Hey, ShadowVDP requested a Kranna Christmas fic. It should be a bit of a challenge... I haven't written holiday themed stories before. It feels weird...

Oh well, don't own! XD

The snow fell gently, adding to the, by now, thick layer of snow already covering the town of Asgard. A truly romantic scene.

Just sad Kratos had to deal with his wife giving him puppy eyes. Even more sad was the fact that her facial features were actually helpful, as she from nature's side had a pair of big, round, brown eyes. Sadder yet, she was good at whimpering. Where in all the worlds had she learned to do that?!

"Please, Kratos?" she whispered, her eyes moist.

Merciful Summon Spirits, she looks adorable! Kratos barely refrained from biting his lip. He would not do it! He would not fly atop the Christmas tree!

And it was not a good argument that they lacked an angel to put atop the tree and it would be too late to go out and buy one... But she really did look sad that there wouldn't be an angel...

Stupid puppy eyes. Stupid tradition. Stupid, endearing grin his wife was sending him making him feel good and warm. "It looks amazing, Kratos!" Anna told him with childish glee as she clapped her hands. Stupid smile that wouldn't go off his face!

But seeing Anna clap in her hands with childish glee as she dances (or perhaps more like skips) around the tree should be worth any humiliation he feels. It's for the Seraph to keep the, admittedly, somewhat goofy smile at bay. When it does appear, Anna squeals gleefully once more and looks like the old, somewhat leaky room is the best place in the world.

As if they weren't being chased by Cruxis, as if there weren't an Exsphere eating away at the poor, loveable creature that was his wife, as if they weren't just the two of them but rather a whole family...

Or was that Christmas getting through to her?

She stops and her gleeful grin gives way to a soft, sincere smile that is significantly smaller. "Thank you so much, Kratos. It really means a lot a to me." then the smile fell off her face completely. "I wonder what it would take to get you to sing..." even as Anna saw her husband's dismayed look, she broke into laughter. "Don't worry, Sweetheart, I had no intention of making you sing!"

But she had made no such promise for herself, and as she returned to happily skipping around the tree, she began singing a Christmas song she had loved as a child. But since it was so long ago she had last heard it, she couldn't remember all the lyrics, making Kratos (ever the perfectionist) join in to correct her.

He didn't regret it, as she beamed happily up at him even as she continued spinning around the tree. Who cares that they had no presents other than each other's presence?

Huh? How did I do? Please, tell me! I have no idea! I don't think it went too bad, but... Yeah.

Now I just need to do something about the mice...