Sky of Love

This was inspired from the Jap film, Koizora/Sky of Love/恋空, which I was completely touched by. It's a story about young love, revolving mainly around Lavi and Lenalee. In the story, they both start out as 16 years old in the modern context, but beware; I might twist the characters' personality a little.

Content: Romance, humor, friendship, tragedy, family.

Rated T for: (possibly) Hurt, angst, implied sex, suicidal thoughts (all which will be in later chapters)

I do not own Koizora or DGM, though you know I would love to. Now, moving on… enjoy the story. Don't forget to review, thank you. ;)

The school bell rung for sixth period, but Lenalee stood in the girls' bathroom, looking at her reflection in the mirror, as two other girls ran past her out the door. She had this period free, and the bathroom was empty. It was a good opportunity.

Brother would never let me try this at home, Lenalee thought, as she reached for the lip gloss that was supposed to be tucked away in the pocket of her skirt. Anyway, so many cooler girls were already doing it, walking into school with make-up and short skirts to boot, so a little gloss wouldn't hurt anybody.

Lenalee swiped the lip gloss, cherry pink, it'd read, across her lips. She was already 16. Such things were meant to be tried and tested. And when she was done, she thought she looked brighter already. She ought to be getting back to class anyway, for Miranda and Rou Fa would start to wonder if she's gone for too long.

Dashing back to class, Lenalee pulled a chair to sit between Miranda and Rou Fa. As usual, Rou Fa was busy copying home work from Miranda.

"Hey guys, sorry I took awhile," Lenalee said.

"Ah, gloss," Miranda noted with a laugh, "Could it be that you've got someone you like now?"

"No, though I do want to fall in love," Lenalee said, reaching over for a stick of sweets that were half-sticking out of Rou Fa's pencil case. It already April, since she first entered high school. That meant summer (and the holidays) were coming, and she was still without a guy, while several other girls her age that she knew already had a boyfriend.

Rou Fa, put down her pen, looking up at the both girls with anticipation. She had changed so much, straightening her long hair, and putting on contacts, that Lenalee could hardly remember what she looked like in the past, when they first met when they were 7.

"Well, I guess…I already have someone that I like," she giggled.

"Really? Who?" Lenalee burst out. Miranda seemed taken by surprise too, her mouth forming an 'O' shape.

"There's this amazing guy in Class D, Allen," Rou Fa swooned, her eyes dreamy.

"Who's that?" Lenalee asked, raising an eyebrow.

Miranda butted in, "No way, Rou Fa. That guy dyed his hair white, of all the colors. You should stay away from him."

"Well, you don't know him like I do," Rou Fa said. "Why not we…well, it's free period now. We can go find him at his class, and I can show the both of you who he is."

"I already know who he is," Miranda said, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, when Rou Fa quickly stood up and pulled Lenalee and her out of the class door.

"Yeah, but Lenalee doesn't," Rou Fa laughed, her tone excited. The girls scrambled towards Class 1D, with Rou Fa leading the way. The classroom corridors were rather full, with people from all the other freshman classes loitering about, seeing that it was a free period. Rou Fa peered into Class 1D, her eyes darting about for the mysterious Allen guy, before mumbling disappointedly, "He's not in there."

Miranda poked at Rou Fa, "Then let's go already. Next class starts in five, and I haven't gotten my books out of the locker."

Rou Fa grumbled something irritably, before allowing Miranda to pull her along back towards her classroom. "Okay, okay, fine. I'd just have to show Lenalee another…"

Then her eyes widened, grabbing at Lenalee's arm tightly, "Oh my god, he's walking towards us. He is sooo cool!"

Lenalee looked up, at four guys who looked like they dominated the school walking towards them.

"Which one is it?" Lenalee asked. Honestly, she couldn't really recall noticing them till now, but now that she had, she didn't want to go anywhere near them. The white haired guy seemed friendlier, laughing at something amusing, but the others beside him just terrified her.

"Haven't you been paying attention? Duh, of course it's the guy on the far left, with white hair remember?" Rou Fa said, biting her lower lip in happiness, simply by just looking at the Allen guy.

The guys stopped outside of their classroom, simply talking, while Lenalee really just wanted to walk past them and back towards her own class. Just then, the white haired boy walked towards her, cocking his head at her in greeting.

"Hey, I'm Allen. Do you know me, from class 1D?" he asked her.

Rou Fa stood beside Lenalee, clearly dumbfounded, but she didn't say anything. Lenalee just shook her head, silently hoping to go away.

"Erm, then would you mind exchanging phone numbers?" Allen asked, pulling his phone out of his pocket. Rou Fa pulled herself in front of Lenalee, pulling her phone out as well, "I'd like to exchange numbers with you, Allen."

Lenalee saw this as her chance to get away and stealthily inched passed Allen and Rou Fa. Sadly, she wasn't very skillful at all, and bumped into one of Allen's friends, the guy with the flame-red hair.

She looked up at him, wide eyed, while he stared at her, seemingly offended. He didn't speak, but he had looks to kill and that frightened Lenalee. She bowed slightly apologetically, "Excuse me, sorry." And then she brushed past him, running off from the awkward situation. She just didn't notice the red head's eyes following her, as she took off.

Lenalee wasn't back in class for too long, before Rou Fa appeared, her face crestfallen. Taking her seat behind Lenalee, she rested her head and arms on the table, "I got his number. But the one he wants is yours."

Lenalee turned around, "Oi, Rou Fa…"

"…Then promise me this. Promise me that no matter what, you won't try to hook up with Allen," Rou Fa demanded.

Lenalee nodded without second thought, "Of course! I would never try to go after a guy you liked before me, Rou Fa. You can totally trust me." She watched Rou Fa's face light up again, and inside, she already feeling better for Rou Fa.

The sky was empty of clouds, like a beautiful spring day should be. Walking to school in such good weather made Lenalee feel terrific, as if she could tackle anything the day has set for her. Rou Fa caught up with her, and Lenalee noticed her skirt was shorter than it was yesterday.

"Morning Rou Fa…ehhh, you had your hair colored!" Lenalee grasped.

"Yeap. Pretty, isn't it? Its called marshmallow brown and it took me the whole of last night to get it done! But still, I wanna get with Allen, so it's going to be all worth it if it works."

Lenalee chuckled at her crazy friend, who seemed so eager to please. "Ah, but I think the ribbon you have on your head is falling off already…"

"WHA…? Quick, help me fix it! I can't walk into school looking like that!" Rou Fa cried, bending down so Lenalee could fix it better.

As Lenalee did so, the same red head she had been so afraid of the day before walked briskly past her, his bag slinging over his shoulder. The Lenalee then had no idea that love had already came by her side. Just like she hoped for.

It's already the late afternoon and if she hadn't known better, she and Rou Fa might just be the last two students in school. If Lenalee wasn't home soon without a good reason before her brother arrived, she might have to face a whole torpedo of questions from him.

"Crap, I can't find it. It has to be around here somewhere…" Lenalee mumbled under her breath, while looking under every single table. She tried to think of all the places she might have left her mobile at but there was no place that she could think of that she hadn't searched.

"I'm calling. Again." Rou Fa sat on a desk, obviously bored with Lenalee's lack of progress.

"How could I not have it over the summer break? There's just no way…" Lenalee stood straight up, suddenly remembering. "Oh, I might have left it at the library! Wait here, I'm going to go search."

Lenalee dashed over to the library, which stood at the fourth floor of the classroom block. As expected, the library was empty of anyone and had the deep, late afternoon sun pouring in. Lenalee wasted no time, her eyes scanning the room hurriedly. "Where is it, where is it, where is it…," she couldn't help saying aloud.

A very familiar tune sounded in the still air, and Lenalee stopped searching, instead listening hard. It's my ringtone, she thought, as she scrambled towards the bookshelves. Lenalee went towards the sound of the tune, as it got louder, and then she found it sitting on top of a book on the shelf. Without a hint of hesitation, she picked it up, "Thanks a lot, Rou Fa! I found it and…,"

"…Ah, that's good."

The person on the other side of the line had a way deeper voice and was definitely not Rou Fa. Lenalee, who was puzzled, asked, "Who are you?"

"Mmm…I can't tell you." It was a guy's voice, but what's worse was that Lenalee couldn't recognize who it is.

"Well, see you Lenalee." And whoever that was hung up. Lenalee took the phone away from her ear and stared at it for a short while, before trying to check the person's number on her phone, to see if it matched any number in her phonebook. As she scrolled, she realized her phone book was completely empty. Her inbox had been completely deleted as well.

What the…? Lenalee, annoyed, went back to her call list and pressed 'call' at the only other number she had. The guy picked up real fast.

"What is it?"

"Uh, I'm the owner of the phone you found," Lenalee said, "Did you…do you happen to know what happened to all my messages and numbers? They are all gone."

"I know. I deleted them," the person on the line said.

Lenalee remained quiet. Who was this, and what was he trying to do? The nerve of the guy, playing such childish games in this day and age. "Well," Lenalee said, "Why'd you do that for?"

"What are you so worried about? If the person really wants to talk to you, they'd call you, won't they?"

Lenalee sighed out of irritation, and pressed the 'end call' button of the key pad. Idiot.

Lenalee got home, thankfully slightly earlier than her brother. The moment she stepped out of the bathroom, the big man Komui Lee himself entered the house.

"Evening, brother," Lenalee said, while still drying her hair with a towel. She watched on, as Komui threw his work bag and coat over a couch.

"Lenalee! Evening. You took a late bath today, huh?" Komui noted with a smile on his face. Lenalee nodded without speaking. Well, it wouldn't have happened if someone had just returned her phone properly to her.

Just then, her phone sounded off with her ringtone on play, and Lenalee scrambled to get it from the dining table, not bothering to check whose number it belonged to before answering.

"Hello?" She asked, while trying to avoid her brother's gaze upon her as he took off his tie.

"It's me." Lenalee then realized it was the voice of the same person who had returned her her phone.

"What do you want?" Lenalee said, not waiting for a reply, before pointing at the food on the table. She had bought Chinese back for them both; just the way she knew her brother liked it.

"Who's on the line? It's dinner time, Lenalee," Komui said, sitting down and reaching over for a pair of chopsticks without waiting.

"Oh, uh, it's just Rou Fa," Lenalee said, "You can start without me, brother. I won't be long." Lenalee went back to her room, wanting to end their conversation quickly.

"…What do you want?" she repeated, her tone slightly irritated. Summer holidays had just begun and she wasn't about to let someone like him spoil anything.

"So now I'm Rou Fa, huh?" the guy on the other line laughed.

"Well, I can't help it." No way am I about to let my brother know I'm talking to some rude and random guy, Lenalee couldn't help but think.

"Hey, is my number listed as the first?"

Now, that is someone that has too much time on his hands. "No," Lenalee said instantly and hung up.

And then it happened every day. He called and called, and wouldn't stop bugging her. Sometimes, he would ask really random questions, but mostly, he just seemed to absolutely like calling for fun. No specific time of the day or anything either, so Lenalee couldn't anticipate when to switch off her mobile.

"So, what's the point of you doing this, day after day?" Lenalee asked, her body sprawled out on her bed one morning.

He ignored her question. "Has your brother left for work yet, Lenalee?"

Lenalee furrowed her eyebrows, "Not yet, but that's none of your business. And stop calling my name will you."

"Why not? We're friends, aren't we? Plus, you've got a cute name."

Lenalee sat up, running her fingers through her messy bed head. "Then, tell me yours. And which year and class you're in," she pressed.

"Ah, so Lenalee is becoming interested in me, eh?"

"What, no! Of course not! It's just that it's unfair you know so much about me, but I don't even know your name."

"You're right. My name is…."

He sounded like he was about to say it, so Lenalee listened for it earnestly. She has to admit, she was curious. Very curious.

"…it's….not telling!" And then he burst out laughing, while Lenalee rolled her eyes and hung up. He was being an idiot, as always.

But this continued. He called again and again, but slowly, she grew accustomed to his calls and even picked them up willingly now. At first, it was annoying, but now, she didn't mind that badly anymore. In fact, it was good having someone to listen to you once in awhile, considering her brother was always out at work.

"Eyebrows?" Lenalee asked, as she doodled with a pen on her notebook, as she sat against with her tummy on the floor. The weather outside was cool, and would've been perfect if Rou Fa or Miranda wasn't running off somewhere, too busy to accompany her, but who cares. Like always, he called her first, and she had picked up.

"Thick. I take after my granddad," he said. Lenalee noted this down, by drawing thick eyebrows on the little man. So far, so good. From what she was able to gather from him, he had longish hair, really 'pretty' eyes, and six packs.

"Mmm. Then what about your lips?" Lenalee mumbled.

"Sexy." He said, with a laugh. Lenalee drew what she thought were 'sexy lips' to her best ability (even though if Miranda was next to her, she would've died laughing).

"Okay. But the outside isn't as important as the inside," Lenalee went on. "So…what kind of person are you, really?"

"Hmmm," Lenalee could imagine the boy on the other side thinking hard about what to say to her. "I am an extremely kind-hearted person. See, I even returned you your phone didn't I?"

Lenalee giggled, rolling on her back.

*another day*

Lenalee sat in the bath tub, her hair in a bun, with the phone pressed against her ear. The boy had asked her what some of the things she liked are.

"I like flowers. Especially Baby's breath. And a nice, quiet and empty library in school as well. Then…what about you?"

*another day*

"Seriously," Lenalee exclaimed, as she reached for a tub of ice-cream in the freezer, "I heard there really were ghosts in the third floor biology lab."

"You actually believe in ghosts?" he said, obviously trying to stifle his laughter, "You're really cute, Lenalee."

Lenalee paused for a moment, not speaking. She wasn't expecting words like those from him, and as usual, he'd taken her by surprise. And even if he did say that, she didn't think she was cute at all. She wasn't studious like Miranda, who was a teacher's favorite. Neither was she like Rou Fa, who was spontaneous and up for anything good. She was just…boring.

"Eh…why aren't you speaking?" he went on, "You aren't angry by any chance, are you?"

Lenalee closed the freezer door, and started searching for a spoon instead. Quietly, she spoke, "No, I'm not angry."

"I noticed you were silent for awhile back there." He noticed everything, didn't he?

"Well, I'm not that petty. And I'm not cute either. I'm actually really plain and uninteresting." She found a spoon in the utensils drawer and hit the drawer shut. He seemed to have heard her do that on the phone and said, "What are you eating this late in the night? Careful not to get fat."

And Lenalee left the spoon on the table, quickly placing the tub of ice-cream back in the fridge.

*another day*

"Hey, so will you tell me who you are?"

"I already said it was a secret." Lenalee heard him say, as she loaded a disc into CD player. He was always trying to stay mysterious, not telling her too much. And she couldn't figure out what's there to hide.

"But you already know so much about me. Unfair." Lenalee remarked, pressing play.

"Not at all," he'd replied.

Lenalee placed the phone next to the player, so he could hear the song she was currently playing. It was a Boys like Girls song, 'Two Is Better than One', which she liked a lot. "It's good, isn't it?" She asked.

"Mmm, not bad," he agreed.

"Lenalee! Turn the volume down! What time is it already…*tsk*," Lenalee heard Komui's booming voice from outside the room door, and he didn't sound very happy. Lenalee giggled, as she pressed the 'stop' button and hopped into bed.

"…Got yelled at," Lenalee said, grinning, as she pulled the covers over her head. But still, the same question was nagging at her…she really wanted to know. And she really wanted to know badly.

"Then, I should hang up," she heard him say. But she didn't want him to be considerate at this moment of time. She wanted to know the truth.

"No, don't! I'm not hanging up till you tell me who you really are." He didn't say anything, but at least he didn't hang up on her. So, feeling bold, Lenalee continued, "So, can we at least meet when the new school semester starts?"

"Do you want to meet me?" he questioned.

"Well, not in any other weird sense. I just want to know who you are," Lenalee said, her heart growing curious yet again. For so long, he'd been great company, as much as she didn't want to admit it, and she just wanted to see his face, get to know him, like how friends do.

He seemed to be quiet in thought again. And then he said, "Look outside, Lenalee."

She poked her head out from under the cover and saw her room brightly lit from the morning sun. Stealing a peek at the clock, she realized it was already 7:30 Am. They'd been on the line for that long? The last she remembered was her brother calling for her at 11pm.

"It's morning already!"

"Yeah. Now go take a look outside your window," he said.

Lenalee got up, and drew the curtains apart. Outside, she saw a fresh smoke trail across the sky and for some reason; it brought a smile to her lips. "Wow…it's a smoke trail," she laughed.

"You see it right? Now take a picture of it. It'd be in memory of this morning."

Lenalee nodded, "Okay. Then, I'm hanging up." She heard a click on the other end, before switching her mobile to camera mode.

Excitedly, Lenalee held her phone up to snap a picture of it. One wasn't enough, and she went on to snap more pictures of the smoke trail till the trail disappeared. For some reason, she felt like a 3 year old kid, smiling to herself. The holidays had come and gone so quickly that she didn't even realize it till now.

Lenalee snapped out of it when her mobile buzzed in her hand. A text message; and it came from the mysterious boy. It'd read: Meet me tomorrow by the pool before commencement time.

Lenalee's heart skipped a tiny beat. That meant she'll finally be able to find out who she's been talking to all summer. And she didn't know if finding out who he was was a good or bad thing.

Rou Fa was getting brilliant at make-up. With a dash of her work, Lenalee could see for herself in the mirror that she looked more polished and mature than before. Still, it was evident on her face that she was nervous.

"You're meeting him in 5 minutes. You okay?" Rou Fa's voice sounded concerned as she tucked the make-up back into her bag.

"I'm not sure. I mean, he sounded nice on the phone, and I feel like he's a good person. I'm just…a little scared." Lenalee played with the end of a lock of her hair. But this was no time to turn back. She demanded to know who he was, and now, she was going to find out.

Expectedly, the pool area before school begun was empty. Lenalee could see that she was the only one there. Leaning against a handle bar, she wondered if he'd even show, for he had been so secretive earlier before.

Her back had faced the entire pool, and it had barely passed a minute before she felt someone walking up towards her. Turning around, she caught sight of the red headed boy of class 1D. Man, was she unlucky to run into him here, of all places. He had his usual sullen look, with his tie loosely around his neck and shirt untucked to boot. It scared her, truthfully.

Ignoring him, she was just about to walk off until she heard him call out to her. "Lenalee!"

She spun around. He wasn't supposed to even know her name. She watched on as he walked up to her, hiding something behind his back, and bent down to push her fringe away. "What…you've got make-up on. That isn't like you at all, Lenalee."

Fear ran across her entire body, as Lenalee inched away from his touch, her head low. She didn't want to be caught being anywhere near someone like him, even if he was deemed as cool. He finally stopped, before pulling out a small bunch of flowers from behind his back. They were Baby's breaths.

"For you," he said coolly. She didn't answer, her brain searching for a plausible answer, so he just went on, "My name's Lavi."

I just want to get out of here, Lenalee was dying to say, but instead, all she managed was a weak, "It's not like that." She was already guessing it, but no way was he the guy she talked to all through her holidays.

He whipped his phone out, as if already anticipating this, and showed her a picture of a smoke trail. It was the exact same one she took yesterday morning.

"After seeing this, do you still not believe me?" he asked.

Everything seemed to be in place, but it was wrong. It couldn't be. Lenalee shook her head, "You can't be the one on the phone…because...because…"

She didn't have an answer, and she couldn't face him for another second either. All she could do was to turn her heel and run off, leaving him there with the flowers clutched in his hand.

Lenalee got back to class, her pause racing, as she took her seat. Rou Fa and Miranda looked at her excitedly, clearly waiting for this moment. "Who is it, who is it?" they fired at her.

She didn't feel like saying anything, but that would be awkward. How stupid was she to actually think someone that bugged her all this time could actually be a nice, decent guy. "Erm, well…very scary person. With long, red hair and all that," she said quietly.

"Allen's friend?" Rou Fa guessed.

"Lavi," she said his name, while taking her things out from her bag. Yes, he was Allen's friend, but he was at least a billion times scarier.

"I heard Lavi's got a girlfriend from this school already," Miranda remarked, "someone with hair and earrings like that…you shouldn't be near him, Lenalee."

That sparked a little of her interest. He never said anything about that to her before. But…she shouldn't bother really. Now, if only she could get her heart to stop pounding.

Lenalee walked towards home. Once again, her friends had abandoned her and ran off on a shopping spree downtown after school. She'd declined their offer when they asked, because all she wanted was to get home. As usual, homewards meant passing by a small garden, as she had to make a huge round around the school. But today, she saw something unusual.

The familiar red head that she'd been so freaked out by was squatting down in front of an area of several plants and pouring fertilizer on something. On a closer look, they were the flowers he tried to give her in the morning.

He appeared to have seen her from the corner of his eye, and looked around. "Hey there, Lenalee!" he greeted.

"What…are you doing?"

"Don't worry; I gave them loads of fertilizer. They'll be fine." He smiled as he dug a little at the soil, and pushed the fertilizer around the bunch of Baby's breath. Why did he even want to do that for?

"Uh, say," Lenalee piped out, "you…already have a girlfriend, don't you?"

"Used to, but not anymore," he said, being his usual cool self, as he threw the spade into a nearby empty flowerpot and got up. He picked up the water hose and started spraying at all the plants.

Perhaps he really was bored, or he just found it amusing, but with a laugh, he sprayed some of the water at Lenalee, who darted away trying to avoid it. But then she found that he wasn't really intending to soak her. He just wanted to show her something.

In the air, she could see that the sun and water had mixed together to form a rainbow. It was really beautiful, and no one has ever shown her something quite as naturally pretty as this. He looked at her, smiling in way she had never seen him do before, and weirdly…it made her feel really good.

Lavi…he was always able to win her heart so easily, with small, sincere actions like these. Even if it's a lot, he would go the extra mile, because if it was something to make Lenalee feel happy, he would do it. And this was just the beginning of their relationship.

To be continued…