Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy VII. If I did, Tifa would have used a Phoenix Down on Aerith and they would have been best friends instead of love rivals, Sephiroth wouldn't be a bad guy, Zack and Cloud would have eloped, the Buster Sword would be the strongest weapon instead of the weakest, Rufus and Reno would be married, Cloud really would be a First Class SOLDIER, and the Sector Seven slums wouldn't be crushed beneath the pizza. But that wouldn't make for a very good story, would it?


Tifa sighed. Ever since Cloud had proposed, he barely spoke a word. Not as if being engaged wasn't stressful enough for her, but the groom-to-be was hardly even around. He couldn't have taken a vacation? Couldn't have closed the Strife Delivery Service just for a little while, however long it would take for them to be wed? There were few preparations to be made; it's not as if everyone they were going to invite lived on the other side of the world map, for Bahamut's sake. The wedding dress might take a bit, and bridesmaids dresses. But there was only one bride. Three bridesmaids, Yuffie, Cissnei, and Elena. And the maid of honor, Aerith… And then there's the flower girl, Marlene. And a tux for the groom… it was doubtful that Barret and Cid and Vincent (groomsmen) had nice clothes. Then there was Zack, the best man. And Denzel, the ring bearer… And who was she kidding? There were tons of invitations to send. Rufus, Sephiroth, Reeve, Shelke, Shalua, Genesis, Red XIII, Cait Sith…

Oh… I can't blame him for not wanting to be around. There's so much to do… she thought.

Suddenly, she heard the door open and close quietly, like someone trying to sneak in without being heard.

"Cloud? Cloud, come up here!" she shouted to her fiancé.

His footfalls sounded reluctant, like a puppy being called that knows it did something bad.

"Erm… yes, Teef?" he asked, using the nickname that he knew always made her a little bit less angry. Her eyes softened.

"Cloud… I feel like ever since you proposed I haven't seen you at all! Even less than before, and my patience is starting to spread thin. I really could use your help, you know! Have you even bought a tux yet? Does Zack even know that he's the best man? Does anybody even know that were engaged yet?" Her anger was quickly refueled when she reminded herself of everything that had to be done and how Cloud hasn't done anything but dropped to one knee and popped the question.

"Tifa… I… I'm sorry, I had no idea," he said, his eyes wide and his mouth in a slight frown.

"Well get an idea. You could at least help a little. Try not to accept every job that's thrown at you. Start trying to be a husband to me and a father to Denzel rather than a delivery boy for the rest of the world! I'm doing my best to do it by myself, but I can't, Cloud. I can't."

"Well excuse me, Tifa! Excuse me for trying to make money so that we can even have this wedding!"

"We have the bar, too! Can't you close the delivery service for a little while and help out at the bar? At least you would be home! I really wish you could understand what this does to me, Cloud," she said with a sigh.

"I wish I could, too. I want to know what all the chaos is all about. Why is it so difficult to make invitations? I don't even know who we're inviting!"

"Just please help me," she said.

"Sorry. Can't. I have a delivery to make."




"Yes, Aerith?"

She sighed. "Come here, I need to tell you something!"

Zack stepped slowly into the bedroom to where his wife was sitting quietly on the bed, holding something tightly in her hand.

"What's up? What's that in your hand?"

"It's um…." she stopped gripping it so tightly and stared hard at it. "It's a…"

"A what?"

"A pregnancy test."

Zack's eyebrows shot up his forehead and his jaw dropped. "So what you're telling me is…"

"Mmhmm. I'm pregnant."

"Aerith, that's great! We're gonna be parents! This is wonderful! We have to call our friends!"

Her eyes narrowed. "Thanks for doing exactly what I thought you would do, Zack."

He was still rejoicing. "Hmmn? Wussat?"

"No one ever thinks about how the woman might feel. Everyone always starts thinking about the end result. Always about, 'Oh, we're gonna be parents! Yay!' Well you aren't the one who has to carry the thing around for 9 months."

"Well sorry. You can't blame me for being happy," he said, pouting.

Aerith sighed again. "Yeah, I know. I'm happy, too. But I just wish you could understand that I have to go through a lot because of this. Morning sickness… gaining weight… moodiness… not to mention the actual pain of giving birth. No fun for me."

"I wish I could understand, too. I would give anything to understand why it is that your so glum, and we're gonna be parents!"

Aerith laughed. "Wouldn't that be a sight: you, pregnant. At least I wouldn't have to deal with it. Ah, well. Can't always get what you want."

"Oh yeah. Definitely. Now c'mon, mommy, it's late. Let's get some sleep. We'll tell everyone the happy news tomorrow."

"Love you, Zack."

"Love you, too, Aerith."

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