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Full summary: Maka is defeated, Soul is kidnapped and is turned into a Demon God. When he returns to Shibusen, they sentence him to death. Can Maka stop his execution ? Does she even want to save him, after he left her all alone.

Maka's POV

Things were supposed to go the right way now, right ? Medusa was killed, and Arachne and her army had recently been defeated. None of his friends were hurt during the fight, No one was seriously injured, and there hadn't been any deaths for she knew….Even the Kishin had been sealed once again. But the number of human souls slowly turning into Kishins was rising at an alarming rate. Also the number of Meisters and Weapons disappearing was increasing rapidly.

The weird thing was, that the Kishin all came out of nowhere…There were deaths… But they seemed natural, not even one human was killed. At least not in the way of cutting them open, or to decapitate them. They just died, and their souls disappeared. And after a few months…weeks…another Kishin soul would turn up, stronger than they should be.

All of those Kishin souls were big and dangerous, like they had been eating souls like their life depended on it. Why was it happening? Was it some new enemy?

Not like it was important now….They were in a fight after all.

'Maka ! Focus ! You could've seen that one coming from miles !!' Soul yelled at her. She didn't answer, she knew Soul didn't expect an answer.

This was another Kishin soul. And like always…There was something…off….

It felt like they were calling out to her, trying to speak with her, trying to connect their soul to hers. It was strange, she had only noticed it a few weeks ago, when she was fighting two Kishins at once, a meister and a weapon.

It felt like they weren't fighting to kill at all…. It didn't matter to her at first. A kishin soul was a kishin soul, and it should be taken. But it was so strange… Why do they fight me with such fury, while I can feel in their wavelengths that they don't want to fight me at all?

She jumped into the air, narrowly dodging an arrow that came from the Kishing soul they were fighting. She rotated Soul in her hands to block the arrows that kept flying in her direction. The kishin soul stopped shooting arrows and went for Maka in the air. Maka expected it, she had fought so many Kishin's lately…. And they all seemed to use the same strategy.

They'd throw or shoot things at her in the air, and then try to stomp her down. Without fail, down, never up. The Kishin soul jumped up at her, howling like a wounded wolf and got ready to strike her from below.

Maka calculated the attack. She had already figured out a way to dodge it. So easy. So predictable. She stepped onto the claw that almost ripped her apart and she jumped up ready to slice up the Kishin, but then the unexpected happened. His other arm appeared out of nowhere and hit her at her side, she couldn't protect herself from the destructive blow, and she could feel how a few of her ribs broke.

Soul flew out of her hand, and she could feel how a few of her old wounds from the fight with Arachne ripped open again. Damn ! I just had those healed… She crashed onto the ground, and everything went black.

Soul's POV

He was so distracted lately, even in fights his mind wandered off. And before he knew it, he was flying trough the air, and he saw Maka flying towards the ground. Shit ! How could've been so distracted!? He waited with transforming until he reached the ground. It's taking too much time ! Immediately he ran to Maka, and he saw that the Kishin had already made his way to her.

'NO !! KEEP YOUR HAND OFF HER !!' He yelled at the Kishin, desperate for what he might do to Maka. He transformed his arm into a scythe and charged. We didn't even stand a chance together! What makes me think that I can defeat this Kishin with just me?.......I'm not strong enough.

Like he expected, the Kishin soul dodged the attack, and soon after, he could feel the enormous claw-like hands clamped around his head. Soul could hear his skull cracking under the enormous pressure of the Kishin-claw. He could feel how blood began to stream across his face and he was thrown roughly to the ground. He could feel the bone in his arm breaking and he let out a loud yelp.

So this is the end ? I can't be the end ! Maka and I... He struggled to get up, but a foot pushed him down, and he waited for the kishin to rip him apart. But a smooth voice interrupted the scene. " Good work 889, you have done well." The kishin removed his foot from Soul's back. A woman stood before him, she would have been beautiful if not for the psychotic look in her eyes and the grin on her face. She had a lot of scars on her neck and throat, and her hair was long. Her eyes gleamed yellow.

"Soul eater, scythe weapon, already infected with the black blood, high potential. Codename 999." She grabbed his hair and pulled him up. "From now on, you will listen to what I say Soul." Soul struggled to speak, but instead of words, blood came flooding from his mouth. She smiled, and she pulled his shaking body over to Maka's unconscious form. "889, inject her with subject AZ-77." As the Kishin stepped forward to Maka's body with a syringe clumsily clamped in his claws, Soul found his voice.

"N-no ! Wha-What are you –cough- doing ?!" He tried desperately to free himself from the woman's grasp, but it was impossible, and the pain almost made him pass out. "Hush hush subject 999, I don't want you to harm yourself." She laughed again as the Kishin injected Maka with the strange substance. "Wha-what…" The woman dropped him to the ground, and he could hear a splashy sound as he fell into a puddle of his own blood.

He tried to crawl towards Maka's shivering form, but the world seemed to spin before his eyes, and he passed out.

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