A/N: This is a little hoilday one-shot, NO FLAMES PLEASE!
Enjoy and happy holidays!

It's Cold Out There

Snowflakes danced in the skies over Cardiff as Gwen Cooper walked to work that morning.

She couldn't help but smile as she passed the decorated houses, each one done up in lights, glittering garlands and other holiday related things, much fancier than the little fake tree she and Rhys had in their apartment.

Christmas time in the city was always amazing, and it looked as if it stayed cold for just a few more days, the thick blanket of snow covering ground would give them a white Christmas.

The thought danced in her head as she turned onto the Plass.


The shock of the cold, wet snowball hitting the back of her head made Gwen let out a high-pitched squeal.

"Gotcha." An American accent mocked. She turned to glare at the grinning Capitan Jack Harkness.

"What the hell was that for!?" She screamed. "Not only is this childish, but I paid a lot of money for this jacket and-"


Another icy ball hit her from behind.

"I've found the mute button!" Owen called out.

"Owen!" She scolded like a mother to a misbehaving child. "What are you doing!?"



Two more snowballs hit her, but this time from the side.

She looked over to see the two most unlikely people in the world with the spine-chilling weapons in their hands.

"It's a snowball fight Gwen." Ianto said as he threw another.

She dodged this one.

"You're making yourself an easy target." Tosh added as she whipped another.

Gwen didn't move quick enough this time and got hit point blank in the face.

Tosh cringed as Jack and Owen laughed.

"Tosh," Ianto started. "are you secretly a ninja?"

Tosh blushed out of embarrassment and began to apologize.

"Sorry…I wasn't aiming for-"

"Toshiko Sato…" Gwen hissed, sending non-snowball induced chills down Tosh's spine.

"You are SO getting it for that one!"

Within a second the former police officer scooped up some snow, packed it together and threw it at the computer expert who blocked it with her arms.


Jack threw another at Gwen and hit her from behind.

"Ten points!"

Gwen turned and gave an evil grin as she grabbed more snow.

"Oh, it's on now!"

As the five team mates whipped snowballs at one another, Gwen found herself beginning to wish it would just be a green Christmas this year.