That's Why They Call it Divorce



Part Two

Titus Again…

"Her name is Claudia Zaccahra, Sexy, soft spoken and very powerful, the kind of powerful where she could take out your organs and put them in ABC order, ascending order even."


"I built race cars…" Titus said and Claudia responded, "And drive very well, you're the comedian. I love Norman Rockwell is bleeding. I always wanted to tell you that it's sixty-five of American families, Time magazine." "What's your family like?" Titus asked and Claudia talked about how her father is crazy, shot her mother, threatened to kill her half-brother all the time and has Schizophrenic.

Titus Again….

"……………..I love you…………."

Titus won four thousand dollars that night and had sex with Claudia. So has he drove back….He walked into his house, five seconds later Erin came with the kids and told one of them as an ear infection. As Titus was tending to the children, Erin "accidentally" hit the answering machine play button and Titus saw this "Accident."

"Hey Titus it's Claudia. So you visit here, I have no problem coming there to see you, I know your show is in two weeks. See you there." Claudia said in the answering Machine. Erin looked down as she forgot that Titus was going to see people and that's why they call it divorce.


Titus Again….

"Divorce is the reason why you should never see your ex-wife again unless you have kids. If you find yourself wanting to know where you went wrong then don't believe she gives a damn that you still do hurt thinking of someone touching her. She should never hit the answering machine message…"

The light turns off…..