lying." He said in a whisper looking confused.

"Fooling with Tony, as soon as it's limited and doesn't affect your job can be tolerated but this one…. It's big."

"I didn't take these pictures boss." Tim tried in vain to convince his boss.

"If you say that once more then I am gonna inform the director and let him handle that."

Tim realized that the director left them alone, with the view that Gibbs would praise him for the report and not knowing what was really going on. These photos weren't his but his boss didn't listen to him. There was no point to keep arguing and make matter worse. He was suspecting that DiNozzo had taken these photos but he had no intention to get him into trouble with the director. So, he took the only decision that made sense at the point. He undid his pants, dropped them and bent over the table. He was determined not to drop a tear regardless how bad his punishment would be.

At the other side, Gibbs couldn't understand why Tim was fighting the punishment. He had punished him before and he always obeyed at once. He knew that the photos were his. They were found at his camera. But he couldn't understand the reason for Tim to deny it. When he saw him dropping his pants and bending over the table, he took it as a way of him accepting his actions and the punishment. Gibbs undid his belt and was ready to give Tim the worst spanking ever, not only for the photos but for lying to him and trying to get away with his actions. The spanking was going to be easier, much easier if Tim had accepted the punishment, but now Gibbs felt the need to show that he wouldn't tolerate such behaviors.

He raised his belt and brought it down hard, harder than usual, to McGee's butt. He wasn't holding him down to make him realize that he was the one submitting to the punishment.

Tim heard the belt coming down and a second later he felt the pain. That was the worst pain he had ever felt. He couldn't believe that a belt could cause that much pain. He braced himself for the next one more determined than ever before to keep silent. He wasn't going to show any emotion, he wasn't accepting this punishment and Gibbs should know it. With this thought in his mind he managed to stay in place.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

The next 3 swats were as hard as the first one but Tim managed not to move, he didn't even breathe too hard. He was focused on how unfair this punishment was so that he could distract his mind from the pain.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

These swats were applied to the very sensitive spot were the butt meets the tights but Tim managed to stay still and silent. There was only one thought in his mind, Gibbs believes that I lied about the stupid photos. He does not trust me enough to know that I would never lie to him. No matter the consequences. With this in his mind he stayed still and silent.

Gibbs was confused. Sth really didn't go as it should. It was the only time that Tim was holding back his emotions with such intensity. He knew that Tim was in pain, a hell lot of pain, he was whipping him really hard and he wouldn't stop the spanking now, he was going to make him cry so as to understand that he should take responsibility for his actions.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

The last swat drove Tim over the edge, a single tear escaping from his eye. He was sure that he wouldn't manage to take another one and all this effort would be wasted. He sensed that his boss was uncertain about delivering the next swat and he hoped the torture would end here.

Gibbs had reached 25 swats and Tim was silent. His young agent that he was never spanked before working for him and how is usually reduced into tears by the first 5 swats. What he should do? 25 swats are his limit. He had never NEVER given to anyone more than that. He wouldn't break that rule now.

He put the belt back in its place and watched as McGee was still in place not making any move to get up.

"It's over McGee. You can get up." His voice was stern, not comforting. This punishment had gone all wrong and he didn't know what to do.

He watched as McGee got up, with a lot of effort but without showing how much it hurt, pull his pants up and turn, looking him in the eyes with a calm face. He was surprised, at least as close to surprised as he had ever got.

"You can go home now McGee." He said, not knowing what else to say.

"Good night boss." McGee said and left the office. He felt really proud for himself, and the way he managed to take his punishment. But also he felt betrayed by his boss how didn't believe him about the photos.

He went home, drank a painkiller, put some lotion and an icepack on his sore butt and cried himself in sleep. He cried not because of the pain but mostly because of the way his boss had treated him today. He didn't trust him when he said that they weren't his photos, so how could he trust his boss again after that? He always believed that trust is sth you must give if you want to take some back and now…..