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Okay, Kiddies...this is it! The final chapter of True Twilight: New Home. YAY! *giggles to self*

First, sorry it's taken me so long to post this final chapter. I've had it finished for a few months now, but wanted to do a full reread of it (which is 313 pages, double-spaced in Word) before posting. Why you ask? Well, because I just felt like I needed to. Plus, there was a bit of a back and forth (and back and forth and back) PM with one of you readers that made me feel the need to check my "facts" (that's in quotes because I was rechecking myself, not real book facts) and bounce them off someone else (a RL friend who reads my ALL stuff—including REAL books-to-be—and who is the absolute perfect fact goddess). So...sorry for that!

Second, also felt like doing some reading of my own (of the non-rereading my own writing variety) fiction and whatnot (read Forbidden Pleasure, by Lora of my absolute favorite authors)...because there's only so much of your own writing you can do without going so totally cross-eyed, or bat-shit crazy! LOL.

Finally, sorry for leaving you precariously on a precipice (no I'm not), but I promise to start a new story soon (maybe) that I can continue to abuse characters who don't belong to me, in a world that I haven't created—but which I've found a way to interweave, crazy as it might seem—for your excusive entertainment. =)

Thank you ALL for reading!

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ScorpionsAngel2009 (7/28) – I was wondering if Leah was going to join the party. I was sort of surprised that she didn't join easlier as I had pondered the idea of wether or not you would have there and she would imprint on either Jason or Sam. How ironic it is that she lost Sam U. and and there is another Sam who is also a shifter. This story is one of the best I have ever read. *~*~* You're a smart cookie, Scorp, to see where I'm going, and you will see EXACTLY who in the first word of this new chapter. LOL. The irony absolutely did not escape me. Hehe. Benson and Stabler myself...think they'd be a much better match than his Mrs. LOL.

christie122 (7/28) – Lots of giggles during this chapter! I love Bella's lack of modesty at the table and the reactions from Pam, Bill, and Eric because of it. :) Jason is hysterical through the whole chapter! I want to know what Leah is so ticked off about, but I'm glad that she is finally there! :) *~*~* Bella's lack of modesty...hehe...well, her lust for Edward did come first, even before bloodlust, when she was changed, so...yes, just a distracted not-so-newborn. *grin* I thought that was good too...having Pam, Bill, and Eric get all horny from the display...too bad Pam and Bill have no one to go home to. =(

Dawn Mason-Cullen (7/28) – Leah really knows how to make an entrance... I wonder what the Louisiana vamps are thinking about the wolf pack. *~*~* Well, the only one who's actually seen them is Bill (if memory serves) and he's not really big on talking to Eric, so...he probably didn't say anything to him (or Pam). I'm not really going to write about this story anyway...but it's a good point of interest. You are, however, going to see (read) what someone else of the second nature thinks. Hehe.

Twilightdragoness (7/28) – Bet I can guess what happened, and that Charlie and Sue figure big time in it. Cause I'm sure nothing would get under Leah's skin faster then finding out she and a 'bloodsucker' are now siblings in the legal sense. HEHE. *Insert a voucher for one maniacle evil auther laugh here, redeemeable anytime* *~*~* Well, Tdragoness, though Leah no longer hates the "bloodsucker" in question, she does have major issues with them in general and she's still not over the fact that she lost Sam Uley because of their presence...and her father as well. However, you are EXACTLY right about why she's so fucking pissed off...I'm not going to even write it into this final chapter (can't...because it's done...and now posted...hehe), but she's mad that her mother plans to marry Charlie and she thinks Bella knew about it (which she didn't). And, just so that you know...your evil author was most definitely laughing manically at your review. =)

TwilightGuru09 (8/4) – I can see you understand the characters in both series very well. both sets are true to form. That was very harsh of Eric to try and stake Bella and I was mad at him for trying it but that was typical Eric behavior. Rosalie disabling the car was a nice payback. And then of course we see Alice planning another party. Very good blend of the two storylines. I am so glad you are using the television stuff also because I like Layfayette and Jessica. *~*~* Thanks again,'s always nice to hear that I'm doing a good job. It really is hard to blend two different storylines, with characters that, IMO, really have nothing in common (aside from the supe thing). I'm sorry about what I do to Eric. As you can see, he's really NOT my favorite character. Yeah, I know, I'm in the minority. *sigh* I could like him...if he'd find someone else besides Sookie to want. Grr! And made me giggle (and I write for me, remember). Hehe. And, couldn't leave out the HBO stuff, BTW...LOVE Jessica and Lafayette (sorry I don't write about him very much). And...I still think you're going to be disappointed...when you get to here and I end it with THIS! Sorry. =(

And FINALLY, thank you to the following members who have added my story to his/her "favorites" and/or "story alerts" – JanineL, K-to-the-M-to-the-V, pottergoose, XxBirdxOfxHermesxX, GoddessD, and LadySaphire.

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Final Chapter

Sam stared across the table at the woman who'd entered late. He knew (through pre-meal conversation) that she was the older sister of Seth Clearwater (the extremely happy youth sitting on the other side of the table next to Jason Stackhouse), and it was obvious too because she looked exactly like him (both were dark skinned and eyed, because of their Native American background, and had all the same facial features)—but no one had mentioned that she was gorgeous. She'd stormed in—her long black hair glistening in the lamp light—made some angry (almost incoherent) comments toward Bella Cullen (who'd only raised a questioning brow), told her brother to shut up (or so he assumed, based on tone and her brother's instant silence, because she'd spoken in another language), then apologized to Esme Cullen (after the huge man Jacob growled something at her) before grumpily lowering herself into her chair.

For a moment, she sat there staring blankly at her plate. She didn't seem to notice that anyone else was at the table, or in the room for that matter, or the awkward hush that had fallen due to her outburst. During the silence, everyone stared at the obviously angry woman, but conversation soon started up again.

Only half listening to those around him, Sam kept his eyes on the woman sitting directly across from him, fascinated by her obvious turmoil. As he watched her jaw work, and the muscles in her neck clench, he could tell that she was trying to regain her composure, and that this loss of control was something she struggled with often.

Slowly, she picked up her napkin and placed it on her lap, then reached for her fork and stabbed a piece of meat. Bringing it to her mouth, she took the bite, then poked the utensil into another chunk without looking up at those no longer watching. She took several more bites, then picked up her glass and took a large gulp. That was when her eyes flickered up and connected with his, then nervously flitted away, first toward others at the table, then back to her plate. Frowning briefly at her uneaten food, her head suddenly snapped back up. Cocking her head, she narrowed her dark eyes on him and pulled her brows together in a confused frown. A deep blush darkened her copper-colored face, then, as if an epiphany came over her, the blush seemed to reverse itself, giving her formerly glowing skin almost a flat gray pallor. Then, sucking in her breath, she dropped her glass (which shattered on her plate) and abruptly stood up (overturning her chair), then turned and fled.

Again there was an awkward silence as everyone's eyes followed her out, then everyone just sort of sat there for a moment.

Picking up his drink, Jason said, "That's not at all weird. What the fuck's wrong with your sister, Seth?"

"Jason!" Sookie hissed.

Jason looked at his sister with confusion in his eyes, then glanced at Seth and made a face. "Sorry."

Seth glanced at Jacob, then shrugged. "Leah is weird."

Sam watched the two darker men exchange their look, then both narrowed their eyes on him.

"I'll...go after her," Jacob finally said as he slowly rose to his feet.

This seemed to amuse Seth, who nodded toward Sam and said, "Maybe he should go after her."

This stopped Jacob in his tracks. Half the table had risen to help with the mess (including Sam), but now Jacob stood staring at the bar owner—they all stared at him, but only a few with comprehension.

"OH!" Esme said as she sucked in an unnecessary breath. Smiling, she was on her feet in a millisecond, making the mess disappear in another, but her eyes kept going to Sam. "You really should go after her, Sam," she said before whisking the broken glass out of the room.

Frowning, first at the woman's retreating back, then at everyone else, Sam's eyes settled on Jacob, who, clearly not going after Leah anymore, had lowered himself into his chair again.

"Me? Why me?" Sam asked. But no one answered him.

With a shake of his head, Emmett leaned in and said, "What's going on?"

Rosalie rolled her eyes, but didn't answer. Instead she looked at Alice and silently mouthed something which caused Alice to drawn in her breath sharply.

"Oh! I see," Alice said as she grinned at a returning Esme. Then she frowned. "Well, I don't really see, because you mutts are so good at keeping me out, but...this is just perfect!" she said with excitement.

Still smiling, Esme nodded. "All will be right with Leah's world now." Then she looked at Bella and said, "Drop your shield, honey, so that others will have some understanding."

Frowning, Bella nodded, and it was immediately evident that she had complied when the eyes of the two mind-readers at the table widened. First Edward, as comprehension dawned, then Sookie, at the other end of the table, when she started receiving the thoughts of those around her. Her end of the table was completely confused, but after reading Jacob's thoughts she no longer was herself.

"Oh! Sam," Sookie said. "You have to go after her."


"Just go!" Sookie ordered, pointing in the direction of the foyer. "Hurry! And don't be afraid to show her who you really are."

Frowning, Sam slowly moved around the table and left.

Once outside, but still standing on the porch of the Cullen house, Sam raised his head and inhaled deeply. By the time he'd gotten outside, the Clearwater woman was gone, but he picked up her scent immediately and started in the direction she'd gone. Circling the house, he came upon another smaller house in the back and, thinking she'd gone there, he headed that way. Then he stopped as he received another smell; it was the woman and yet it was not.

Breathing deeply again, he looked around, then started toward some bushes. Squatting down, he pushed a bush aside and frowned at what he found—a pile of shredded material. Picking them up, he examined them, then brought them to his nose where he realized they belonged to the woman he was pursuing.

"You're a shifter," he whispered with surprise, a smile quirking up the corners of his lips. Then Sookie's words came back to him. Don't be afraid to show her.

Dropping the now useless material that, until just seconds before, had been the woman's clothing, Sam shifted as well (to make tracking her easier), then began following her scent through the foliage. It didn't take long to find her (she'd not gone far), but he wasn't prepared for what he found. In front of him, seemingly poised to attack, was the largest gray wolf he'd ever seen. So large was she, in fact, that he (in his usual go-to form of a collie) could have easily walked right under her without even brushing the fur of her underbelly.

"Holy fuck!" Sam said after unconsciously shifting back to his human form.

Standing there naked, Sam was frozen in awe, but not for long. A split second later he shifted again—this time into a wolf nearly identical to that of the woman.

In a panic, Leah had fled the Cullen's house intent on heading to the cottage, but as she approached it, she felt the annoyingly unavoidable urge to change vibrating in her stomach, so she ran for the trees instead, phasing before she could stop herself. For the most part, she was amazingly controlled when it came to phasing, but something had happened inside the main house and, knowing exactly what it was (and being completely confused about it), she felt she had to get out before she ripped out of her clothing in front of everyone. Running at full speed, she suddenly realized she was being followed and, thinking it was either Jacob or Seth, she slowed, then stopped. Too late she realized that it was neither of them—that, if it had been, she would have heard them inside her head by now (which she hadn't). And too late to continue her flight, she decided on fight. Crouching, to be ready to attack, she raised her hackles, but was shocked when a medium-sized dog (tiny compared to her) appeared. She had been prepared to fight something menacing, but the tiny dog hardly seemed threatening. Then, in the next moment, the dog became a man—a very naked one—and she immediately recognized him as the man who'd been sitting across from her at the Cullen's dinner table. And then, a second after that, the man changed again—he became a wolf that, except for now being slightly larger than her and having blue eyes, was nearly indistinguishable from herself.

Confused, Leah dropped to her belly, but kept her muzzle pointed at the now larger animal. Suspiciously, she watched as the other wolf, first only eyed her, and then slowly approached. Pulling back her ears as he neared, she fought the urge to roll to her back and whimper with fear, then hated herself for feeling such an emotion. She hadn't run from danger since she'd joined the Quileute wolf pack and she didn't plan on doing it now.

But it took more of an effort to push herself to her feet than she thought it would, like she was weighted down with lead or something. It was almost as if her alpha had given her a direct command and she was being forced to submit. Sort of. But not really. Because, if that was the case, then she probably wouldn't be able to break free.

But this was different too and she knew why; she was fighting a losing battle. She'd been told what it would feel like—it would be all-consuming and unstoppable. But she hadn't believed—not really. She'd been so devastated by what she'd perceived as a betrayal by the two people she loved more than anyone else that she didn't listen—she didn't want to. She couldn't. But now she felt it too.

But she also felt anger, because she didn't like this loss of control. Something inside her was forcing her to want this man that she didn't know and she didn't like it. Though she knew it wasn't his fault, she wanted to strike out at him—attack him. But she could not. Instead, she mustered all her strength and turned to run, but only got a few yards away before the other wolf pounced on her.

Letting out a yowl of fear, she struggled against the wolf she knew in her heart to be her soul mate, then growled and took his ruff by her teeth. Biting down hard, she continued her futile fight against fate, only to find herself securely pinned beneath him. He was stronger than she, and she hated that too. But then, as her resistance finally drained—she knew it was a losing battle—she whimpered defeat and lay still. That was when the wolf on top of her began licking her muzzle—an unexpected act for one in his position. In an instant, and before either one realized it, they both shifted back to their human forms. Sam, staring down into Leah's dark eyes, caressed her cheek, then brushed at her tears, then lowered his lips to hers.

"Marry me!"

Leah sucked in a breath, but lay there speechless—and completely naked.

The End (for now)

Author's POST Script try to respond to ALL questions, comments and reviews...if not in here, then by PM. And, comment! I look forward to reading anything that anyone has to say! =)

Postmortem story questions, comments, and reviews (posted 8/8/2010, updated 8/16/2010, updated 8/29/2010, updated 9/18/2010)

Maribunny (8/5/2010) – OMG that was so sweet and out of the blue Sam This chapter just made me smile thanks. *~*~* You are so very welcome, Mari. Yes, the story started out about the Cullens moving to Bon Temps and meeting vampires very different from themselves...then I threw out a curve ball and ended it with Leah imprinting on Sam Merlotte. Hehe. Aren't I a character? *sigh* Not really. *grin*

flower123 (8/5/2010) – oh wow didn't see that coming update soon *~*~* updates to "New Home" coming. I know it doesn't seem finished, but this one's over and done. Completomundo! Sorry.

ScorpionsAngel2009 (8/5) – Even though I have never been fans of the wold pack as I am strictly Team Vamp more especially Team Edward but it's good to se Leah finally meet her mate at least in this story. Awesome Job! *~*~* Thank you so much, Scorp. And, I'm with you on the Team Edward/not a fan of the wolves...though my heart always broke for Leah (obviously, or I wouldn't have rectified the situation). =)

Dawn Mason-Cullen (8/5/2010) – awwww that was sweet! *I see! Lemons are in your future*~alice *~*~* Umm...confused by that last part...but it COULD BE because I was up until 6:30am this morning (unable to sleep), then had to get up at 8:30am to get to the shop. Needless to say (too late), I'm FUCKING tired! Anyway...thank you, Dawn.

DrowCrazy (8/5/2010) – oh my my my, didn't see that coming... can't wait for more *~*~* You also didn't see where it said, The End! :p New Home complete...over...done...finished...završen... klaar... terminé... fertig... завершенный... färdiga! Did I get any of those translations of "finished" correct? Hehe.

ermireallydontcare (8/16/2010) – Try using letters as part of the page dividers. For example I use: ~o~ ~O~ ~o~ Also loving the idea for the story so far. I've never read the Sookie Stackhouse novels but I do watch True Blood. *~*~* Thanks for starting my story...and, if you're reading this, then you got through the whole thing. Probably not what you expected, since my storytelling starts in one place and sort of (definitely) ends in another...hope you enjoyed the entire thing. *grin* As for not reading the SVM (Southern Vampire Mysteries) should...they're really good (for first person, which I normally don't care for). Further, I recently saw someone else use letters as scene dividers, and will try that next time. Right now there are two (I think) of my chapters that are completely void of scene dividers...and that's because fanfiction(dot)net only lets you have 15 chapters per story at a time...or so it tells me when I try to re-upload the two (or three) chapters that are undivided. *sigh* I suppose, after some of the chapters disappear (from my profile) after 60 days, I can try again.

Alana84 (9/17/2010) – I know, I haven't read & reviewed in awhile now, which I'm truly sorry about! And I really don't have any excuses…Okay, enough about that, on with the review; the three last chapters were pretty damn great and the character interaction was too and everything was well written, of course! *~*~*~* Thanks, Emma! =) And, I do love it when you review, since you always write so much. In fact, you always write so much that I have to respond to each paragraph individually. *grin*

Alana84 (9/17/2010) – Yes, the Swedish is very much correct on the show, I just love it when Eric and Pam speaks Swedish with each other, mostly Eric, naturally, seeing as Alexander's so freaking amazing and whatnot (and maybe I'm a little partial here, as I'm also a Swede and very much into Eric), Pam's still a blast, of course, it's just that, it's a tad bit difficult to understand her sometimes and then the Swedish lines are often short or the dialogs are, anyway, I actually end up having the volume on louder than I normally do, just so I can be sure to hear everything! Oh, well, and I almost forgot Godric, that guy was actually a lot easier to understand than Pam, hehe! I kind of miss him, oh, well! *~*~*~* Well, that's nice to know...about them speaking correct Swedish. I suppose it would be quite unprofessional to not have it right, but, as someone who doesn't speak a word of the language, I wouldn't know. LOL. I like Eric too...but clearly not as much as you do (like I've said, I'm Team Bill)...and Pam's character (on the show) has taken a turn that I don't much care for...she MEAN (to Sookie) and I don't like it; she's supposed to like Sookie. =( So...I'm going to continue to write the SVM Pam, not the TB Pam. *sigh*

Alana84 (9/17/2010) – And, yes, we have different dialects, I'm actually from the north of Sweden and Vikings at the time, a little over 1000 years ago that is, lived in the southern parts of Sweden (around Stockholm and father down south, I think, but I could be wrong, of course), more so, the Southern dialects are a little difficult to understand, especially if you live in the parts near Denmark, that's for sure! *~*~*~* I've done a bit of Viking research myself...being a history major and all, I seem to find the histories of most peoples quite fascinating (with a few exceptions). According to this map ( http:/en(.)wikipedia(.)org/wiki/File:Viking_Expansion(.)svg ), it seems that Scandinavian settlement covered a lot of the landmass, but that, as you said, started mostly in the south (and on coast lines). This is it is fucking COLD there and, without modern heating, would be a nightmare land on which to live upon! LOL. Obviously though, due to whatever the reasons actually were (they're debated upon, I believe), it was necessary to "fara í víking"...did I get that right? Hmmm. It probably shouldn't have the "to" in front of the quotes. interesting to me, I might have to pick up a book and do a little more research...just for the fun of it. =)

Alana84 (9/17/2010) – Ouch, Emmett wanted Rosalie to consider "hooking up" with Pam, well, serves him right then, that she turned the tables on him, with no other than Jason Stackhouse, pretty priceless! *~*~*~* Personally, I found it quite funny...and couldn't you just see Emmett sitting there at the table pouting about the entire idea that Rosalie would expect him to return the favor. Hehe. Rosalie was just kidding though...she doesn't really expect her husband to reciprocate, she was just pissed that he was pushing and embarrassed by Pam's persistence. And, I am actually trying to write a short story (or one-shot), to give Emmett what he wants, but it's not easy to write something I've never done (never actually been with a woman and don't usually read those stories), I'm doing some "research" (i.e. reading lots of girl/girl writing) in order to be able to write this story line. IDK...might not be great, but it is holding up the posting of new story chapters. Sorry people!

Alana84 (9/17/2010) – Blodpudding, oh, not a favourite of mine, I must say, although when I was younger I did actually eat it and I also fairly liked it, if I remember correctly, that is! Another word for it in English is Black Pudding, I think; they eat it in the UK too! Then I much rather eat Ärtsoppa (yellow pea soup) instead but without the pork or bacon, of course, and kålrot (Swedish turnip), is neither a favourite of mine, ew! *~*~*~* Honestly, I've had NONE of it, but was trying to find things that Eric might possibly have had in his day. IDK. I guess I wanted it to be yucky. LOL. The blodpudding absolutely does NOT sound AT ALL appetizing to me, so...I guess I succeeded with the "yucky." Hehe. I do wonder if the TB vampires could try it though, since it has so much blood in it...maybe, huh? As far as the ärtsoppa goes, Esme made that for everyone except Eric really, obviously knowing that he could not eat it. On the other hand, I used the kålrot as something to give the dish substance, thinking that maybe it would soak up the blood (that Esme soaked them in) and maybe just disintegrate, therefore making it edible for the TB vampires. Again, IDK...just speculating...trying to be creative. =)

Alana84 (9/17/2010) – Awe, poor Jessica, the eternal virgin, I very pleased to hear that Carlisle will be able to help her with her; "little woman problem", good for her! Haha, Jason's sure pretty dense, wow, he didn't get that they very vampires until they told him and even then he kind of didn't get it either, wow, I a little speechless, actually, but I really love him, he's a blast, especially on the show! *~*~*~* Me too...sometimes, on the show, he says things that just blow my mind. He really is a moron. LOL. And yes...had to help poor Jessica. =)

Alana84 (9/17/2010) – Oh, oh, Sam's got no clue on what's going on, poor man and poor Leah too, I hope everything will work out in the sequel, which I'm going to read too, of course! *~*~*~* Yes, Leah's heartache is...well...heartbreaking. She's such a bitch in the Twilight saga, but, very much like Rosalie, it's understandable. Both of their stories are just heart-wrenching, aren't they? Hmmm. How many different ways can I use the word "heart"? *giggle*

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