Later That Night....

Tom/Jeff sat in the livingroom with a beer and his old Harmony High yearbook, he knew eventually his past would come back to haunt him. He hadn't heard Kingston come into the room due to staring at a picture of himself and Sarah senior year all lovey dovey, he'd gotten over her years ago but his memories were still very much intact, he jumped as Kingston looked over to him and spoke.

"You really don't want Kor and I to go to that party...I assume you have a good reason, I mean you always do."

Tom/Jeff nodded and sighed, how could he tell his babies that he was one of Harmony's worst nightmares? He frowned and sighed then handed Kingston the yearbook.

"Tom Hanniger is the reason you can't go"

Kingston looked at the picture and then to him and back again.

"You're Tom Hanniger? That's why people look at Me and Kale funny, cos we look like you?"

Tom Nodded.

"King...What happened was a long time ago...I was sick"

Kingston nodded not entirely sure if he believed it, but this was his dad, his dad was freakin' harmless or so he thought.

"You hurt people though dad"

Tom sighed and ran a hand through his now long hair

"I know King. Its not something I'm proud of"

Kingston frowned seeing that just this conversation seemed to be hurting his dad.

"They wanted to hurt you right? That's why you did it right?"

Tom smiled and nodded slightly

"Yeah son, they did."

Kingston gave a slight nod

"Then...I understand why you did it."

Tom smiled again, he could hear Harry in his head rattling in his cage to get out.

"C'mon Kid, let me out before one of those bastards hurts one of the kids"

Tom held his head trying to push Harry back into the depths of his mind, Kingston frowned and moved to his father's side.

"Dad? Dad! Are you alright?"

Tom looked at him but he seemed different, his voice was cold now, it kind of scared Kingston.

"Oh...We're ok kid. Go to bed"

Kingston frowned perking an eyebrow

"You're not my dad...who are you?"

Tom/Harry smiled

"I'm Harry Warden Kid, I keep Tom Safe"

The boy stared at him, noticably disturbed by what was happening.

"You have to let dad out, please! Kora and Kale can't see you when they wake up"

Tom/Harry looked at the boy puzzled really

"Why aren't you afraid of me boy?"

Kingston shrugged

"You've been part of my dad all my've never tried to hurt us at all, so Why should I be afraid? Are you planning to hurt me or my brother and sister?"

Tom/Harry shook his head

"No. That would destroy Tom and in turned destroy me. I protect him nd you kids. It would be stupid to harm any of you. However he's right, you shouldn't go to that party. And that Palmer kid can't be trusted. Noone in Harmony can be trusted. If they find out Tom's alive they'll take you kids from him. So keep it quiet."

Kingston nodded

"Dude, I'm so not about to brag to the townsfolk that Tom Hanniger outsmarted them."

Tom/Harry nodded

"Alright, go to bed. Your dad will be back when you get up in the morning."


Tom/Jeff woke up late with a splitting headache, he groaned and reached for his meds popping a couple pills without water and then dragged himself out of bed to feed the kids.

Kora was arguing with Kingston about that damned party again. Clearly Kingston had explained things to his siblings, since as soon as Tom/Jeff walked into the room, Kora looked at him with a look of Confusion but them smiled and walked over to him hugging him tight.

"I don't think any different about you. You're my daddy and I love you. I Still want to go to the party though"

Tom/Jeff sighed

"Fine. But you stick by Kingston."

Lookin to his eldest he smiled slightly

"Take care of your sister at this party. And call when you're ready to leave"

Kingston nodded

"yeah ofcourse Dad."

Tom/Jeff looked over to Kale who had yet to say anything at all to him.

"You alright Kale?"

The boy nodded

"Yeah..its just alot to take in. But I know you're nothing like the stories. You're still my dad and nothing will change that"

Tom/Jeff/Harry was filled with pride that day, he had three great kids and none of them judged him for who the bastards of Harmony made him out to be. They knew who he really was despite what he'd done in the past.