The next installment of Toushiro Hitsugaya's adventures with Vegeta. Sequel to Defenders of The Future.

As usual I don't own any of the DBZ or Bleach characters but I own Coge, Vegeta's animal forms and his ability to walk on all fours, and any other characters I will list when they appear.

The Evil Plan

Hueco Mundo, the land of Hollows and Arrancars. It was a dark and empty dimension. In his headquarters, Aizen was speaking with one of his Arrancars. The 8th Espada, Szayel Aporro Granz.

Aizen: "Is everything ready?"

Szayel: "Yes. The device is complete and ready."

Aizen: "Excellent. Now we can begin the next faze of our plan. Gin, send him in."

Gin: "Yes sir."

A figure came out of the shadows and stood confidently before Aizen.

Aizen: "I am honored that you would even think of aiding us in our plans. To have the assistance of the saiyan prince is a real honor."

A horrible nightmare had come to pass. Coge and Aizen have teamed up.

Coge: "Let's get something strait here. You maybe in charge of everything here in Hueco Mundo, but I play by my own rules. Just because we joined forces doesn't mean you can order me around. I've already shown you that I can kill all of you with ease, but I need your help to get to my brother."

Aizen: "Of course. The 13 Court Guard Squads are no push overs."

Coge: "Especially that little brat, Toushiro Hitsugaya. If it wasn't for him, I would have finally done away with my little brother, Vegeta once and for all!"

Aizen: "Don't worry. With this device you should be able to destroy both of them at once without even lifting a finger."

Coge grinned wildly, like a mad man.

Coge: "I like the way you think, Aizen."

Szayel handed over his device to the saiyan. It was a gold hook-like ring that was designed to be attached to the back of the targets neck.

Szayel: "With this device, your brother will be under your complete control within only 7 minutes. All you have to do is attach this to the back of his neck and then you can control him by using your voice."

Coge: "Perfect, so in 7 minutes I'll have total control of my brother and he'll do anything I say without thinking."

Szayel: "Exactly."

Aizen: "So tell me, Coge. What are you going to do first?"

Coge: "Well, that brat came all the way from the Soul Society to help Vegeta and wasn't afraid to challenge me in order to save him. But I'm curious as to what he would do if his enemy was Vegeta."