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34. Happily ever after

Sixteen months later

Silently, Booth stared down at the pregnant woman in front of him. How could anyone do this? How could they do his? He asked himself in wonder. She was so beautiful.

"You're staring again." a soft voice said after a while. He smiled and looked up.

"Morning Bones." he said as he put a soft kiss on her lips.

"Ouch." She said as her hand moved to her lower abdomen.

"Someone's awake." Booth smiled, bent down, and pulled the hem of her shirt away. He kissed her rounded belly and said "Good morning beautiful baby. Be easy on your mom huh!"

Brennan laughed. "You know he or she can't understand anything you just said, don't you?"

"No Bones, our baby knows exactly what I just said. He isn't kicking anymore, is he?" Booth smiled his crooked smiled and she couldn't resist. So she smiled back.

"Whatever." She looked at the clock at his side of the bed. "You should get to work." she said reluctantly.

He smiled, feeling the exact same way as she did. Even after sixteen months the tension between them hadn't decreased. He kissed her again, then reluctantly pulled back and got up. "Shall I take you to Max' or something?" he asked, entering the bathroom.

"No." she called back, getting up as well. "I think I'll just stay home today." she hobbled her way to the nursery.

"You're sure?" he asked, coming back into the bedroom, buttoning his shirt.

"Yeah." Another cramp shot through her, stretching her answer.

"Are you okay?" he asked, worried, by her side in a minute.

"Yeah." she smiled, breathing heavenly. "Yeah…Just a cramp."

"You're sure?" he asked again.

"Yeah I'm sure Seeley." she said, squeezing his hand. Assured he went back into the bedroom and started tying his shoes. Another cramp and a weird sensation went through Brennan as she tried to follow him. Ow shit."Booth!" she called back.

"Yeah!" he was back beside her in a second.

"I really think we should paint the nursery." she said. Booth smiled, the worried expression fading from his face.

"Bones." he said as he pulled her into his arms and put a kiss on the top of her head. "We already talked about this. I know you want to do it yourself, but those chemicals are just not good for you nor our baby. Besides, Angela and Jack promised to help me paint while you're in the hospital. Everything will be ready in time, I promise."

"Well, then you'd better go and get the paint, because I think my water just broke. I'm going in labour."

I don't need to write the rest of this, do I? Brennan gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, Angela becomes Godmother, Brennan marries Booth, they have a daughter, and they live happily ever after.

The end.