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He couldn't bear just sitting there while he knew she was probably writhing in agony on her bed. No!

Finn sat up abruptly, his hands flying to the dagger he always kept in his boot. There was no one there. Only his conscience. He couldn't bear it anymore; I must go see her. If only to appease my mind, Finn thought. Damn the consequences.

He pushed the covers away and took the time to straighten his hair a bit. He didn't want anyone in the castle getting any ideas.

The corridors of the castle were a different place at night; with no servants scuttling about and the constant sound of voices gone, the castle almost seemed to be haunted. Finn shook his head violently, trying to dislodge the thoughts. It didn't matter what he felt. Oh, Enna, Finn thought for the millionth time, you didn't deserve any of this.

Finn could hear Enna long before he reached her door. She was screaming. Something without words, but somehow that just made the situation even scarier. Finn ran to her door and there was no hesitation as he approached it. He pushed it open, entered and closed the door behind him. He could see her form, her body writhing under the covers. "No, NO!" she screamed. Her voice seemed hysterical; Finn's eyes widened. He crossed the room and reached the bed.

"Enna?" he whispered. More screaming was the reply. "Enna!" he said loudly. He shook her shoulder roughly and she finally opened her eyes. She looked up to see who had entered her room. She whispered Finn's name, and then pushed back the covers and got up.

Finn paused as he looked at her. He resisted the urge to close his eyes; Enna wasn't wearing clothing that he would consider to be terribly modest. Her night-gown barely came down to her knees. "Finn, I have to leave." Enna's voice was trembling.

"Leave?" asked Finn, completely taken aback. "Why would you leave?" He moved closer to her. She backed away from him as she answered.

"Because I'm a threat. I could burn you at any moment! Why should you trust me?!" Enna was near hysterics. Finn darted forward and grabbed her wrists. She struggled, but he held fast.

"Look at me, Enna," he said gently. She looked away from him.

"Unhand me," she said, her voice iron. Finn could not bear to defy a voice like that. He let go, grasping her shoulders instead.

"Look at me." he said, his voice still gentle. Her face turned towards his and green eyes met brown eyes. "You could've burned me just then, but you didn't. I trust you." This simple statement was greeted by a storm of tears. Enna wept relentlessly, each sob leaving her gasping for air. Finn led her back to her bed and sat with her.

"Finn… I d-dreamt that a man was c-coming towards me," Enna gasped between sobs. "He was— he was on fire! Finn, he was dying, but still walking! H-he smiled at me… Like w-we shared a s-secret; I'm a b-bad person Finn! I've killed people, b-burned them from the inside! And—"

"Enna, you were being manipulated, it wasn't you!" Finn interrupted. He turned toward her, looking into her eyes again. "You're not a bad person. I wouldn't love you if you were." To him, this made perfect sense. After all, why would one love someone who they knew was "bad"?

"It's just that…" Enna started, her sobs starting to lessen. "It was so real…"

"It was in the past, Enna. You were dreaming, just dreaming," Finn said, wrapping his arms around her. Enna rested her head on his chest and sniffled a little. She closed her eyes, trying to erase all her memories. She sat up straight, wiping her eyes with her hands.

"Thank you, Finn," she said, turning towards him. "It was nice of you to…" She trailed off.

"You don't need to thank me, Enna. What sort of friend would I be if I just left you alone while you suffered?" Finn nudged her slightly with his elbow. She smiled a small smile.

Finn suddenly realized where he was. On Enna's bed, his arms around her night-gown clad form. He loosened his arms and stood up quickly, his cheeks flushed. "I should probably go now," he said stiffly.

"Oh. All right then," Enna said. Finn headed towards the door and was just about to turn the handle when he heard a voice behind him. "Could you—would… Might you possibly consider maybe… staying? With me? Tonight?" Finn turned towards his Enna and looked into her eyes for the third time in so many minutes.

"You don't have to ask," he said warmly. Enna let out a breath of relief. He pulled off his boots and slid in next to her, his arm around her waist.

"Thank you. I'm afraid it's the only way to keep the nightmare's away," she said, her eyes bright.

"And?" Finn prompted.

"And I may or may not love you," Enna said grinning mischievously.

"I love you too," Finn said, smiling. He kissed her lips briefly. She smiled as he pulled away, then pulled him in for one last kiss. Both forest-dwellers quickly fell into a blissful sleep.

Enna woke early the next morning to find Finn beside her, just as he had been the night before. She played with a strand of his hair for a moment before waking him. "You should probably sneak your way back down to the bunks now," she whispered.

Finn yawned before responding. "Any nightmares?" he inquired.

"None to speak of!" Enna said impishly, her eyes crinkling as she smiled happily. "Well," she amended, "none besides… You know…"

"Well, excluding that one of course," Finn said, almost to himself. He thought of her hysterical voice the night before. He gave Enna a quick kiss, pulled on his boots and left.

Enna curled up into a ball and smiled again. I love him, she thought.

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