After Harmony

A/N: This is an A/U Story of what may or may not have happened To Tom Hanniger after his escape from the mines in My Bloody Valentine 3d. He's over his obsession of Sarah Palmer-Formerly Mercer and has a life of his own.

-Flashback 2009-

Tom Hanniger slowly and painfully made his way out of the mines in the clothes he'd stolen from one of the rescue workers. There was no way in hell he was going to prison or back to a mental institution, Tom Hanniger wasn't crazy, it was this town. It had been why he left Harmony to begin with, well it had been part of it. He was blamed for Harry Warden's wrong doings and the initial mine collapse, yeah so he forgot to bleed the lines, but he didn't kill those men, not back then and Harmony drove him to kill the others, but at least for now the storm is over, Harry Warden was quieted down, for now at least.

Tom fled to a nearby mountain town to get fixed up. Using the name Jeff Teague...It was official Thomas Bryan Hanniger was dead, long life Jeffrey Tristan Teague. Tom/Jeff had spent weeks in the hospital recovering from his 'car accident' but once out he got a job in the local bar, he liked this place, he really liked the blonde who often sat at the end of the bar drinking water or gingerale, she never drank booze, but she could sit and would sit for house just talking to the man named Jeff that looked like he could be a movie star.

Her name was Kara Damian, she was 21 years old and she adored the new man in town, it didn't matter to her that Jeff was almost 9 years older than her, he didn't seem to mind either. He was trying to builf up the courage to ask the girl out, however the last person he'd actually dated had been sarah and he wasn't 18 anymore.

It took him almost a month to gain the courage to ask the girl out, he'd been shocked to say the least when Kara had said yes. So when it came time for the date to go down though extremely nervous he pulled out all the stops. He took her into the city and took her to a play remembering that she'd said that she liked the theatre, ofcourse there was also the expensive dinner and after it all they just walked around. She was amazed at the money he shelled out considering he was a bartender and didn't make much. He explained to her that he'd inherited some money from his father and didn't have to work, he just chose to. See after Tom Hanniger "died" a mysterious 'cousin' showed up and had paperwork to prove it. The "cousin" sold off the mine, to hell with Harmony. Jeff still chuckled at how the town had claimed the mine had been its 'lifeblood' and yet the town still thrived. Anyway back to the date...Tom/Jeff hadn't really been trying to get Kara into bed when he took her out, but that's exactly what happened.

9 month after that first date they welcomed their first son Kingston. And one year after that they had twins Kale and Kora. Shortly after the births of the twins Jeff and Kara got Married.

-End Flashback-