Cesily: Chapter 6! The school dance part is actually based off of my school dance. Which was incredible by the way, the band teacher ( or however the crap you spell his name) actually break danced in the center of our circle. Me and my friends were center of attention by the way! I think I saw my best guy friend checking me out, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!

Ikuto: He wasn't checking you out, he was probably looking at someone else.

Cesily: He knows he wants me, we stayed up texting all night last night.

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Chapter 6; School Dance

Ikuto's POV

By the time I woke up Amu was almost out the door. "Amu! Where are you going?"

"School!" She called out, I noticed she looked nicer than usual, in a non-offensive way.

"Wait! I want to come!" I cried jumping out of bed and chasing after her.

"Tsukiyomi, you're not even dressed, plus, you have no clothes to wear!" I looked at her and then back down at what I was wearing, her father shirt and sweats.

"Right." I said, "Well, then I'll come later, expect me to show up before the end of the day, Kay?" I watched her face turn red.

"Oh, um, I guess…do you have to? I mean I well be coming back, considering I live here…" She said.

"What is it you don't want me to see?" I asked, moving forward at a slow, seductive, pace.

"N-nothing! See you later! Bye!!" I watched her run out of the room, the door slamming hard behind her. I sigh and lie back on her bed, just to pop back up, I needed clothes.

I raced out of the room and hopped down the stairs two at a time. "Hinamori-san!" I called out for Amu's mother.

"Yes dear?" She replied, from another room, I followed her voice and popped in.

"I was wondering if I could, maybe get some clothes that fit me, like at a thrift store or something."

"Oh! Yes, of course, I'd love to get you some clothes! I'll go grab my bag, do you have shoes to wear?" She sounded so excited to take me shopping, it made me smile.

"Yeah, I have some shoes." I said.

"Alright! Good go get shoes and a coat to wear and we'll head out." I grinned and ran up stairs. Amu had to have something over sized and guy like in here…I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans that looked to big for me, I pulled them on and they were a little tight, I dug through her shirt drawer and found a shirt that had to be her dads, it was a plaid button up, I pulled it on over the white tee shirt I already was wearing and tried to find my shoes. They weren't up here. I ran back down stairs, they were by the door. I tried to ignore the fact that they were placed along with the rest of the families shoes and slipped them on quickly.

"Ready to go?" I heard a voice ask. I turned around and saw Amu's mom, a bag over her shoulder, and her youngest daughter in her arms.

"Yeah." I said, she nodded for me to pull open the door and we stepped outside.

"We're just going to go to Wal-Mart, okay?" She glanced at me as she led me toward the car.

I crinkled my nose when she wasn't looking, never in my life had I ever bought clothes at a Wal-Mart, I wore designer clothing, nothing else. "Yeah, that's fine." I told her, she probably didn't have enough money to afford my kind of brands any way.

Her car was a small convertible. I helped her put her daughter Ami in the car seat and then climbed into the front seat.

"Ready to go?" She asked me.

I nodded, "Mhm." I murmured. She smiled and started the car. The drive to Wal-Mart, was actually longer than I expected, but I found my self-comfortable, the soft music playing and the comfy seats. It was nice, almost what I thought driving in a car with your mom should feel like. Not that I've ever experienced that. We pulled into the Wal-Mart parking stop fifteen minutes later. I got Ami out of her car seat and carried her in for Hinamori-san. Was I seriously calling her that in my head? What happened to looking down on poor people? I shivered and ignored the thoughts in my head.

She grabbed a cart and led me through the store to the teen boy section. I looked through the clothes that were there and picked the nicest, least expensive ones to try on. Luckily the ones I picked all came in my size. I didn't pick much, only two outfits all together (including socks and underwear, or in my case boxers) and she led me to the hygiene section.

"Pick yourself out a toothbrush, deoterent, and some body wash." She watched as I eyed the cologne, "Go ahead and get yourself some of that to, my treat." She winked at me and I picked out the nicest scent they had. It was only $19. 99! My parents bought me stuff that was ten times this amount! I sighed and set in the cart. I wished Amu were here, that way she could tell me which sent she preferred.

I got some Axe, but not the blue kind, that kind makes most of the girls I know want to puke, I picked out one of the attractive smells that even drew men in. Not that I wanted that.

When I got everything I needed Hinamori-san led me to the checkout stand to pay for it. I had cost her $134. "Not as bad as Amu." She told me as she led me from the store. "She has to have everything she wants. And she always wants more. But I guess its because I've never been able to pay for what she wants in the first place, so she just keeps trying." She sighed and looked at me, I smiled at her, and shifted her younger daughter in my arms, "You like Amu, don't you?"

I stopped, my eyebrow hitched up, "Hinamori-san I-"

"It's okay!" She laughed, "I knew you did when you two were younger, she liked you too then, I'm not sure if she does now, it's been a while since she's seen you and she doesn't remember you very well. But she's the same Amu she used to be."

I nodded, "Y-yeah. I, I do know your daughter well, I guess, but she doesn't know me very well which makes it sort of difficult to be her friend."
"If you still like her it means you didn't change to much either." Hinamori-san smiled and sighed into the cold morning air, we were back in the car driving when she got this light in her eyes, like she had an idea. I glanced over at her and watched a smirk appear on her face, a smirk, no way.

"Amu's school is having a winter dance today, during seventh period. It's not formal so you can wear what we bought you, it's only four dollars for someone who doesn't go to the school to get in." She said. My eyes winded in surprise. She was trying to set me up with her daughter! This was going better than planned.

I smirked, "Thanks, Hinamori-san, I'd love to go." She nodded and went back to driving. She pulled up in the drive way and I grabbed the bags of clothes she bought for me, and helped Ami out of her car seat. I walked Ami up to the house with her hand clutching mine, like Amu had done yesterday. I smiled as Hinamori-san opened the door to let us in. I ran to the bathroom to get ready.

Today was the day I would seduce Amu Hinamori!

Amu's POV

My favorite buddies were on either side of me, my hands in theirs or the opposite. I had friends in every decoration, and the music was pumping in a loud beat, setting the perfect mood. We twisted our bodies in rhythm to the beat of the song and to each other. We sang along with the song playing, 'Right Round' by Flo Rida. Every time they sang "When you go down when you go down, down" we dropped to the floor and swung back up using our hips.

During the verses we took turns going into the middle and doing our own dance. Which I personally hated, so purposely dragged my closest friend Rima Mashiro in with me. We danced off each other, getting very close and personal, neither of us minded though, it was just how you danced in a small circle. They called out someone else's name and we jumped out and locked hands with the others again.

We jumped and screamed the words to the song when it got to the chorus, "YOU SPIN MY HEAD RIGHT ROUND, RIGHT ROUND, WHEN YOU GO DOWN WHEN YOU GO DOWN, DOWN!!!" I dropped so low my butt scraped the floor. We all came back up laughing, and then did it again. We threw our heads side to side, our hair flying around our faces. I threw my head to the side and glanced at the small groups of people watching us.

I flashed a smile and jumped into the middle, leaning back and popping back up every drum beat. I went back until it hurt and then popped up all the way. All my friends screamed and cheered so I did more, I bent my knees and slowly lowered myself to the ground twisting my hips, in the same fashion I came back up and struck a pose. My friends went wild, and I laughed. Suddenly they were all holding their arms up making room for anyone who wanted to jump in to jump in and dance with me.

The first group that jumped in I didn't know, they were all eighth graders, but I grinded against them anyways. They cheered and ducked back out. The second group was mainly seventh graders, some in which I had classes with. They moved around me dancing wildly, and not really dancing at all, just moving against me. Perverts.

The third group made me burst into a smile, it was my three closest guy friends; Kuika Soma, Nagihiko Fujisaki, and Tadase Hotori. We danced close together and we all laughed, I was surprised that Kuika could move on his feet and that Nagihiko can do more than ballet. Tadase just amused me with trying.

When they were gone one more person jumped in. Ikuto Tsukiyomi. I found myself immediately backing out of the circle. What was he doing here? I watched as he laughed at me and pulled me back in. We danced off of each other wildly, moving to the beat. People screamed like crazy and the whole school crowded around us. It was amazing, we went crazy. At 'You spin my head right round' he spun me in circles, at 'When you go down' I did what I did in the center of my friends circle, I went back and back and back and then popped back up, but with Ikuto there it was a little different. He went forward above me so that our chest stayed touching the whole time. The second part of the chorus when the girl sings 'you spin my head right round' he spun me in a circle and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into his chest, when the girl sang 'When you go down' he dipped me and spun in a circle. At one part in the song (I couldn't tell which part I was so into it) I jumped, and my legs went around his waist, then he dipped me and pulled me right back up. Surprisingly, the song ended right then, my chest was heaving, and my head was dipped over his (He was holding me up and my legs were still wrapped around his waist) my hair was tangled in his hair and we were both very, very hot. It reminded me of that one dance movie, Step Up To The Streets, was it?

He smiled and set me on my feet. There was silence and then the crowd went nuts. My friends ran into the circle and grabbed me away laughing and screeching, I joined them with a smile. When I glanced back I noticed Tsukiyomi standing alone in the circle, I threw him a wink and grabbed Rima and began to slow dance with her (it's a girl thing)

Now that was fun.

Ikuto: Was that really based off of the dance yesterday?

Cesily: Everything but the part with you, Ikuto, yes I slow danced with my best friend, twice. That doesn't mean I like girls though!

Ikuto: Damn, I wish I was there.

Amu: I can't believe I danced like that in the chapter.

Cesily: Eh, could have been worse.

Amu: SO????

Ikuto: It was smexxi, but not as smexxi as that green button.

Cesily: Nope, it was smexxier.

Ikuto: No. Fucking. Way.

Cesily: POTTY MOUTH!!!

Amu: Um...*sweatdrops*

Cesily: Oh yeah! So, in the reviews someone corrected my infortunete(I spelled that wrong I know) japenese word use. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'd just like to say that is anyone sees any mistakes all they have to do is let me know, and I'll be foreverly greatfull!

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