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1. Makes sense

"I can't understand anyone could do this!"

Booth said shocked while he looked down to the pregnant women in front of him, into the three uncovered graves. It was 7 PM, dark, cold and raining. Booth and Brennan were just sharing some thai in her office when they had gotten the call. Construction workers had uncovered three shallow graves, all three revealing the corpses of three women. Three pregnant women. The moment they arrived at the scene Booth had taken one look at the victims before he had turned around and went to interrogate the construction workers. Brennan had put up her brave face, compartmentalized the situation and had gone to work.

Normally this was Cams work. The victims probably hadn't been dead long yet, because there wasn't any sign of decomposition. But Cam was on a movies night with Michelle and no one could reach her. So Brennan had tagged along, thinking she as well as anyone else could do the primary investigation.

She knelt down beside the first grave.

"First victim. Female, Caucasian, approximately 30 years old." She said out loud, although Booth wasn't in his normal spot, writing everything down she said. "And approximately six months pregnant." she sighed.

She agreed with Booth on this one. Who could do something like this?!

"Further investigation could give us the precise numbers. Probable cause of death, gunshot to the head. Cam will have to run a tox-screen though."

She got up and walked to the next grave. There she bent down again and started all over.

"Second victim. Female, Caucasian, approximately 34 years old, approximately eight months pregnant. COD, gunshot to the head."

She bent a little closer towards the victim's face. "The victim also seems to be wearing blue-colouring contact lenses."

She got up again and walked to the last victim.

"Third victim. Female, Caucasian, approximately 30 years old and approximately four months pregnant. COD, gunshot to the head."

She bent a little closer. "And…" she said while she touched the victim's hair "she's wearing a brown wig."

Brennan got up and looked at all three bodies again. "Booth." she called him.

He was just discussing the perimeter search with the local police force. "Yeah?" he asked while he walked towards her.

"All of these women look like each other." she stated. "The first one was pregnant, had blue eyes and brown curly hair. The second victim was pregnant, had blue contact lenses and brown curly hair. The third and last victim was pregnant, had blue eyes, and was wearing a brown curly wig."

"Great" Booth sighed. "A serial killer with taste."

He took a deep breath before he asked "How long do you think they are out here?"

"It's not my area of expertise, but I'd guess a week, maybe two. Hodgins will probably be able to narrow it down further."

"Agent Booth!" an agent of the local police force suddenly called. "We've found something."

Booth ran, together with the lab-people, to the place where the agent was standing. He was holding three slugs.

"Good job agent!" Booth said, slapping the man on the shoulder. "Let's hope they give us something. I want that send directly to the lab." He said to one of the techs. "I want those results first thing in the morning." "Yes agent Booth." The tech answered before rushing off.

While the other techs took pictures and soil samples and all the other necessary things, Booth walked back to Brennan.

"Found any ID's?" She shook her head. Booth took another look at the bodies, who were being prepared for transport to the Jeffersonian.

"But someone will definitely miss them Booth. I don't think ID'ing them will be the problem." Brennan said while she came to stand beside him. He nodded.

"Makes sense by the way. The fact he didn't keep their ID's. He wanted them to be someone else. Who they really were didn't matter anymore."

Booth shook his head. "Makes sense…" he disgustedly repeated his own words, while he turned around and headed back for the car.

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