[Haengbok (행복)]
[Chapter Two]
[Just In Case]

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I remember when Sasuke and I first moved to England, I had been amazed by the ability of the British people to not give a flying shit about things that didn't concern them. You see, despite this huge fiasco occurring right in the room, some people hadn't even stopped their irrelevant conversations. I distinctly heard the words "Jules, I'm late. Do you think Kevin finally managed to work his magic?"

Why was she talking about her filthy ass sex life when my husband had almost been seduced by a ginger slag? And had been stopped by the one person who should have been of the opinion that I was only getting what I deserved.

"Were you killed upstairs?"

I spun round to face Shikamaru. "What?"

His face remained deadpan. "You heard me."

I stared at him for a long moment. "My bedroom."

"Is it upstairs?"

"Why won't you just let it go? I don't want to remember…"

He let out a frustrated sigh. "Just answer the question."

"Yes. But why-"

"Because I can't go upstairs."


"When I found out I could come inside your house, I figured there was a chance we'd been killed by the same person… but I can't go upstairs."

"I don't follow." He had always been this smart, this deducing. And it had always gone straight over my head.

"You were murdered upstairs. If we'd been killed by the same person, then I'd be able to go everywhere you can."

"Are you suggesting that… I'm friends with two murderers?"

Shikamaru glanced over to where Sasuke was standing, watching awkwardly as Sakura wrote something down for him. "Or married to one."

It took a few seconds for that to sink in (hey, Sakura and Sasuke were the Golden Couple, okay? Sure, I married him in the end, but it doesn't mean I lost any of my insecurity issues about those two. After all, who could know better than me how easy it is to lure a man away?) "Why would Sasuke murder me? He doesn't gain anything except a dead wife and a blooded up bedroom."

"You're rich, Yamanaka. People murder spouses for a lot less than what you're worth."

He looked at me carefully. His eyes full of- was that pity I saw? Ohhh no. He did not get to pity me. "Sasuke doesn't get anything." I spat viciously. "He's richer than I am and a Pre-Nup was his idea. There's a clause in it about murder… Just in case." I once again looked over at my husband and smiled as I remembered him writing it in.

"Should we put in a 'Just in Case' clause?"

"What's that?"

"In case of murder. So many murders are committed by the Spouse. This way, neither of us will be tempted." He laughed and gave a quick kiss.

I pulled away first. "I don't know. It's kind of… morose."

"Baby, you used your Word of the Day."

I laughed. "Yeah, shame it's such a morbid situation. But it's not like it'll ever happen. I guess that's why they call it the 'Just in Case' clause, right?"

"If either one of us is murdered or died under suspicious circumstances, our assets would be frozen until the murder was solved. If ten years passed and the crime remained unsolved, the money would immediately be transferred to a Biological Research Centre."

"That was smart of you. And generous."

"We put Biological Research as a joke. But now, it might actually happen."

He might have said something in response, but I quite frankly couldn't have cared less. Sasuke was laughing. At something Sakura said. I whooshed over to them to listen to their conversation. "-wasn't supposed to be funny."

"And yet, it was. Gallows humour I suppose you could call it."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "You don't have a sense of humour. Gallows or otherwise."

Sasuke lifted the side of his mouth into his crooked, mocking half smile. The one that drove girls crazy. The one that had made me love him more every time he flashed it in my direction. Right now, it made me feel as though someone was ripping the Sino-Atrial and Atrio-Ventricular Nodes from my heart. In other words: It made my heart feel as though it physically could not beat any more.

Sakura's eye drifted past Sasuke's head to the clock on the wall behind him. "Oh damn it! I'm going to be late." She hurried and turned away, leaving Sasuke looking shocked. As Sasuke followed her to the door, she rushed through the formalities. "Thanks for inviting me, I'm sorry for you loss, Ino was…" A pause. "Lovely. You have my details, send me the bill for that." She indicated towards the seeping red stain on the carpet. And then rushed through the door.

Taking one last drinking look of my husband's ridiculously handsome face, I stepped through the door and followed her.

A soft whoosh later and Shikamaru was right beside me.

"Ahh damn it damn it damn it. She wasn't supposed to die." Sakura muttered. Wait- what? "Iwanted him to punish her, not kill her. And not like that. DAMN IT! Why does he keep doing this to me?"

Wait. Did that mean… Sakura was behind this? No. That wasn't…

But why not. After all, I had seen enough episodes of Bones to know love was usually the main reason people committed murder.

"She's not behind it."

"Stop breaking my train of thought! And she just admitted it!" My voice was growing in volume. "She had me killed!"

"No. She didn't. If she was directly involved in your murder, you wouldn't be in this mess."

"What mess? The mess where I'm DEAD?"

"No. I'm talking about that."


Directly in front of us, partially obscuring Sakura's receding figure was a large misty haze. I tried to walk through it but was unable to move any further. I wasn't met with a resistance or a literal block, I was still walking- I just wasn't getting anywhere.

"She didn't actually… do the deed though. That could affect it."

"I think," Shikamaru pondered, looking towards her as she turned a corner and disappeared from our sight, "She was talking about God. And the 'keep' doing this was referring to me. Sakura always believed He had an ultimate reason for everything, but she always told me that it didn't mean she understood it."

"What if you're wrong?"

"I'm not." He fell silent for a few seconds. "Do you want to know what's funny though?"


He smirked, and then passed easily through the mist.

"My murderer's been here."

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