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Just be friends


The American sat alone in his living room with a cup of coffee in his hand. It was already 9:00pm and he had not moved from his spot since he arrived home, which was at 7:00pm.

Did I not love him enough? No…I love him more than my life itself! Did he not see that?


He had recently come home from a visit to his boyfriend's house. He went, as always, happy and excited to spend time with his lover. Heck! He even decided to buy him a bouquet of roses which were now being held tightly in his hands.

"Arthur! Open up!" he yelled as he pounded the door. He already rang the doorbell twice so now he was just losing his patience. He was relieved when he heard a 'click' in the door and a boy with blonde hair and green eyes came out. The American smiled and didn't hesitate on hugging his boyfriend and giving him a kiss. "That's strange? He's not responding..." he thought as Arthur broke the kiss. "Who are those for?" Arthur asked as he eyed the roses.

"Who do you think?" Alfred said as he handed them to him. Again a strange moment came as Alfred saw a tint of sadness and regret in his Arthur's eyes. He waved the feeling off and stepped inside. The Brit closed the door, "Hey Alfred, I wanted to talk to you about something…" Arthur started as walked over to him. "What is it?" Alfred asked as he embraced him once again. "Well about our relationship…" Arthur started but was silenced by a pair of lips against his own. Alfred pulled away and started kissing his neck, "Our relationship?" he said in between kisses as he traveled further. Arthur tried to contain a moan but couldn't help it. "W-Well I think we should stop…" he whispered as he tried to get away from the American. Alfred stopped kissing his shoulder blade and looked up. "S-Stop? What do you mean stop!" he asked confused as he grabbed Arthur by the shoulders. "Alfred this is not going to work! How do I know that one day you will get bored of me and leave me just like you did before?" Arthur yelled as he looked at him.


Alfred snapped out of his recent memory to think about Arthur's words. "He actually thought that I would get bored of him? How can he think that? Every single day I told him I loved him! Since that day I confessed my love for him I have not stopped telling him that!" Alfred thought angrily as he stared at the picture frame in front of him. The picture had him and Arthur smiling with ice-cream in each of their hands. Alfred smiled. This was one of the many memories he had with Arthur that he cherished the most.

"How do I know that one day you will get bored of me and leave me just like you did before?"

Alfred flinched as he heard that phrase be replayed over in his mind and he let himself be engulfed in the memory of his recent break up.


"Get bored of you? What are you talking about?" Alfred said as he tried to hold Arthur closer. "I thought of this a long time ago Alfred, it's not going to work! You and I are completely different! Let's just be friends don't you think?" Arthur said as he smiled a weak smile. Alfred could hear his heart break in two and how each piece was being stomped on as he tried to make something out of the situation. "Arthur, why do you want to do this? Haven't I told you before I love...."


Alfred got quiet as he stared at the man. "Don't say it! Please Alfred, don't make this harder than it is! Why can't we just be friends?" Arthur yelled as he rubbed his eyes. Alfred wanted to hug him but he knew it would make it worse. He walked over to the door and stood in front of it. "Goodbye England" he said as he opened the door and left. "Goodbye America…" Arthur said whispered as he closed the door. As soon as Alfred left, Arthur broke down in tears as he realized that he destroyed the only happiness in his life.



The question once again popped into his mind as he stood up. "No…I can't let it end like this! I love him! Hasn't he realized I can't live without him, ever since the revolution I have felt guilty! Even though I don't regret what I did!" He thought as he walked to his closet and grabbed his bomber jacket. "I won't let it end this way! I can't stand the fact that he could go out with anyone else!"

He went straight to the airport and bought a ticket to where his lover was. He loved Arthur too much to just be friends, because Arthur was his life and if he lost Arthur then he might as well kill himself right now.

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