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That was the fifth time a curse echoed in a peaceful morning at Soul Society.

There was a shinigami, wasting his precious time wondering around the 11th division barrack. Armed with a zanpakutou similar to a butcher's knife-- only a hell lot bigger, and a blazing orange top and a deep scowl carving his visage.

He looked pissed.

Yes. Kurosaki Ichigo was more pissed than ever in this particular morning.

Where's Kenpachi when you need him? He groaned inwardly. He needed to release his anger, and these things that made him piss. He should really considered Hisagi's invitation last night. At least, he will not be wide awake this early but he really did not want to end up with a major hangover. Plus, he had a stack of paperwork waiting to be done. And all of it was due this coming evening.

Who thought being a captain will be such a pain in the ass?

Nevertheless, he could always ask miss I-like-paperwork to do his work. Well, that is why a vice-captain rank was created-- to help their respective captain. And to do everything they ask.

Yeah rite..

He closed his amber orbs, hard.


Again, he cursed. Mainly because his vice captain, was the main reason he was so damn pissed right now.

"Bitch." Soon, his thought drifted away to what actually happened last night that made Kurosaki Ichigo, pissed.

He missed her. He missed her so much, he did not give a damn if all his fellow captains that together in this mission was laughing at him. He did not care when they called him dick, when he refused to drink with them. It was somehow a ritual. Whenever they came back from a mission, especially a mission that took longer than they expected, they will celebrate it with lots of drink, drunk, and yes, hangovers.

But Ichigo knew better. He was away for more than 4 weeks, and he really wanted to be with his beloved vice captain. Yes, his vice captain, Miss I-love-paperwork, the one and only, Kuchiki Rukia-- soon to be Kurosaki Rukia, if nothing goes wrong.

Ichigo shunpoed to the 6th division barrack. His instinct told him she was there, waiting for him like she always does when he was away for a mission. The thought of her waiting for him made him grin like an idiot. Only Rukia could do that to him. And he was aware of that.

He walked briskly along the paths that lead to his office. Shinigami bowed their head to him. He replied it with a little nod. His mind was focused only to one thing-- getting Rukia on bed.

"A little perverted aren't you king?"

"shut up."

He barked to his own mind. He would not let those mere comments made him stop.

At last, he arrived at his office. He pushed the sliding door, his eyes was scanning frantically for someone with raven hair, and a small figure.


No one was in the room. His scowl that left his visage just a moment ago, came back.

"Rukia!! Rukia!"


"Argghh!! Where the hell are you?"

He turned back on his feet. He closed his eyes and trying to find any hint of reiatsu that will lead him to her.

His eyes snapped open.

"there you are my little midget."

His once happy smile, came back and Ichigo was off to find his Rukia.

She was lying on her back on her very comfortable Chappy printed comforter. She was lost in her dreamland. Her Chappy friends were happily running around her. She let a throaty laugh escaped her lips. She would trade anything for a happy life like this. Though, she knew, all of this was her own fantasy and reality sometimes—



She opened her violet orbs. Her mind was still flooded with Chappy smiling at her. But when she felt a trail of butterfly kisses along her jaw line, her mind started to work. And the first thing her mind could process was—


"ichigo, what are you doing?"

The orange-head captain only replied with a grin.

"Seriously, what are you doing here Ichigo?"

"I miss you so much Rukia." He ran his calloused finger along her curves. It sent shivers along her spine. Ichigo who was aware of her stiffness, grinned wickedly.

"And I assume you miss me too.. am I rite Rukia?"

Her name escaped his mouth right beside her left ear. His hot breath lingered on her earlobe.

"You still don't answer any of my questions.."

It took all her strength to avoid herself from biting his neck back.

"You miss me so much until your mind can't process anything?"

He shifted until he was hovering above her with his elbow as support.

"You know what I want Rukia. I want you.."

He said that with his husky voice, and giving some emphasis at the end. His lips found hers and he started to pry open her lips, asking for permission to taste her. His hands started to tug her night attire-- a simple white kimono. She moaned when she felt his tongue assaulting hers.

Her hands made its way to his finely chiseled chest. She could felt he was grinning, but she would not let him had his way with her. At least not tonight. With all her strength left, she pushed him away. Ichigo let a huge groan escaped and his permanent scowl was deeper that ever.

Oh hell he's pissed.


Her voice was firmed. It was a voice of a Kuchiki.

"What the hell? Rukia….." he almost sounded like a little boy whining.

"No means not tonight Ichigo."

"But, why?"

"I have a vice captain meeting tomorrow morning. And I want to be at my best condition." She said while fixing her kimono so that her breast would not be too visible to Ichigo's hungry eyes. Keyword, too.

"I don't understand what are you talking about."

"stop acting like you don't know Ichigo. The last time you were away for a mission, I can't walk for 2 whole days."

He smirked. She hated when she needed to bring up that topic again. It made his, proud.

"Well I'm sorry for my own, talent. Screw that. Rukia, I really want you, now.. I promise, only one round."

"I know it would not happen. You will not stop after only one round. Plus, you made me paralyzed for 2 days when you were away for 2 weeks. I don't know what will happen if I let you now. Maybe I will be bed-ridden for the whole week. I will not take any risk Ichigo."

She felt the bit mark he left only moments ago. She was still lying on her comforter while eyeing her captain from head to toe. He was a bit tanned and he looked like he was run by hell, twice.

"you miss me like hell do you?"

"Hell was an understatement. Rukia, please.. You know, I don't beg, but I need you. I was holding back for a month. You know how hard it is for me?" he looked at her with his lust-infected eyes.

"Err, go jerk off or something."

He made his way toward her, and sat next to her. With his semi-audible voice, he said—

"I already did that, but you're the missing factor. Come on, Rukia. One round only."

He tried to persuade her. He knew she want him too. Thus, he hovered above her and started kissing her while his hands ran along her raven locks.

It felt like heaven. Those familiar tingling sensation that he could only experienced when he was holding Rukia like this gripping his stomach. His blood ran down south, where his member, was getting more and more excited.


"Arghhh!! You bit me!"

"That's what you get when you go against me. When I said no, I mean it."

Her voice was full of venom and her stare was full of daggers.

"Fine bitch! I'll go mess up with some girls. You know I can do that"

He went straight to the sliding door. Before he stepped outside, her small voice called for him. Ichigo smiled, but it only lingered for a mere 3 seconds. After that, even the sexy shop keeper back at the human world could felt Ichigo's blazing reiatsu.

"have fun Ichigo."


Like hell he would have fun. He ended up wondering around Rungokai, with a huge libido crisis and a scary-beyond-all-reason face. His mind was full of ways to kill her. Using ropes, voodoo dolls, handcuffs-- Arghh! Cursed his train of perverted thought.

That's why he ended up like this,wondering around the 11th division barrack, with a rather huge libido crisis.

"I should just accept Hisagi-san's invitation."

Yes. He even talked to himself.

Suddenly, he was pulled by a hand and his back slammed onto something rather, soft.

"Ichigo! What are you doing here this early in the morning?"

Its Matsumoto Rangiku.


Trying to get over my libido crisis. His mind shot back.

"Ara, I have a great idea. How do you like to join us in our meeting? Surely Kuchiki-san already told you right?"

"Yes. She did."

"Come on.. Join us. You can meet her there too."

At first, he thought it was a bad idea. He rather spend his morning searching for Kenpachi. On second thought, he wanted to show at Rukia, how he survived without her last night. And the fact that he will arrive with Matsumoto with him, will surely looked like….

"Sounds good to me" He said with his trademark smirk.

"Great!! Err, before that Kurosaki-taichou, why do you look like you ran by hell, trice?"

Tell me something I don't know..

end of chapter zero point five

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