Konohagakure Secondary Academy, also known as Konoha or "Label" High by other schools is located in the center of Konoha.

It's a large school with good academics and top notch varsity sports programs. The building is elegant yet massive. The class rooms, halls and cafeteria are remodeled annually in order to keep it at the height of style. Most of those who see it gaze in awe and remark on what a beautiful place it is.

However, unknown to those not enrolled in its programs, Konoha has a dark side, known only to those who attend it.

If you are good at making friends, confident, athletic, beautiful (or handsome as the case may be), wealthy, stylish, and a manage to get good enough grades (even when you spend all of your time partying, shopping, practicing sports, and flirting) without ever having to crack open a book, then this school may be your element.

However, for many of its' students, Konoha high is quite the opposite.

The students at Konoha high come from families who are both Extremely well off as well as those in financial trouble. This tends to create a rift between the students and cliques are born.

Upon entering Konoha high, one is instantly placed under the severe scrutiny of the leaders of the cliques. If one is lucky enough to be accepted into a clique, one must be very careful to adhere to the leaders' wishes or risk being thrown out and, quite literally, blackballed from society.

Different groups often pick on one another and are even worse to the "loners"—those unfortunate beings who are unable to fit in with any of the official groups. Bullying is not uncommon and the faculty are unwilling to administer anything in the way of harsh punishments, fearing that they might lose the financial support of the students' parents.

Thus, while some students refer to Konoha High as a haven, others consider it nothing but a living hell, a monster waiting daily to beat them down and demolish their confidence. A devil in the form of a group of teenage kids who are purposely blind to the pain they cause their peers when they snicker in the halls. T

his is the dark secret that lurks within the halls of the institution known as Konohagakure Secondary Academy.

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