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Shinichi exhaled--quite loudly--as he strolled along the dark , calm beach with one Kaito Kuroba.

"Oh Kudo, quit moping," the aforementioned teen thief grumbled.

Hypocrite, Shinichi thought. Seeing as Kaito continued to glance apprehensively at the slightly moving waves every few seconds, Shinichi wasn't nearly as bad as he was.

After a few seconds in silence, the only emotions coming out of their eyes, which glared at a certain thief and the ocean, respectively, Kaito replied to Shinichi's unspoken thought.

"I know what you're thinking. I'm a hypocrite, right? Cause I keep thinking about those…freaky, big eyed, wet, gross things in there that are…"

"Fish, Kuroba." Shinichi deadpanned.

Kaito flinched and then had a full-body tremor. "God, I hate those things."

"Why the hell, then, are we walking on the beach?! It was your idea, idiot!!"

That morning, at promptly five AM, Kaito had snuck into Shinichi's house, dressed him quickly without waking him, made him coffee and toast, and finally woke him up. Of course, the detective wasn't very happy at waking up to see a smiling face almost identical to his own except that it was way too happy…until he noticed the breakfast. Then he'd smiled slightly and proceeded to chug down his coffee. He tried not to think about the disturbing parts of this though: that Kaito had snuck into his house, had dressed him, and probably had something annoying planned.

Shinichi now was muttering to himself, "Just one time, I decided to actually talk to the bastard, and now he's convinced that we're a fucking couple. I swear…" And then he continued mumbling threats and profanities aimed at Kaito.

"Be happy, Shi~ni~chi~chan!" The name was drawn out in an all too cheerful way, right in Shinichi's ear, making him jump.

He glared. "What's with you, calling me by my first name??"

Kaito looked ashamed. He covered his mouth and turned away. He'd slipped up. Crap, crap, crap…

"Hey. What's wrong?"

Crap. Hadn't Kaito sternly agreed to himself to call Shini…Kudo by his family name?! Ugh, now Shinichi thought he was some kind of rude, ichthyophobic weirdo. "Nothing," Kaito mumbled, still facing away from Shinichi. "I'm sorry I asked you to come here…you can leave now; I won't get mad or anything. See ya next heis--"

"What are you talking about, weirdo?" Shinichi asked, trying to catch up with Kaito's ever so quickening pace. Great, thought Kaito hopelessly. He does think I'm a weirdo. Kaito felt totally insecure, which he hardly ever did before. "Why would I want to leave? Kuroba? Oi, Kuroba!" Here, Shinichi's voice was uneven while he ran after Kaito. "Kaito!" Kaito stopped and Shinichi caught his shoulder.

"I…just wanted to be able to watch the sunrise with you," Kaito insisted, looking at the horizon, which was becoming slightly lighter every second. In about 5 minutes there would be a perfect sunrise, and Kaito had imagined it all…

"Oh. That's…wow. That's pretty nice…Kaito."

Kaito turned to face Shinichi again. His face was pink, and his eyes were alight with hope. "What did you call me?"

"You heard, dumb ass." Shinichi grabbed Kaito's arm and dragged him forward through the squishy sand.

"Where are we going?" Kaito called, stumbling. How flustered could a guy get?

"Finding a good place to see your precious sunrise. Now hurry up, or we'll miss the best part!" Shinichi's voice sounded happier, but it seemed that it was at Kaito's expense, like he could barely hold a chuckle inside.

Kaito changed his arm's position, looping it through Shinichi's, practically dancing across the sand. "Onward, to sunrise-watching-land!"

Shinichi eventually pulled his arm away from Kaito's and sat on a sand dune. He looked up at Kaito in the growing light and patted the spot beside him. Kaito looked out to the sea from their front-row seats and smiled. Shinichi knew just where to go didn't he?

"It's alright, isn't it?" Shinichi asked, as the first part of the sun started to peek out of the water.

"Pshh. Of course. It's fantastic." The spot Shinichi had picked overlooked the water and the horizon in such a way that you couldn't see under the water: in other words, no fish. It was also a nice view for the growing sun, because it reflected off the water just perfectly. Kaito thought it was pretty romantic. "Thank you, Shin-chan~!"

Kaito glanced sideways at his detective buddy and noticed a red tint on his face and the fact that Shinichi was determinedly staring at the sky and not Kaito. For a moment Kaito stared, embedding the image into his brain. So adorable.

He gasped and poked Shinichi's abdomen. "Shinichi, are you blushing?!"

That question caused Shinichi's face to grow more crimson with every millisecond. "No! Gosh, idiot. It's just the sunrise's light!"

"Righttttttt," Kaito said, clearly not buying that. The sun was barely over the ocean, the sky was not yet red enough to add color to a face.

Ooh, this should be fun. Kaito took advantage of Shinichi's embarrassment or delight, and laid his head against Shinichi's shoulder, scooting as close as possible.

Oh my Holmes, Shinichi was thinking, not without a heart rate pick-up and a breath hitch. Here he was, with Kaito Kuroba AKA Kaitou Kid, watching a sunset all cuddled up. I wonder what Ran would thin…

What is he doing?!

Kaito had slid his head onto Shinichi's lap like a cat or something, and he was smiling up at him.

"Uhh, do you mind?" Shinichi asked, not quite nicely either.


"Kaito…I don't really…" Shinichi cast around for the right words, but he was interrupted when the magician leapt away from him and grabbed his arm, suddenly.

"Look Shin-chan! Look, look, the sunrise is about to look so pretty!"

Where does he get the energy? Shinichi thought exhaustedly, although he'd had his coffee and it wasn't even 7 am yet. "I'm watching, Kaito." Geez, it was like having a toddler!

Kaito released his grip on Shinichi's arm and instead brought his hand to his chin. Shinichi's heart sped up again, dammit. Why couldn't Kaito have just lived his life without interrupting Shinichi's?? Now it was impossible to forget…

Kaito turned Shinichi's face toward his own and leaned forward, leaving slight room for protest from the now smiling and frothy detective: Shinichi began to lean forward a bit as well, and their lips met while metaphorical angels sang, the waves got bigger, and the sunrise was at the perfect position. Oh, Shinichi thought as he felt Kaito's soft lips on his own. That's why. Because I won't let him live his life without me anymore.

So the two were having their cute yaoi moment which Shinichi thought was private, and Kaito had forgotten about his agreement with his best girl friend when he'd first seen Shinichi sleeping peacefully that morning. Otherwise, as anyone could imagine, he would have been inwardly laughing his mind's ass off.

So, there was Aoko, behind the sand dunes, clicking away at her camera to get some nice shots of the two boys kissing. Kaito had asked her to do it and in exchange he would pay her fifty thousand yen. (I believe that's about 543 dollars, heh) She had, obviously, agreed, although she thought it was weird. What kind of boy wanted his friend to take gay pictures of him and his most likely reluctant boyfriend?

Aoko looked at the pictures of almost silhouettes kissing in front an illuminated background , and with a last thought of The fan girls will like these, turned away and left the boys to their make-out session.


Tiny Omake: (Because I really wanted to add this line in, but it didn't really fit anywhere!!)

Shinichi and Kaito walked away from the sand dunes and back to the road, where they would get a train home. The sky was now fully light, about seven-thirty.

"That was fun, ne Shin-chan?" Kaito asked cheerfully.

Shinichi blushed again. "Uhh, what is your definition of fun?" That was supposed to be a rhetorical question, but Kaito took it seriously.

"Making out with my boyfriend is my definition of fun!"

Shinichi sighed and glanced at their intertwined hands, thinking about how right it felt to kiss Kaito. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. So it was a little fun."

It was Kaito's turn to blush, because he'd been expecting an angry outburst or a glare, but now Shinichi really was his boyfriend. "Yayy, Shinichi's mine!" He gripped his new boyfriend's hand tighter.

For a minute the two walked away from the rising sun in silence, but good things can't last.

"Give us a kiss!" insisted Kaito and he earned, not a kiss, but a slap from Shinichi.

"Pervy idiot," Shinichi muttered before he decided to give Kaito a chaste kiss on his surprised lips.


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