Hi! This is not a chapter but it's an SOS message. I am going to write a fic and I need your questions about the USxUK pairing! I'll have Arthur and Alfred answer them of course and you could also ask other countries what they think of their relationship! So please if you have the time just send me some questions you might have about the pairing and if I can get at least 10 to 20 questions I will be able to write my fic!!!!! Thanks a lot for this!!!!! I hope everybody can help me! Either that or I am going to think of my own high-school fic for Gakuen Hetalia! If you have any ideas for that then bring them to me!! Thank you again!!!!!

Lots of Love


Arthur: What if nobody gives you any questions?

Marisa: *Sniffle* A-Arthur you hate me don't you! *starts to cry*

Arthur: Marisa-sama? Oh crap…I don't hate you…just don't cry!

Marisa: *Whimper* Fine….I still hope I get some questions though!

Alfred: You'll get some don't worry!


Arthur: Are you going to keep crying?

Marisa: Not if you tell them to bring me some questions!

Arthur: WHAT? To humiliate myself even more! No thank you!

Marisa: But they will do anything you tell them too!!!

Arthur: FINE! Please just send her some questions!!! Happy now??
Marisa: *Hugs him* I love you for this!

Arthur: Whatever……………….

Marisa and Alfred: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!