Chapter 12

Harry awoke the next morning on the Weasley's sitting room loveseat. Ginny was still breathing deeply beside him. He thought back, was it really only yesterday morning his stomach churned in despair at the thought he might never see her again? Harry held Ginny a little closer; he could feel her heart beating slowly in her slumber. He felt an overwhelming urge to protect her, to be her shield to a world that wouldn't leave him alone. He also knew what Bill and Mr. Weasley had said to him was true, that she would resent it if he tried to be overly protective. He was at a lost to what to do. Harry kissed her hair, smelled the familiar scent and laid there holding the young witch he loved. Finally Mother Nature reminded Harry that he had way too much butter beer the previous night, and untangled himself from Ginny and headed off to the bathroom.

Harry walked into the kitchen to find the familiar scene of Mr. and Mrs. Weasley sitting at the table talking and reading the Daily Prophet.

"Good morning dear." Mrs. Weasley said upon see Harry.


"Could I get you some tea, Harry?"

"No thanks Mum, I'll get it myself." Harry replied and a flick of his wand and the kettle was whistling. Harry had gotten pretty good with the fast heat spell Mrs. Weasley had shown him. In another minute he had his tea ready and was sitting at the table also.

"You might enjoy the Prophet this morning son." Mr. Weasley said handing to him.

The front page was headlined, "Ministry apprehends nine Death Eaters" under which showed the picture of the nine men arrested including one of a glowering Yaxley constantly scratching himself. The story went on to read

Last evening, Aurors, under the direct leadership of the Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt led a daring raid against a Death Eaters stronghold, apprehending nine Death Eaters (see story page 3 on backgrounds and known crimes of each) and freeing Ginevra Weasley who had been taken hostage the previous day.

Ginevra, daughter of Arthur and Molly Weasley was profiled in last week's Prophet as a possible love interest of Harry Potter. Rumors were circulating last night that Harry Potter himself helped plan the raid and was crucial to the final outcome. The Minister dispelled those rumors by letting it be known that Arthur Weasley had assumed the appearance of Harry Potter as part of the overall plan to confuse the enemy.

For full details on the exploits of Kingsley Shacklebolt career as an Auror please see story page 6. For the latest in Harry Potter sighting, including an exclusive report that while his supposed girlfriend was being held hostage he was dining at a muggle restaurant in Southampton with a dark haired woman see page 4.

"Well" Harry said, "It could have been much worse, at least Kingsley kept my name out of it for the most part."

"Kingsley would gladly have given you full credit and an Auror Award for Service after yesterday." Arthur stated.

"That's all I need, more notoriety. It would just put Ginny in more danger." Harry muttered and saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley exchange a glance.

"Harry, Kingsley thinks most of the danger will be over within a few months." Mr. Weasley said "Hopefully the information gained from Yaxley and the others will lead to others."

"I sure hope so." Harry replied.

"Got any plans today Harry?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"I haven't asked Ginny yet," Harry said "but I would like to stop by and see Teddy today. Last time I was there he was asleep the whole time. Mrs. Tonks says he is changing his hair color and I want to see it. "

"I would love to go." Ginny said as she walked into the kitchen.

"Can I get you some tea my love" Harry asked before Mrs. Weasley could offer.

"That would be wonderful." She replied smiling at Harry.

A minute later Harry put the tea in front of her as she was reading the Prophet. "Really Harry, A dinner date in Southampton." Ginny smiled "Let me guess, you found out I was all tied up and couldn't make it?"

Harry was taken aback, but then seeing the smile on Ginny's face and guessed this was her way of dealing with her kidnapping. "Well, you did run out on our ice cream date."

After the rest of the family appeared, Mrs. Weasley loaded up the table with her normal breakfast fare. Everyone ate until their stomachs protested and Mrs. Weasley's further attempts to get them to eat more went unanswered.

"Before everyone disappears, I just want to remind you we are having a family dinner tonight. Bill and Fluer will here along with Percy." Mrs. Weasley said, "Make sure you are back here by 4pm to help."

"Yes Mum." sounded from everyone.

Just then a Barn Owl swooped down and delivered an envelope to Hermione. When she saw who it was from she paled and just stared at it.

"Well," Ron asked "who is it from?"

"It, It's from the Dep.. Department of International Relations." She stammered.

"Really?" Mr. Weasley exclaimed. "They have someone working on Sunday? Well they are backed up over there."

"It's about your parents," Ron stated,"Well open it." He continued when Hermione still was just looking at the envelope.

"What if it's bad news? What if something happened to them?" Hermione whispered. "What if they couldn't find them?"

"Mione," Ron said putting his arm around her. "I'm here with you, open it and we will deal with it together."

Hermione opened the letter and started to read, tears came to her eyes and finally looking up with half smiles and half tears. "They found them. They set up a dentist practice in Newcastle. They want me to come in to the Ministry as soon as possible to work out what to do next." Then she started crying, "Oh Ron, they're going to hate me."

"No they won't, they will understand, but no matter what Mione, I will be there for you."

Hermione just nodded and buried her face into Ron's shoulder. Ron had a determined and protective look on his face as he whispered to her. They went into the sitting room to talk about it.

Harry and Ginny decided to take a walk and after a while they found themselves under the tree near the orchid again. Harry just looked into her eyes, until she blushed and looked down.

"What are you doing Harry?" She asked.


"At what?"

"They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and I'm looking to see what your soul is saying?" Harry whispered, "Gin, love. Are you really alright from yesterday? When you joked about it in the kitchen, I..I won't say I was surprise, but I was uncertain. I really need to know what you are feeling."

Ginny looked down at the ground for some time and then started, "Harry," and Ginny leaned over and kissed him gently. "I was scared, but not for myself. I was scared for you. I knew that you would give yourself to them and I knew they would probably kill you." Tears were coming into Ginny's eyes. "Half of me was screaming for you to stay away and the other half screaming for you to come save me. Then I heard them say they were going to get you and a part of me was ready to die. Those minutes seemed to go on forever. I then heard them in the hall talking to you and I knew you had given yourself up for me. I was so angry at you and so scared for you. Then I heard your voice behind me and it took a second to realize I wasn't dreaming that you had come to save me and it was going to be alright." And now Ginny was crying and Harry held her. After a while she continued "But I was afraid this morning that if you thought that..that I was scared, you might blame yourself and run away to protect me."

"Ginny love," Harry whispered, holding her. "I think my time for running away from you is over. I could never pretend not to love you, nor wish to live without you. If I left I would always be worried if you were safe. At least here I can do my best to protect you. Besides," Harry grinned at Ginny "I think a certain gorgeous red haired witch would hunt me down and curse me with perpetual Bat Bogies if I left her again."

"I think she just might at that." Ginny replied with a small grin.

"Ginny, just promise to tell me if something is bothering you." Harry said, "You might have noticed in the last few years, I'm not the most insightful boyfriend you could hope for."

After a while, Ginny said "If we're going to see Teddy we better get going." They walked back to the Burrow where they found Hermione and Ron getting ready to go to the Ministry.

"We are going today and see what the options are." Hermione was saying. She smiled at Ron, who had a grin on his face.

"Hermione, can I talk to you for a minute in the sitting room?" Harry asked.

"Sure Harry," and then after they were there "What's up?"

"Hermione, I just want you to know if you need anything, if there are any expenses with this, ANY at all, let me know. I will help." Harry started. "I know you used your money last year to help us. It's my turn now OK?"

Hermione kissed Harry on the cheek, "Thanks Harry."

"Oh and Hermione."


"Good luck." Harry said.

Hermione smiled and went to find Ron.

After verifying that Adromeda Tonks was home, Harry and Ginny flooed to the Tonks' house.

Andromeda Tonks looked tired. She had lost her husband, daughter and son-in-law in the last war. Her sister Bellatrix was also killed fighting for Voldemort and her other sister Narcissa was in jail awaiting her trial. On top of all of that she was responsible for a newborn infant. The strain of it all was definitely showing on her face.

"Mrs. Tonks, how are you feeling?" Harry asked.

"I'll be alright Harry, but please you must call me Andromeda. Can I get you some tea?"

"Thank you, but not right now." Harry replied. "Where's Teddy?" and just as he asked the question he heard shrieks of baby laughter coming from a crib in the corner.

"He's over there amusing himself with his fingers." Andromeda said.

Harry and Ginny looked into a crib and saw a beautiful brown haired baby. He was looking at his fingers and as he stared at them a finger would grow and he would shriek in laughter and put the finger in his mouth where it would return to normal size. Teddy then saw Harry and his eyes went wide, he got a strange look on his face, and his brown hair turned jet black. Harry picked up Teddy and held him gingerly. Teddy continued to look at Harry, and with another strange look an exact copy of Harry's scar appeared on his forehead.

"You don't want that Teddy, nothing but trouble." Harry grinned at the baby.

"Can I hold him Harry?" Ginny asked.

Harry passed the baby to Ginny, as soon as Teddy saw Ginny, his hair turned red and the scar faded away.

"He's getting very good with the hair color." Andromeda said, and then with a hint of sadness "He's very much like his mother."

Teddy screwed his face another time, but no changes appeared, but a smell did.

"I'll take him dear." Andromeda started.

"That's ok Mrs. Tonks, I can change him. Where's the changing table?" Ginny asked. Andromeda pointed to a location near the crib.

As Ginny was ready to remove the diaper, she turned to Harry. "Harry love, since I do not have a wand, could you cast a minor shield between me and Teddy, about 6 inches above him please."

With a puzzled look on his face, Harry did what she asked and started "But why do…", but at that point Teddy free of his diaper decided he needed to pee, and the stream went up, hit the shield and came back down, "Oh." Harry finished, turning red.

"Mum use to babysit and I would watch. " Ginny explained. "Mum can make the diaper tape itself automatically, but I don't know that spell." Turning to Andromeda, "Mrs. Tonks this is a beautiful anklet Teddy has on, but isn't it a bit feminine for him?"

Harry looked at his God son; he was wearing a gold anklet with a single sapphire hanging from it.

"That was something we got Dora when she was a little bit older than Teddy." Andromeda explained. "It has a locate and identifier spells in the sapphire. As soon as I saw Teddy was a Metamorphmagus, I brought it back out and put it on him."

"What does he being a Metamorphmagus, have to do with him needing that?" Harry asked.

"We quickly discovered with Dora, that it isn't always easy to identify your child if you don't know what she looks like from moment to moment." Andromeda explained. "If there were several babies together, she would morph to look like one of the others, and we had to figure out which one was our Dora. Or later when she got older if she ran off by herself and we needed to find her in a crowd, well it would have been impossible without it." She waved her wand, and Teddy glowed, while at the same time Andromeda's wand turned in his direction.

Harry had never thought about the difficulties and challenges of raising a Metamorphmagus. He had to admit that it definitely would cause issues.

"Andromeda, why don't you let me take Teddy for tonight? It doesn't look like you've gotten a good night sleep recently." Harry asked.

"You don't have to do that Harry, I'll be fine." Andromeda replied.

"I really want to. Mum, I mean Mrs. Weasley will gladly help me if I need it. We'll bring him back tomorrow morning. Besides, there is a Weasley family dinner tonight and everyone would love to see him." Harry said.

"Thank you dear, I'll make an overnight bag for him." Andromeda gathered up a blanket, diapers, and some bottles and put them in a bag. "Now if you are heating the bottles with an instant heat spell, you make sure you check the temperature before giving it to him."

When Harry and Ginny arrived back at the Burrow with Teddy in tow, he was an instant hit. Everyone wanted to hold him. Once when Harry was standing next to Ginny who was holding Teddy at the time, he saw Mrs. Weasley looking at them strangely with tears in her eyes. When she saw he was looking, she quickly looked away and started fussing toward the kitchen.

At the dinner that evening, the purpose of Teddy's anklet came up and everyone agreed that it was a wonderful idea, though agreed it needed to be much less feminine. Bill came up a little later and looked at the anklet and examined the gemstone. "Excellent quality, very well made."

"What do you mean Bill?" Harry asked.

"Oh, just professional curiosity, you know I was a Curse Breaker before coming back here right?" Bill started.

"Oh course, between you being a Curse Breaker and Charlie studying Dragons, I thought Ron had the coolest family in the world." Harry replied.

Bill smiled "Well one of the things I always checked for is gemstones when I entered a tomb, they can hold the nastiest spells."

"What do you mean a gemstone holds a spell?" Harry asked. "I was wondering about Mrs. Tonks saying the sapphire contained the spells."

"You've obviously seen more advanced magical devices right?" Bill asked "Like the Sword of Gryffindor or the Goblet of Fire?"


"You'll noticed that they had jewels of some sort embedded in them, well the Goblet's jewels are located in the chest it is stored in not the actual cup, but back to the point." Bill continued "The magical structure of the device must be contained somewhere. For more complex spells, a jewel works best. The more complex the spell the larger or more flawless the jewel needs to be. Now don't get me wrong, almost any item can be enchanted, but when you need to contain a lot of magical complexity or energy in a small area, the gemstone is the best way to do it."

"So what kind of spells can be stored in a gemstone?" Harry asked.

"Just about anything actually. You can't store an unforgivable since they require emotional involvement when casting of course. Nor could you put anything like Wingardium Leviosa which requires thought of what you are attempting move." Bill continued to explain, "But anything like a transfiguration spell or shield spells would work within certain limitations. So back to my story, when I would enter a Tomb, I would first–"

"Bill, is it possible to put a–" and Harry explained what he had in mind.

"It should be possible, but my job was stopping curses, not creating them. There is a gemspeller at the Bank I can ask if you want."

"Would you please?"

"First thing tomorrow morning Harry." And Bill walked away.

Ginny came up at that time and took Teddy from him, "Was Bill bothering you again about me?" She asked.

"Nope, he was giving me a lesson on curse breaking." Harry said.

"Why was he doing that?"

"He found out I plan on spending my life with you, and thought it would come in very handy." Harry laughed. Fortunately for Harry, Ginny still didn't have her wand.

Harry slept in the sitting room near a makeshift crib that Teddy was sleeping in. Ginny came down a little later and joined him. But after being awakened three times for diaper changing and two additional times for feeding, neither woke up in particularly good moods nor felt much rested the next morning.

Mrs. Weasley took pity on them and offered to watch Teddy for the morning and take him back to Andromeda's later in the morning.

"Mum," Harry mumbled, "You're the best." And he stumbled up the steps to Ron's room where he collapsed. Ginny didn't even bother going to her room, she went back to the love seat in the sitting room and was soon breathing deeply in slumber.

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