What the HELL just happened?

Scarlett Black was ready to kill. She was ready to prove that her father wasn't the one people should be scared of, it was her. She was not impressed with the fact she would have to be nice to the young Peter Pettigrew, she was not impressed with Dumbledore letting him come near her, and she certainly wasn't impressed with the bratty Penelope who thought she ruled the school.

What the hell was wrong with Draco anyway? Penelope certainly wasn't the kind of person he would usually hang out with. He was far too high standard for spoilt little brats like her. Has his father really corrupted him that much that he is forced to hang around with scum like her?

She may not like Draco, or Blaise for that matter, but that didn't mean she couldn't feel extremely sorry for her cousin. Because she was indeed feeling very, VERY, sorry for him.

"What the hell was that?"

Scarlett stared blankly at her young Godfather, the werewolf flinching at her sharp gaze. He now finally understood why people feared members of the Black family when they were angry. Remus certainly didn't like the idea of meeting Sirius' cousin Bellatrix when she was angry. She was bad enough as it is.

"That, Remus Lupin, was a little ratbag who thinks she is better than us because she is a Voldemort bootlicker. I despise that girl and I will kill her and her father one day as slowly as i possibly can with a red hot poker and a rusty spoon."

There was an awkward silence as the people of the past stared at in her in horror while Rebecca and Harry were trying their hardest not to burst out laughing at their expressions. While neither of them approved of her speaking about killing people in such a public place, they found it funny that the others around were in so much shock that they could not even answer back to her.

"H-h-er father?"

Scarlett grinned maliciously at the young Peter Pettigrew, standing up straight and looking him in the eye. She didn't even need to be towering over him to intimidate the pathetic little boy. Harry watched in amusement as his best friend turned into the Slytherin she should have been in a blink of an eye.

Not that he would ever tell her that he sometimes saw her as Slytherin. She would have killed him by now if he had.

"Why yes, her father. And do you want to know why I wish to have the pleasure of gutting the man and making him eat his own intestine?"

"N-n-n-not really!"

Scarlett smirked at the rat boy walking away to sit next to Rebecca. She turned her head, smiling sweetly at the group, almost as if the killing intent had never been there.

"Good, because I really didn't feel like sharing."

Sirius stared at the girl who was a member of his family in utter shock. It was obvious that she despised the Pettigrew family with the passion.

Remus' question didn't have an answer. It just rose more questions which were practically thirsting for an answer.

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