That's why they called it divorce



Part One

Titus turns on the light..

"Divorce is the reason why you should never see your ex-wife again unless you have kids. Erin or as the court don't want to called it life draining psycho bitch shares custody of my two children. So gentlemen the next time you stick your cock into someone make sure your willing to back up love, honor an obey…Words that would forgotten.

The Flashback of Erin settling about child support and she keeps waving her head till she has all his money and then his pants.

Titus again…

"You see my ex-wife saw the term taking me to the cleaners and thought could I top that because California law said during a divorce the bitch gets half. Of course this is from the same state that has the terminator has president. So I dropped the kids off at the bitch house and went to flordia to drive my new race car.


Titus was driving in is race car and trying to get into the race. Everyone laughed and then a big guy came up telling him he wasn't allowed.

Titus Again…

"My dad taught me that running away from a fight means that you should have your dick cut off. Of course my dad is the reason why California has the Five-time married discount rate."


"Hey, Zeus!" the sultry voice said and Claudia Zacchara walked through the crowd. "Let sticks race." Claudia said and Titus responded, "Sticks!" Claudia tipped her head. "I like the name." Titus agreed wanting to live and so he was let down. "So you think you could win, how much you got?" Claudia asked and Titus responded, "two thousand…" "To get in this race, your putting up your slipped." Claudia said and Titus agree not wanting to talk to Zeus again…So as they would racing, Titus won…Claudia was impressed with that and so they had two more races as Titus won them both.