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Chapter 1; On My Way Home

One of the things I hated most was riding the bus. But in the winter, when the ground is snowy and the air is cold, I have no choice. There is nothing I wouldn't rather do than sit in a bus surrounded by screaming children and perverted middle school boys. Believe me when I say nothing. I chose a seat not to far from the front, knowing that I'd be getting off last anyways. I always did, no one had the decency to let ladies off before themselves.

Not that I really mind. No one heads the same direction anyways, plus, being on the bus means more warmth. Eventually the bus was crowded. And next to me was seated an overweight pre-teen, probably older than me. I narrowed my eyes when he sat down beside me but just turned my head the other way. He wouldn't be minding me any attention at all, his friends were seated across the isle.

The bus began the two-minute drive to the elementary school nearby. I wasn't ready for the pressure of screaming little kids for an hour-long drive. I was NEVER in the mood for the pressure of screaming little kinds for an hour-long drive!

Half an hour later I was beginning to regret letting Kuika borrow my iPod, he got it all yet practicing out in the rain and now the batteries fried!

I glanced over when I felt something nudge the side of my face. I felt my head slam against the window when I did. The overweight kid was shoved against me, thanks to some brat on the other side of him. The two were yelling at each other cause the annoying big kid wouldn't stop poking the gaki. Wasn't the fat kids name something like Ryuu. I wanted to tell Ryuu to fuck off and get his backpack off of me but there was no hope in that. I was certainly to shy to talk to a guy I hardly knew.

So I dug my nails into my arms and clenched my teeth together. Struggling to ignore the constant pushing at my side.

When the two finally cooled down I got a little comfertable. Ryuu's backpack was shoved halfway on my lap, his arm was pressing against mine, and I was warm. It was all together a very nice five minutes, until all the boys began yelling out the most perverted words they could think of. The elementary gets joining along as well. I wanted to close my ears, if that was even possible, but instead I closed my eyes, and leaned my head against the cold glass window.

What now? I asked myself. The bus finally lolled to a stop before a large white house. This was my stop. I stood up and stepped over the elementary students (Ryuu had gotten off at the last stop causing the brats friend to join him in MY seat).

I normally didn't stop walking until the bus was completely gone. Just a habit of mine. I stood there and watched the bus tell it went. Ignoring the kids walking by around me.

When the bus was gone I felt my eyes lower and I stared bordly at the ground. My stomach was grumbling wildly and my head was spinning out of control. Maybe I was sick again. It wouldn't be the first time this year.

"Amu?" A voice asked in recognition. My head shot up in surprise. No other than the star soccer player Kukai Souma stood before me.

"Kukai?" I had forgotten he took the same bus as me!

"Amu, are you okay?" He asked. I felt my eyes tear up and I raced into Kukai's none-open-arms.

"Kukai!" I cried out.

"Whoa! Don't get over emotional!" He laughed, hugging me back and patting my back. I smiled into his shoulder. He wasn't much taller than me.

"Thanks for asking." I said with a smile. I backed away and turned and ran. I didn't even bother answering his question.

I ran as fast as one can on ice and snow without slipping. I paid no attention to the houses and leafless tress around me, I had been up and down this road enough times to know where everything is. Which was probably a good thing because my eyes were blurred from the tears rolling down my cheeks. "Dammit." I murmured to myself, "Kukai's right you being to over emotional!"

I wiped tears from my eyes as I ran down the sidewalk. I took a sharp turn (still running at top speed) and my bag caught on a fence. I went flying back, and down, to the snowy ground may I mention?

The second landed on the icy side walked I had to sink my teeth into my bottom lip to restrain myself from screaming out. My skirt had slid up when I fell down, revealing my bottom to the cold snow. I wanted to curse and cry more, but that would be a stupid thing to do, so I did something even stupider.

I sat there, not making a move, an emotionless expression on my face. I wasn't there for long before I felt something soft slide beneath my butt and push me up.

I stood warily, afraid to turn and lay my eyes on the culprit. But I did, it would be rude to not thank them.

I turned around and saw a tall, thin boy, leaning against the fence that I had been caught on. He had brilliant sapphire blue eyes, and hair so black that it glowed blue in the light. He was wearing a high school uniform. I looked him up and down. I could feel myself turning red in the face. My butt tingled where his hands had been. One word came up in my mind. PERVERT.

"Hinamori Amu." The boy stated calmly. How the hell did he know me?

"Um….yess?" He was cute though, but he was a highschooler and only the sluts in middle school even thought of dating a highschooler. Not that I was thinking of dating him….which I wasn't!

"Pleasure to meet you, I'm Ikuto Tsukiyomi, a sophomore at Yemon High." A sophomore?? But he was sooo cute!

"Oh, uh, well hi?" I wasn't sure what to say, he already seemed to know my name.

He smiled at me, an amused smirk on his face, "Hello."

"Can I help you with anything?" I asked, this was a little awkward. I mean what did the guy want?

His eyes lit up, and I swear to god he chuckled at me! "No, Hinamori-sama, I came here to ask if maybe I could help you?"

I stared at him, my eyes wide in confusion.( I was very flattered when he added sama) "What?" I honestly did not understand. "I-I'm not sure if t-there is anything I need help w-with." I stammered, looking down at my shoes.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto laughed at me. He laughed. And it sounded perfect. I felt a blush creeping up my neck. "What is so funny Tsukiyomi-senpai?"

He smiled mockingly at my politeness, "Don't be so formal, you may call me Ikuto if you wish."

I nodded, "If I do, that means you must call me Amu."
Tsuki-I mean, IKUTO, shrugged his agreement and dropped to his knees. I looked down at him in surprise, what was he doing kneeling in the snow?

"Amu?" He said my name slowly, "Would you promise to let me help you?" He asked.

I looked down at him, I could feel the look of disgust on my face, I shook it off and turned away from him, walking this time, instead of running. I had made it a few feet before he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I could feel my face turning red again, he slid his hand around my waist and gripped it there, holding me in place. I was much shorter than him, there wasn't much I could do to struggle out of his grasp.

"Let me go!" I instructed. He looked down at me, his deep blue eyes almost memorizing me.

"Not until you let me help you!" Ikuto said, shaking his head.

"You'll help me by letting me go!" I cried, attempting to twist out of his grasp, "Owe! You're hurting me!" I shrieked. At this he loosened his grip the slightest bit and I yanked away.

"Sukebei!" I cried out.

"Otto." He muttered. I turned and stalked away, without the freak following me.

When I finally reached home I slammed the door behind me. Hard. And I mean it. The house shook, and I dropped to my knees. Tears streaming down my face. There had to be something terribly wrong with me if I was being this emotional all the time. And it had nothing to do with hormones what so ever! Even I could tell that. I climbed the stairs warily to my room and dropped all my school stuff at the door, my legs were shaking and I felt impossibly miserable. I stopped at the edge of my bed and fell forward. I took a deep breath of my comforter and smiled.

It was good to be home.




*Sukebei-(This ones my favorite) Basically, a pervert — someone who thinks about sex a bit too much.

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