Great Race Besieged

Fellows and peers hear me for I bring grim tidings. We are under attack by a most insidious enemy.

I know you are asking yourselves, what manner of enemy can attack the Great Race of the Yith? Many before have attempted to destroy us, but we endure because while they may destroy our physical shells, our minds will always endure, moving from species to species across the grand sweep of time. We are always forever one step ahead of those locked inside material forms and thus immortal and untouchable.

Or so we thought.

But all we hold dear is now endangered, for I have glimpsed a new Enemy, one who also has managed to transcend the material. I cannot say what the exact nature of our Enemy is, for all who closely investigate it are subsumed into the Enemy's web of madness and lies, and that is only if they return at all. I can only tell of what can be ascertained from the very fringes of the Enemy's influence.

The primary threat of the Enemy is its spread of toxic memes. All who come into close contact with it become infected with the Enemy's mad, blasphemous thoughts. This danger is particularly acute to us for are we not memetic lifeforms existing in borrowed forms? When the Enemy's memes infects one of us, the victim ceases to wish to be of us and wishes to more closely become one with the Enemy. More horribly, some of the victims become carriers, seeking to spread the Enemy's memes to the uninfected. I myself have barely escaped such infection numerous times.

Were the Enemy confined to a single spacetime frame, its threat would be minimal. But it is spreading, fellow Yith, and ensnaring many races in its blasphemous web. Why, even several of the Great Old Ones have been subsumed if they haven't been destroyed outright. Even more worrisome, the Enemy has added itself to the Great Chorus of Azathoth. No, the Enemy does not seek to wake the One Who Dreams All That Is. The Enemy's purpose appears to be much more insidious, feeding Azathoth its mad memes and apparently introducing a positive feedback loop. I can think of no other reason for the Enemy to do this but to influence the Dreams of Azathoth. Yes, the Enemy appears to be attempting to rewrite the universe to be more to its liking.

This Enemy has grown so great and so powerful in such a short time that I fear if we do not take action soon, it will overwhelm us all. We must think and plan, come up with some way to curtail the Enemy's growth lest we all be lost.

The Enemy's name? I know not its name, but I have heard whispers from ramblings of the mad ones it has infected. The names are many though I don't know if they are the Enemy's name or merely that of its lieutenants and avatars. The names are such as these: Yu Toob, Wicked P. Dah, the Vitro, and the most dreaded Fo Shan.

Why do you laugh, fellow Yith? Can you not see the threat here? What do you mean this blasphemy was created by humans? True, the Enemy does seem to originate from the space time locale of the humans shortly before their end, but surely such base and simple creatures couldn't create this monstrosity. How can you say with such certainty that they…

What? What is that you say?


You're infected. You're ALL infected with the madness! Stay away from me! I must escape! Keep that data terminal awAAIIIIEEEEEeeee…