Author's Note: Soo, here we go again. Starting fresh. Once again we head 2 years into the future.

Summary: Starting her junior year of high school Bella Riley isn't expecting her life to change. But unfortunately, life, and her four cousins, all freshman, have other plans.

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Chapter 1: The 3rd Wave

"Elisa!" Elisa Riley turned and smiled seeing her cousin, and best friend, Calvin Collins on the steps, calling her. "Elisa Riley!" He shouted again. She rolled her eyes and ran over and hugged him. "Hey you!"

"Hey," she said. "When did you get here?"

"Three days ago," he shrugged. "We've been staying the grandparents." Elisa nodded. "What about you?"

"Last night," she said. "Stayed in the dorm, with Trina." Cal nodded. "So now that you two are away from the parentals are you going to act on the last taboo?"

"Last taboo?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Incest," she grinned.

"OK, in any other century but this one and the last, Trina and I would be engaged by now," he pointed out. "We're not even blood relatives, and I was twelve, and I'm never telling you anything, ever again." Elisa laughed.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist," she laughed. "Did you meet your roommate yet?"

"Nope," Cal shook his head. "He's some guy from New York too, so that'll be cool." He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, "Hunter Nichols? I don't know." Elisa looked at him. "Do you know him?"

"Um, we met once," Elisa nodded. "At the restaurant, the Boston restaurant. We ate ice cream. We were ten."

"Groovy," Cal nodded. "Wait, in the freezer?"

"Yeah," she said.

"Who is he that he got freezer ice cream?" He frowned. "I thought like us and Leslie got that only."

"Aunt Kelly used to sleep with his dad or something," Elisa shrugged. "I don't know."

"Hm, this family is so weird," he sighed.

"Tell me about it," she said. "Walk me to dinner?"

"It would be my honor Miss Riley," he said and they walked their arms linked. "So have you seen your loverboy yet?"

"I don't know who you're talking about." She said, her face flushed red.

"Yeah, OK," he rolled his eyes as they walked into the dining hall.

"Hey kids," Katrina Vanderbilt, or Trina walked over. "Calvin, where's your sister?"

"Avoiding us at all costs," Cal laughed. "She already thinks that we'll damage her rep. School hasn't even started yet." Trina and Elisa both laughed. The three of them sat down. Elisa glanced over at another table. She saw their cousin Annabelle Riley, or Bella, as everyone called her laughing, tossing her perfect brown hair. But it was the boy next to her that Elisa couldn't stop looking at. For the past two years Elisa had been unable to stop thinking about Eddie Cole. He didn't even know she existed though. He just wanted Bella. "What are you staring at Ellie?" Cal said knowingly. She had only told two people about her crush on Eddie, and Cal was one of them. Her aunt, Stephanie was the only other.

"Nothing," Elisa said. "I wasn't staring." Trina and Cal looked at each other. "Oh she knows now too?"

"Ellie," Trina laughed. "Everyone knows. Except maybe Bella, which is good."

"Because of she did she'd kill you." Cal smirked. Elisa sighed. It was true enough. She twirled one long lock of blond hair around her finger and wished for a minute that she could be like Bella. That she could be beautiful and confident, and that Eddie would love her.

Hunter Nichols walked up the stairs of the freshman dorm at The Eden Hall Academy. He felt thoroughly and completely useless for being there. His "behavioral issues" had kept him out of most respectable prep schools on the East Coast, until his father, brilliant venture capitalist Liam Nichols had thrown in the towel and called in a favor to his old business partner, and awkwardly enough, ex-girlfriend, Kelly Vanderbilt to get him in to Eden Hall Academy. It was embarrassing enough to know that he needed a favor to get his son into a school, but knowing that it had been a woman who'd rejected him killed Liam. He'd made no secret of that Hunter, and as a result the fourteen year old boy was miserable. He noticed a girl standing quietly at one of the doors though, who he was pretty sure could make him considerably less miserable. Then he noticed it was his door.

"Thank God," he smiled. "Hi there," he said. She looked at him, her big eyes barely registering that he was there beyond contempt. He didn't think girls in the Midwest knew that look. "Can I help you with something?"

"I'm looking for my brother," she said. "I guess he's your roommate or whatever."

"That would make him Calvin Callins," he said, barely able to say it without a laugh in his voice. "And you are?"

"Anne," she said. "I guess he's still at dinner. See you around."

"I'm Hunter," he said.

"Good for you," she nodded and started walking. He followed her. "What are you doing?"

"Going to dinner," he said. "I hope you don't mind." She looked at him again. He was tall-ish, skinny with dark hair.

"Whatever," she shrugged. They walked down and into the dining hall. She walked over to the table where her brother and cousins were sitting. "Hi," she sat down.

"Wait," Trina grabbed the table. "I think I just saw a pig fly! Oh no, it's just Anne sitting down to a meal with us." Anne rolled her eyes. "Do we know you?" She pointed at the boy.

"Oh this Hunter," Anne said, "he's stalking me or something. This is my brother Cal, and my cousins, Trina Vanderbilt and Elisa Riley."

"Yeah," Hunter said, "we've met. At your mom's restaurant." He pointed to Elisa.

"Oh you're that kid?" Trina said. "Can you still eat a gallon of Rum Raisin?"

"Uh, haven't tried in a while," he sat down. "I threw up a lot that night."

"Ugh," Anne sighed, "can we talk about something else please?"

"OK, seriously," Gordon Conway said. "I am moving on this year."

"Uh huh," Kevin Reed nodded, although her wasn't paying attention.

"I mean it," Gordon said. "What about that girl?" He pointed to a freshman girl, sitting at a table full of freshmen. She had soft dark hair and was laughing.

"Oh yeah that would totally be moving on," Kevin said. "Since that's Bella Riley's cousin. And kinda yours too."

"What?" Gordon said.

"Dude, that's Katrina Vanderbilt," Kevin laughed. "Connie's cousin. Since Connie's your sister, kind of your cousin."

"Really?" Gordon said. "And she's also Bella's cousin?"

"Yeah," Kevin nodded. "Bella's dad's sister is married to Logan's brother."

"Right, I knew that," Gordon said. "I guess I have a type huh?"

"Or you're psychotic," Kevin said. "Your pick." His phone buzzed. "And speaking of your sister."

"Yeah, between asking her what she's wearing and the 'no you hang up first,'" Gordon nodded, "tell her I said hey."

"Will do," Kevin stood up. Gordon shook his head. It was a tough business, having your best friend be in love with your older sister. He had to be happy for Kevin and protective of Connie at the same time. It often got exhausting. He took out his phone and texted Connie.

Tell me about your cousin Trina?

A few second later he got an answer from her.

No Gordie, just…no!

Eddie Cole spaced out as his girlfriend Bella Riley chattered. Bella was rarely ever quiet, it's just this summer, he'd noticed that chatter was mostly about clothes, or bitchy things about her girlfriends, or parties. This had never bothered him in the past because, well, Bella was insanely beautiful, and they'd been together forever, plus, well, she had sex with him. A lot. Once, when they were fifteen, she'd put a sabbatical on that, but it hadn't even lasted a summer.

"Hey," she said as they walked towards the dorms away from the crowd. "What's going on?"

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I mean," she said, "I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into things, but you've been really distant lately."

"I'm right here Bella," he laughed and pulled her close and kissed her. "How can I be being distant?"

"I didn't mean physically," she whispered, "physically, we're fine, we've always been. You just seem distracted."

"I didn't think you'd notice," he whispered.

"Of course I noticed!" She said. "I know you better than anyone. Is everything alright with your parents?" He looked at her.

"Yeah, things are fine," he said. "I guess I'm just freaked about junior year is all." He kissed her again. "You're sweet to worry about me." They kissed again. How could he block out this part? This girl loved him. She really did. Maybe that was the real reason he put up with the crap.

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