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Chapter One

The shiny silver Volvo (old now, by Cullen standards, but kept because Bella liked it) pulled up in front of the small town hick bar (and grill) and slowly rolled to a stop. Not so quietly, a huge, red Jeep barreled in and halted alongside it, the blonde in the passenger seat turning irritated eyes toward the smaller vehicle. The driver's side window of the Volvo lowered, its owner turning dark expectant eyes up at the woman, his sister for all intents and purposes.

"What are we doing here, Edward?" Rosalie bitched. She flung a hand at the small, green house-like building, clearly disgusted by where they were and the fact that this was not where she thought they'd be going. There were all sorts of swamps and brush-like areas to go, presumably with all kinds of tasty creatures, but... "This is not hunting."

"Jacob is hungry," Edward said; he'd been listening to Jacob's stomach growl for the last thirty minutes and didn't think he could wait to put an end to it. "We can hunt later, after we bring back all of Esme's supplies." Esme had found and fallen in love with a grand plantation house that she'd said she simply must have, and Carlisle instantly went out and bought it for her (despite the fact that it was in the sunny south).

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "Couldn't we feed the dog at home?" she said with obvious disgust.

"Oh, come on, babe," Emmett said as he threw his Jeep into park, "Jacob's gotta eat sometime." In one smooth move Emmett had jumped out of the Jeep and, landing silently in the gravel beside Rosalie's door, he opened it for her.

"I know you know how to act human, Emmett," Bella scolded in the sweet sing-song voice that she still wasn't used to. She'd gotten out of Edward's car and stood with her arms folded on the roof and her chin resting upon them, the sweet enduring look in her dark eyes that everyone loved so much. "After all, you've been doing it since when...early twentieth century?"

Emmett just grinned at her. He was, without a doubt, the most playful of the group.

"Save your antics for home," she went on, winking at him over her husband's car.

Edward groaned. "Don't encourage him, Bell, you know how bad he gets."

Bella blew a kiss at her husband over his car, causing him to groan yet again. Emmett had backed way off, because of the arm wrestling bet shortly after Bella's turning, but he'd recently resumed, giving them small doses at a time and testing the waters to see what he could get away with—and he was getting away with quite a lot these days.

Emmett's brow raised. "Is that a challenge?" he asked her, surprised and pleased. Their family was constantly amazed at how controlled their newest member was and, though her heightened newborn strength had subsided in the three years since she'd been turned, she was still rather strong—and crafty; not one iota of her human clumsiness had followed her into immortality, not that they'd expected it to, and she definitely used it to her advantage.

When Bella's only response was a wide grin, Emmett said, "Oh yeah!"

Emmett loved teasing Bella, no matter the subject—but strength and sexual innuendo were his favorite subjects, and Bella was almost used to it.

Rosalie sighed and got out of the Jeep, then frowned as she looked though the window of the Volvo at a sleeping Jacob. "Why'd we bring the mutt here with us anyway? He could have just as easily stayed in Forks."

"Right. And be away from Nessie?" Emmett snorted. "I see that happening."

Rosalie scowled and glanced at Jacob again. "How do you know he's even hungry?" Rosalie asked. "He ate half the food in the refrigerator this morning." She shuddered at the thought. "The guy's a pig!"

As he rolled up his window, Edward rolled his eyes and moved to get out, but he didn't say anything; sometimes it was just easier to ignore Rosalie.

"It's almost five o'clock, Rose," Emmett answered for him. "You know he needs to eat more often than we do."

"I should have stayed at the house with Esme and Nessie," she complained with longing. She didn't like the little trips out to get supplies, but somehow she'd allowed Bella to talk her into it. If I have to go along on errands, then someone female should have to go with me, Bella had complained when Rosalie had balked. And so Rosalie had gone out with the group. The day was overcast; had been since they'd arrived, but she still wasn't sure why they'd moved here. Bon Temps (pronounced Bahn Tah), Louisiana was hardly a place for them (shiny, glittery vampires), but Carlisle had had his reasons, apart from buying the house for Esme. He'd told them they were starting over—again. Rosalie hated starting over but, like most times, she followed the family. And she'd been told they wouldn't have to enroll in school this time; that part she was glad about. Not that any of them hated going to school; but not going would be a welcome respite.

"Wake up, dog!" she exclaimed.

Lightning quick, she'd circled the Volvo and opened Jacob's door (which he'd been leaning against), and grinned as he fell to the ground. "Time for some Puppy Chow," she chirped.

"Hey Blondie," Jacob said once he'd righted himself. "What's a blonde's idea of safe sex?"

Rosalie stared at him; everyone could hear her teeth grind with fury.

"Locking the car door," Jacob said with a laugh.

"Better watch out, Edward," Rosalie said with a scowl. "This one doesn't bother locking doors. Not into safe sex, I guess. Might knock up our Nessie."

Edward groaned and glanced at Jacob, then back at his sister. He was getting good at limiting his responses to groans—but not always. "Give it a rest, Rose." He still wasn't completely used to the idea that Bella's best friend had imprinted on their daughter (who was just over three years old now, yet looked to be nearly eight), but over the last three years he'd seen the innocence of the attachment between the two, and had to admit it bothered him less than when Jacob had been actively pursuing Bella. Jacob was, if nothing else, extremely protective, and that was a good thing.

Rosalie grinned, but stopped immediately when she saw Bella's face; though their relationship had gotten off to a rocky start, because Rosalie thought Bella was making all the wrong choices (who would choose to be a vampire), the two women were quite close now. "Sorry Bella."

Bella just shrugged. Initially she'd been furious about the connection between Jacob and her daughter, but now—not so much. "Could we make this quick, I'd like to get back to Renesmee."

Sighing, they nodded and headed for the bar's entrance.

A bar!


None of them were physically of an age to be in a bar. Yet, here they were! Good thing food was served here as well.

"Just take a seat," a blonde waitress with a side ponytail called out. She was carrying a full pitcher of beer in one hand and a tray with a few drinks in the other.

Following Emmett, Edward watched as the waitress set the pitcher down, pluck the drinks off the tray and pass them out to a table of rowdy men, then pick up the pitcher and scurry off.

"Lafayette! Where are those burgers?" she hollered at the back of the bar.

"I got yous burgers right here, baby," the garishly dressed black man (with make-up on) responded from the smoky kitchen.

"Hey Sook, where's Amelia?" the bartender called out to the blonde waitress.

"I don't know, Sam. Do I look like Amelia's keeper to you?"

"Well, she lives in your house," the man replied, his tone exasperated.

"Doesn't make me her babysitter," she argued, her ponytail bouncing and an annoyed look on her face. Oh crap! And I was hoping to get off early tonight. Sighing heavily (Edward could see it as well as hear it), the woman picked up the burgers she'd been waiting for, deposited them on a table, then headed toward their newly filled table in her section.

Still watching the waitress and hearing all the thoughts throughout the busy room, Edward almost missed what the bartender was thinking. I wonder if that damn bloodsucker will come in tonight.

"What can I get you?" Sookie asked quickly, putting her pen to her order pad.

Then she halted; there was definitely something odd about this party of five. Four of them were among the palest creatures she'd ever seen (and she'd seen it all), their eyes all identical—very dark, with almost bluish circles underneath, as if they were all recovering from a knock down, drag out fight, or some strange serious illness (or perhaps severe lack of sleep). And the fifth one was some kind of Native American (she shuddered, her thoughts going to Longshadow, the now permanently dead bartender at Fangtasia: the vampire bar in Shreveport), and huge, well over six feet tall (Sookie wondered if he might be some kind of were). One of the pale ones was big too, she noted, with dark curly hair, but the others were regular-sized, and all were among the most beautiful humans she'd ever laid eyes on, despite their tired look.

"I'll have whatever it is that you put on that table," said the dark skinned big one. "Um, make that two of them."

Sookie glanced over her shoulder at the table he'd referred to, then back at the young man; he and the other large man were crammed into one side of the booth while the other three shared the opposite bench.

Frowning, Sookie wrote down his order, then waited. Only the man ordering appeared to be paying attention, the others were just sort of looking around. The big pale guy had his arms stretched across the table holding the beautiful blonde's hands (but wasn't otherwise moving), while she stared absently out the window (also unmoving and looking very bored). The woman with brown hair was people-watching, and the other man, the smallest male of the group (and youngest looking), seemed to be intent on...something. Sookie's eyes followed his gaze; he was fixated on Sam.

When no one said anything further, Sookie said, "Anything else?, wine?" She wondered if they were old enough to drink; something told her they might be though their appearance was youthful (appearances could be deceiving). "Tru Blood?" Her eyes went to the window and she frowned; it was not quite dark yet.

The one whose eyes were trained on Sam quickly whipped them back to meet hers, just a second before the rest. Now Sookie had five sets of dark eyes looking up at her.

"Excuse me?" he said.

"Oh sorry," Sookie said with a nervous laugh. "I don't know why I'd ask that; it's not even dark yet." Hurriedly, she turned and walked away. I am so stupid, she thought as she went. But as she approached the bar, she threw a look back over her shoulder; she wasn't at all surprised to see the one who'd been watching Sam now watching her, his brow pinched together in thought. Turning away, Sookie tried to access his thoughts, and frowned when she couldn't hear him.

"Sam," she hissed. "Something's wrong!" Sookie was used to having to force other's thoughts out of her head; she rarely had to try to hear them. Her only struggles were with the Supes. Eyeing the strangers a moment longer, she looked at her boss.

"What's Tru Blood?" Bella wondered aloud, unconsciously licking her lips.

Emmett shrugged. "Beats the hell outta me, little sister."

Still watching the waitress, Edward said, "Bella, are you shielding us completely?"

Bella frowned. "Oh, I guess I am. Sorry." She sometimes lowered her shield, but mostly it was up, and sometimes she pushed it out to encompass the family—most of the time now, in fact, at Edward's request, and the family was grateful that at least their thoughts were their own now that Bella was part of the family. And sometimes, without even realizing it, she even pushed it out further than her family. But it was a little different than it had been when she was new. Where her shield used to sort of form a bubble around whoever (or whatever) she wanted to include under her protection, it was now more of a glove that encompassed a person's entire body—like a wetsuit—and therefore left the space around them untouched.

Edward shrugged. "I think that waitress can read thoughts. She's confused that she can't hear us."

The group all turned to look at the woman. She was talking to the bartender in an extremely low voice, none of them could pick up what she was saying over the buzz of the room, except for Edward who was reading her thoughts as she spoke them.

"Strange that Bella's shield has gotten so strong without her even trying," Rosalie commented.

Edward nodded, but his brow pinched slightly in thought; he'd been meaning to talk to Carlisle about that actually.

"Do you want me to let it down?" Bella asked, interrupting his thoughts.

Edward's frown became more pronounced, then shook his head. "Not yet." He wanted to know more before he let someone they didn't know in on their thoughts.

"Maybe we should order something," Bella suggested. "That bartender is looking at us funny." As the youngest one in vampire years, she remembered human emotions and thoughts better than the rest, and didn't like the look in the bartender's eyes.

Edward looked over at the man; Bella was right, he was staring and he didn't look happy at all. "I think you're right."

"Let's order a Tru Blood," Emmett said.

"But it's not dark yet," said Rosalie. She shrugged when they all turned to stare at her. "She made it sound like no one orders Tru Blood before dark."

Edward nodded, then glanced at his watch, then out the window. "It's twilight now. Close enough?"

Rosalie's gaze automatically went to the window. "True." She shrugged. "Whatever. Let's just hurry, I want to hunt."

"Let your shield down when she comes back over here, Bella," Edward said; he wasn't sensing a problem with letting the woman hear him. "Just me though."

Bella frowned. "Don't you think we should talk to Carlisle first?"

Edward glanced at the others. Emmett shrugged. Rosalie nodded. Jacob didn't seem to think one way or the other. Sighing, Edward reached into his pocket for his phone—only to pull it out with it ringing.

"It's Alice," he said as he pushed the button. Of course it's Alice, he thought.

"I already discussed it with him," Alice said. "He's not worried about the waitress. But he wants you to be careful. He says that this is why we are here, but that we're not ready to come out of the coffin just yet." She giggled as she said the last part. "Oh! And Bella will be fine, so don't worry."

Edward nodded. He didn't understand what Alice was talking about, but he trusted her. "Thanks Alice."

"No problem. I wish I was there," she said excitedly. "Why'd I go hunting?"

Edward smiled, then hung up without answering her. "Carlisle says to proceed cautiously."

Bella nodded and perked up to be ready. They didn't have long to wait.

Can you hear me? Edward thought after the waitress had given Jacob his food.

"Of course I can," she said aloud. "I'm not deaf. Though sometimes I wonder if all the racket in here's gonna make me crazy. Humph! Everyone thinks I'm crazy anyway! But I can hear just fine." Then she slapped a hand over her mouth and stared at him—at all of them.

Edward frowned. I read minds too, he said in his head.

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

He waited for a moment, but when the woman didn't say anything aloud he went on. What are you? he said silently. He knew she was human, but there was something different about her.

She swallowed, then let out a breath, obviously exasperated by the question. "Why does everyone ask me that? I'm a waitress," she said matter-of-factly, as if she was trying to convince herself more than them. And part fairy.

Edward's lips quirked up. "So, not just a waitress," he whispered.

Again her hand slapped over her mouth. After a moment, she dropped it. "Did I say that out loud?"

He shook his head.

"But you heard me?"

Edward nodded.

"Damn it!"

Ignoring her curse, Edward leaned forward and whispered, "What's Tru Blood?"

The woman just stared at him. Ya'll don't know what Tru Blood is? she asked silently, her eyebrows raised is disbelief.

He shook his head. "Sorry, not a clue."

"Where have you guys been?"

Edward looked at the others, then back at the waitress. "Small town in Washington state."

The waitress eyed them and Edward knew she was struggling with what he'd said; Bon Temps was pretty small too and clearly they knew what this Tru Blood was.

We have been busy with other things, he explained silently, then let images from their battle against the Volturi pass through his mind. The waitress' eyes widened with shock.

"Sookie!" the bartender called out, clearly disrupting her probing. "Order's up."

The waitress glanced at her boss and held up a hand, then looked back at her customers. "Look, we're busy tonight and we're short a waitress, so I can't Can I get you anything else?"

Edward nodded. "How about some Cokes?"

The waitress nodded, but Edward knew that she knew they wouldn't be consumed.

"And the pig here will have a Tru Blood with his burgers," Rosalie quipped with a big grin. "Can you bring it in a trough?"

The waitress, Sookie, just stared.

"And the dumb blonde here loves servitude," Jacob countered. "Need some help waitressing? Rose would look smashing in that apron."

Rosalie scowled and kicked Jacob under the table.


Sookie continued to stare. Then her head turned when the door opened and two entered.

Ahh, shit! Edward heard the bartender curse in his mind. Throwing his bar towel down, he hollered, "Sookie!"

"Coming right up," Sookie said to them, then rushed over to the bar.

"What is it Sam?"

"I told you I don't want those two in my bar anymore."

Sookie went around the bar and to the refrigerator, grabbed three Tru Bloods, popped them in the microwave, waited, then took them out and shook them up a bit. Then she turned on the man.

"Sam, you know damn well that I'm married to Eric now." She almost cringed over the word married. "And you also know it's illegal know, to discriminate against them."

"They stayin' at your house now?"

Sookie shrugged. "They were there today."

"Ah shit, Sook! Couldn't they stay at Bill's?"

"Bill's got his own troubles right now and...I needed them there, Sam."

He sighed. "More trouble?"

Sookie shrugged. "Don't know yet."

"I wish you'd let me help, Sook."

She blushed. "I couldn't ask that, Sam." She paused. "Besides...husband," she reminded the man before turning her back on him. Sookie went first to the two who'd come in together. She set down their Tru Bloods, said a few words, then headed over with the other bottle.

"Not sure what you want with this, ya go," she said, then walked away.

After the waitress left, Edward reached for the bottle. But Rosalie got there first. Picking it up, she twisted off the top and set it in front of Jacob. "Here you go pooch. Drink up."

Jacob scowled at her. "What does a blonde and a beer bottle have in common?" He paused, waiting for a response he knew wasn't coming; Rosalie never answered his blonde jokes. "They're both empty from the neck up," he answered himself with a grin. "Cheers!" Tipping the bottle to his lips, he took a gulp, then gagged. He would have dropped the bottle in his lap had Emmett not reached out and grabbed it.

Sniffing, Emmett said, "This is blood."

Edward's eyes went to the waitress. She'd pulled out a chair and was sitting with the two who'd recently come in. They were both very blonde and very pale—and both held a bottle of Tru Blood. Reaching out, Edward took the bottle from Emmett and tilted it to his mouth. They didn't eat food or drink, and it would be a pain to bring it back up, but he was curious.

"It's blood,'s not," he said, then handed the bottle to Bella, who sipped, then passed it to Rosalie. Emmett was a bit reluctant, but tried some, and Jacob pretended to be sick.

"That's just gross, you guys," he said. "Bottled blood? Yuck!"

"It's not human." Rosalie said, ignoring Jacob.

Edward shook his head. It definitely wasn't. " does taste somewhat like some of them," he said, his rebellious time going through his head quickly; he knew what human blood tasted like.

"Not animal either," Emmett added, handing the bottle back to Edward, who turned the bottle in his hand, read the label, then frowned. Bella reached for the bottle next and took another drink. "I don't get it. Why would a bar be selling bottled blood?"

Edward frowned. "It's synthetic. Made in Japan. That's type o-negative."

"That's what type I am...was," Bella corrected herself.

"That's crazy!" Jacob said through a full mouth of burger.

Rosalie looked at him in disgust, but spoke to Edward. "I'm with Bella; I don't understand."

"Of course you don't, blondie," Jacob chirped.

"SHUT up!" Rosalie and Bella fired back at him.

Edward's furrowed brow seemed to relax. "I think I do. Those two," he whispered with a nod, "are vampires."

Everyone at the table turned to look; they were clearly being discussed.

"Though not like us, I think," he said.

"I don't recognize them," Emmett said. "Nomads?"

Edward frowned. "I don't think so. And that waitress knows about them." His eyes went around the room. If he had to bet, he'd wager his entire fortune that the entire room knew about them. "Alice said something about Carlisle not being ready for us to come out of the coffin just yet," he said so quietly that only their vampire hearing could pick it up.

"What do you suppose this means?" Rosalie asked.

Edward shrugged.

"I want another one," Bella said, causing everyone to look at her; she'd finished off the bottle while they'd been discussing it.

"I told you we should have taken the dog home so we could go hunt," Rosalie complained. "Bella's hungry."

Edward stared at his wife. "How does that feel?"

Bella shrugged. "It's not" She grinned, then giggled. "But it's satisfying. And I don't think I'll need to bring it back up." She paused to just feel, then nodded.

"Hummm...well, damn!" Emmett said. "I think I want one too."

Jacob grimaced.

"Eric, I can't sit here and talk about them," Sookie said with a nod at the table of strangers. "I have to work."

Eric glanced over at her boss, who was scowling at them, then back at his wife. "Quit your job, Sookie. Any wife of mine should not have to work."

Pam rolled her eyes at Eric's self-important tone, but nodded her agreement that Sookie should quit. "Yes Sookie, I am sure we could find many other things you could do for us."

"But I like working here," she protested stubbornly. "And I'm not quitting my job, just because you want me to, Eric. And you can't make me."

Eric's brow raised. "I could."

"You could try," Sookie countered.

Pam grinned, and Eric tried to stare down his wife.

"When will you learn that you can't glamour me?"

Eric eyed her, then took a sip from his Tru Blood. "New vampires in town?" he said flatly. "Tell me about them."

Sookie shook her head. "They can't be vamps; they came in before dark."

Eric seemed to mull it over, then he too shook his head. "Interesting."

Pam glanced over at the other table.

"And the young one can read minds."

Eric's brow raised. "Can you read his?"

Sookie frowned. "I couldn't at first, but was like he let me in or something."

"What's he thinking now?"

Sookie glanced at the other table and tried, but—nothing. Shrugging, she said, "I can't hear him now."

Eric sat there silently for a minute, then said, "Tell them I want to see them in the parking the back."

Putting money on the table, he stood up, as did Pam, then they walked out. When Sookie turned, intent of delivering Eric's message, she saw that the strangers had also risen and were headed out. She watched for a few moments; it was obvious they'd already heard Eric's request (much more of a demand). Then, as soon as the door closed firmly behind them, it opened again and Amelia entered.

"Oh, thank God," Sookie said. Quickly, she went to the bar to talk to Sam, then started for his office, untying her apron as she went.

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