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Chapter 14: One Last Push

Elisa smiled as she and Eddie danced at the prom. She pressed her head against his chest. Her blonde hair was in an intricate updo, curled and pinned and sprayed perfectly into place. She was wearing a simple ice blue gown.

"Do you want to get out of here?" He whispered and kissed her.

"Just give me a minute," she said and nodded. He smiled as she bounced away. He'd though about it. He absolutely did want to have sex with Ellie tonight. He'd wanted her more than anything before she'd been trying, and lately she'd been trying. It was completely irresistible. Plus, with the school year ending and Ellie going home to Maine, there was the danger of Bella, if he slept with Ellie he was sure that danger would be over. That was until he looked in the door and saw her walk in. She was wearing a white dress, all poof and fluff. He had to laugh, but then his breath was taken away. He remembered the night a year ago, she'd worn a similar dress, her debutante ball. He'd gotten to parade her around, show her off. She was his back then. This girl, laughing and smiling on Dean Norris's arm was most decidedly not his, but he wanted her again. He walked over carefully.

"Hi Bella," he said, "Dean," he shook his hand.

"Cole," Dean said, wrapping his arm around Bella's waist. He could feel her trembling. "Come on Bella," he said.

"I'm OK, Dean," she said softly. He looked at her. "Really, I am." He nodded and walked away, kissing her on the cheek.

"So are you two an item now?" Eddie asked.

"No," Bella said. "He's dating Trina. I just didn't want to come alone. We're friends." He nodded.

"Right," he said.

"Where's Elisa?" She asked. He looked down.

"She just went to freshen up," he said softly. "We were actually going to leave in a little bit."

"So, she gets the fairy tale then?" Bella said. He sighed. "I'm sorry that came out wrong. I'm trying to be less bitchy."

"Good luck," he grinned. She laughed. "You look beautiful," he said.

"I'm glad you love her, Eddie," she said. "I am. She's so happy! She hasn't been happy like that in years." He kissed her softly on the cheek. She closed her eyes.

Elisa fixed her makeup in the bathroom, when Anne walked in. She was wearing a slinky red dress and her hair was pin straight. Elisa laughed.

"Hello Anne," Elisa said. "I didn't see you at the dance."

"For a test run of doing things Kevin's way, they're pretty much going mine," Anne laughed. "We've been hooking up in the limo."

"I kind of figured," Elisa said. "What's it like?" Anne looked at her.

"The first time?" Anne said. Elisa nodded. "I don't remember it, much. I was wasted, and the whole thing happened so fast. Are you and Eddie going to?"

"Yeah," Elisa said. "I'm nervous, I mean, I want to, I love him so much Anne!" Anne smiled. "I'm just nervous."

"Don't be," Anne said. "I'm sure Eddie knows what he's doing, I mean, we've heard Bella." Elisa giggled.

"You're right," Elisa said and hugged her. "Have fun."

"You too," Anne winked. Elisa giggled and bounced out. She stopped at the door when she saw Bella and Eddie talking. They were just talking, but it was when Eddie leaned down and kissed Bella on the cheek that her heart stopped. The way he was looking at her suddenly broke Elisa's heart. Eddie walked over and kissed her.

"Ready to go baby?" He asked. She swallowed.

"You're still in love with her aren't you?" She said. He looked at her.

"Ellie," he said, cupping her face. "I love you!" She pulled away.

"That wasn't an answer," she said. "You're still in love with Bella."

"No," he said. "I'm not. Not really," he said.

"Not really?" She said. "What does that even mean?"

"I mean, it's only when I'm around her," he said. "It's not like with you. You're all I think about," he whispered.

"Why didn't you just tell me?" She asked jerking away. "I love you so much! I would have understood, but you told me that you didn't have feelings for her anymore." He just stared at her. "Is there anything else?"

"No," he said. She looked at him. "Yes," he sighed, "I slept with her." She looked down. "At Christmas, we ran into each other, and I was so confused." Her eyes filled with tears. "It was one time, and after that I knew I couldn't be around her."

"You're not who I thought you were," she whispered. He sighed. "Stay away from me from now on." She ran away, wiping her eyes. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed.

"Hello?" Hunter said picking it up.

"It's me," she said. "I'm going to call a cab, are you busy?"

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I just need to be with you," she said. "Please?"

"Yeah," Hunter said. "I'll be waiting."

"OK," Dean said walking up to Gordon, "I've delivered the package."

"Huh?" Gordon said.

"You have, in pure debutante white," Dean said. "The beautiful and slightly de-bitchified Miss Annabelle Riley."

"You brought Bella to the prom?" Gordon said, "for me?" Dean nodded. "Dude, you have officially lost it."

"Hey, I'm not the stalker, that's you," Dean said. "Ask her to dance or something."

"Why are you doing this?" Gordon said.

"Because," Dean said, seeing Bella fluttering from friend to friend, laughing and smiling. "Someone needs to take care of her next year. I won't be able to. I think you're the man for the job." Gordon looked at him. "You either want the girl or you don't, make up your mind."

"Right," Gordon nodded. "I either want her or I don't." He looked at the girl he'd dreamed about for three years. Now that she was near enough, he realized he didn't even know that girl. She was beautiful and very real, and the realness terrified him.

"So," Dean said. "What's it going to be?"

Elisa sat on a couch and cried into Hunter's shoulder. She felt angry and hurt and all she could do was cry.

"Elisa," he said. "He's not worth your tears." She looked at him. "Anyone who could make you feel this horrible is not worth your tears."

"Bella warned me," she said. "Months ago, she said that he was selfish, that he didn't care about anyone but himself. I should have listened. I mean, she would know." He looked at her. "I hate myself for being so stupid! I let myself love him, when I knew that he'd always," she hugged herself close to him again.

Anne smiled as Kevin held her close and they danced.

"See, this doesn't suck, does it?" Kevin whispered. She smiled and pressed closer.

"No," she said. "I almost like it." He laughed. "Kevin, I want to be with you, I just don't want," she sighed and he kissed her.

"I just want to know that I'm the number one man in your life, Anne," he said. "I want to know that no one else gets to kiss you and touch you."

"No one else does get to do those things," she said. He looked at her.

"Not Hunter?" He asked. She sighed and pressed her face into his chest.

"Hunter needs me," she said. "It's a nice feeling." He nodded.

"I need you too," he said softly. "Maybe not in the same way as he does, but I do need you. I love you, Anne." She looked at him.

"I love you too," she said and they kissed deeply. "There's always the Chinatown bus this summer, you know." He laughed and hugged her tightly.

"We'll take turns," he nodded.

Bella laughed walking from Dean's car towards the house. He walked her to the porch.

"So do you kiss me goodnight now?" She said.

"Don't be fresh," he said. "Did you have fun?"

"I did," she nodded. "Thanks for bringing me," he looked at her, "making me go, whatever." He laughed.

"I'll always take care of my family, Bella," he said. "No matter what." She hugged him and started crying. "What are you bawling about now?"

"I didn't know you considered me your family," she whispered. He laughed. "I'm horrible to you."

"Nah," he said. "You're that annoying little sister I never had. And I'm the big brother TJ doesn't have the balls to be." She laughed.

"Come inside," she said. "We'll watch a movie or something."

"I should go," he shook his head. "Trina," she laughed.

"Right," she nodded and hugged him. "Thanks again." He nodded and she walked inside and up to her room. She froze, seeing Eddie sitting on the bed. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to see you," he whispered and stood up and took her hands. She pulled away. "Bella, I miss you, so much."

"Don't do this," she said. "Just don't. I can't, Eddie, I had an amazing night tonight, please don't ruin it. Go, find Elisa, whatever," she said. "I can't do this again."

"It's over with Elisa," he said. "I want us back." She shook her head and he kissed her. "I need you, Bella. Every time I see you, I need you," he ran his hands onto her waist.

"Don't," she said. "Eddie, please, go home. Don't do this to me."

"I thought this was what you wanted," he said. "I thought you wanted us back." She looked at him.

"I did," she said. "But I've been thinking Eddie, I don't like the person I was becoming while we were together. I don't like the person you were either. Granted, you were worse when we were apart, I guess but, I wasn't." He looked at her. "I don't even know who I am without you, Eddie," she swallowed. "Our whole lives we've been a pair, and it stopped me from having to become my own person." He looked at her. "I can't let you break my heart again. I deserve better than that."

"Bella," he said softly. "I know, it'll be different this time." She shook her head.

"Just go home, Eddie!" She said, the tears welling in her eyes. "Go home, go to Seattle for the summer like you said we might, and don't call me, or write me. We need to be apart. Really apart." He nodded.

"OK," he said. "But in September?"

"I don't know," she said. "I can't think about that." He nodded. "Just go, please." He walked out and she collapsed on the bed.

To Be Continued...

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