How darkness became light!

Darkness was the last thing I saw before entering an unbearable world, a whole new world. A paradise. It all started with darkness.

There's nothing but dark around me. It was impossible to see anything. I felt blind… But then; Out of nowhere came light, white light, it was suddenly right in front of me. I blinked once. Then closed my eyes and slowly opened them again to find the light again. It was truly there.

Feeling that the white light was safer than the dark – though it hurted my eyes – I started walking through the dark and came closer and closer to the light.

I snickered quietly to myself - how unlike me - as I remembered a joke which had something to do with dark and white light. It was an intern joke between my older brother and his friends with me as exception of corse. It was a very short one, it only contained four words; "Don't follow the light." Saying it out loud made me snicker again, shortly this time.

I then was there – at the end of the darkness. I ended standing there for a short time as I argued with myself weither to enter the white or not. In the end I came to the conclusion that staying in the dark probably wouldn't do any wonders. … And that it probably wouldn't hurt to check the other option out. … I hoped.

The white covered the dark completely the moment I "touched" it. I closed my dark eyes to protect them against the bright light once again. It still burned though. I bet the light got stronger and stronger, which made me clench my eyes harder and harder.

And then it happened.

I've never experienced something as weird as that. When I opened my eyes I realized that I stood outside a gate, which lead to the one of the most beautifully places I'd ever seen.

The whole place was covered in white. White and green because of cherry blossoms and the greenest grass ever. And through all the green and white ran a river as clear as silver. Why didn't I notice earlier? It was beautiful. Perfect. But the most perfect thing/person was to ever be – and that's when I saw it. The creature closets to perfection that had and would ever live on earth.

Itachi. My brother. My perfect, perfect older brother.

I can't remember the last time I'd ever felt so damn happy. My body was almost exploding because of joy. I even had tears in my eyes.

It was my intention to yell; "Nii-san!" but it only turned out to a weird and small sound. But Itachi heard me. He didn't seem to recognize me though. But suddenly he yelled and jumped up from the ground that he currently was sitting on and started running. Towards me!

Suddenly I felt warm strong arms around my torso and a matured chest against mine as well. Itachi hold me. No, he hugged me tightly. He almost broke my spine and suffocated me. So hard did he hug me and silently saying that he would never let go of me ever again.

As I hugged him back I could hear him promise it. "I'll always be with you, Otouto. This time for real."

And I believed him. Even after all those years with "hate" and anger, I believed him, still do and always will.