Reckless Driving

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Notes: Wow. I've gone off the deep end if I think this is a good way to ask for a date. LOL. Enjoy! And reviews are very welcome. And I thought I should keep this short and to the point.

"Hey Morgan, can I ask you a personal question?" Spencer sounded almost relaxed.

Derek glanced at Dave, who occupied the back seat, then looked at Spencer. "How personal?"

"Umm, pretty personal... Hold on." He jerked the wheel hard to the left, following the police cruiser in front of them. As far as Spencer was concerned, he really didn't like driving during car chases. He would have been happy to pull over so that Derek or Dave could take over, but they might have lost the UNSUB and Hotch would have skinned Spencer alive.

Derek groaned as the SUV slid with the turn, bracing his boot against the dashboard while Dave latched onto the back of Spencer's seat. "Reid, can't you ask later? Don't know if you noticed, but we're in the middle of chasing the bad guy!" Dave's voice sounded tight, probably from barely controlled anxiety. "Did I ever forget to mention, I hate the way you drive?"

The UNSUB cut left again, down a back alley. The cruiser missed the turn, putting the profilers as the lead car. "Yes, a hundred times." Spencer sped up, trying to close the gap. "And no, this can't wait. Who knows when I'll have enough adreniline flowing to get the courage to ask again." The '72 Nova that the UNSUB drove was fast, making it hard to keep up with him.

Derek rolled his eyes. "Fine, ask. But if it's stupid, I won't speak to you for a week."

Spencer chuckled. "You couldn't stop talking to me if you tried, but ok." He took the chance, glancing at Derek for a split second. "I wanted to know if you would like to go to dinner with me. After we got back to D.C."

Rossi muttered a "Seriously."

Derek blinked, speechless, looking like he'd been poleaxed. "You're asking me out on a date." Spencer looked sheepish, wearing a blush, keeping his eyes on the Nova in front of them. He nodded.

Spencer had to make a hard right, following the UNSUB down a major street. "Well?"

Derek had become ashen at the speed that the last turn was taken at. "Tell you what. You don't kill us on this car chase and I'll accept. Sound good?" Dave rolled his eyes.

"I think I can manage that." Spencer flashed him a wolfish grin.

Dave snorted. "I'm never riding with you two in the same vehcile ever again."