Three mini one-shots I did for Bean, Ender (who is reflecting on his life, a few days BEFORE he died, and Valentine). I have read up to Xenocide and to Shadow of the Giant, so anything that happened after that is not included nor will they reflect on it.

Characters and books written by Orson Scott Card.

I hope you enjoy my little three-shot.

Never Enough

Bean knew they would never find a cure and he knew that Petra would never re-marry, no matter how many times he had begged. His children, the human children, would have to grow up without a father. They deserved better than that, and Petra knew that more than anyone…or so he thought.

If she knew it, why would she remarry? There must be some guy out there who was good enough. For Christ's sake, even Peter would be good enough! Petra would never do that though, Bean unfortunately knew. Peter would be an uncle or a god-father, but never a father. Bean was aware that Petra's original plan was to marry Ender and have Ender's children and live happily ever after, but Ender had never come home to Earth, and never would- also Peter's fault.

Petra must know in her heart that Bean would die before the cure would be found. She must know that their attempts would be wasted. Maybe their children that had Anton's Key would live to see the cure, but Bean wouldn't.

He knew that their attempts would be never enough to save his life, no matter how important he was, or how hard they tried, it would never be enough.

Ender hadn't meant for his life to turn out like this. He hadn't particularly wanted to blow up the entire Formic specie, nor had he wanted to resurrect them. He didn't want anything to do with the pequino or the Descolada or anything to do with Lusitania. True, Novinha was a wonderful person, but was it worth it in the end? He just wanted to sleep. And at the end of it all, Ender was truly happy.

But everything in his life would never be enough to bring back the old buggers he fought when he was younger, and restore them, and have someone else destroy them. He hadn't wanted to do it…

After all she'd been through, she survived through it all. She wished she could return to Earth, but it would be impossible. Three millenniums had passed supposedly and the world would be such a different place. Peter was gone. Ender was gone. But Peter lived through his younger reincarnation with Wang-mu and Valentine lived through herself. Ender, the purest of them all, was the one who had to be completely gone. Peter would live through young Peter and through his children- but Ender? None. Novinha had only Libo's children

And what about her own? What about her own children? Would they carry Demosthenes' genes for centuries to come? Would they ever go to Earth?

No matter what she did, it would be never enough to let Ender live again.