One more short Christmas story and then it's back to posting for Friends With Benefits. Really it's a very, very short piece of a conversation, and if anyone is interested I will, at some point in the near future, turn it into a full blown story of it's own to flesh out the contours. I wanted something light, but with Hank in it. I hope you all enjoy this one. Gregg.

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Hank Booth was in his element. He loved being able to show friends and family a bit of hospitality, and today he had two of the best with him. His grandson, Seeley, was here along with the Bone Lady, Dr. Temperance Brennan. Christmas had been the day before, and he had politely declined Temperance's gracious offer of dinner at her place with Seeley, her family, and the people they worked with. He had wanted to be here at the Retirement Center for Christmas. This whole afternoon had been a very illuminating experience. Temperance had been driving Seeley nuts with her loaded innuendo, showing that she was much more in tune with what was going on around her than at first appeared. She also knew Seeley better than anyone he'd ever known, including himself. The look of horror on Seeley's face when she got in a good one was priceless.

"I think it's time to hit the road, Bones, and let Pops relax," Booth suggested in an almost pleading voice, Hank noticed.

"But I have one more question, Booth," Bones protested.

Hank noticed a wicked gleam in her eyes and knew whatever was coming was going to be damn good, and make Seeley miserable. He saw the obvious slump in Seeley's shoulders when she told him that.

"Alright, but keep it clean," Booth sighed, offering up a silent prayer for strength.

"I've been curious, Hank," Bones began.

"What a surprise," Booth muttered. A glare from Bones shut him up instantly, which Hank noted in his growing mental file on these two.

"What about, Sweetheart?" Hank replied.

"As an anthropologist I am always curious as to human behavior," she explained, "and I don't often have a chance to get first hand information from older individuals."

"Bones," Booth hissed. "It's not polite to call someone old!"

"Pipe down, Shrimp!" Hank ordered. "She speaks her mind! I like it. Maybe you should learn from her on that one. Ask away, Sweetheart."

Booth slumped back and grabbed his now cold coffee. He offered up another prayer of hope that this wouldn't drive him up the wall.

"How's the crocheting been since you moved back here?" she asked, totally deadpan. She did, though, offer Hank a conspiratorial wink. She knew exactly what she was doing. She hadn't spent five years around Booth for nothing, after all.

Hank laughed loudly when Shrimp spewed his coffee all over himself and started coughing as some went down the wrong pipe. He decided to ramp it up a bit. Shrimp really did need to lighten up.

"Well now, while I don't get to crochet as often as I would like, I've done my fair share," he said with a wink back at her. He turned to Seeley. "How about you, Shrimp? Been able to practice your crocheting lately?"

Bones laughed as Booth jumped up and practically dragged her to the door.

"Look at the time!" Booth said rapidly. He turned and gave Pops a quick hug. "We've got to go, Pops! I'll bring Parker up here when he gets back from Quebec. Bones, say good bye and then let's go." He hustled out the door as quickly as he could. Talk about embarrassing! Your own grandfather asking about your sex life, or rather your nonexistent sex life. He really needed to grow that set Gordon Gordon and Pops recommended and make his move on Bones. At least then he wouldn't feel like such a pansy when anyone ever brought up the question of his sex life.

Hank gave Bones a hard, affectionate hug. "He'll come around, Sweetheart," he told her. "The question is, when he does, are you ready?"

Bones nodded. "I am, Hank," she told him. "I've been ready for a long time now." She felt bad about having accepted that date with Andrew a couple of months before, her one stumble in the last year when it came to waiting for Booth, but at least it had ended in the middle of dinner and she had later told him she was not interested in rescheduling. Booth was worth waiting for and she didn't want to hurt the man she loved any more than she had.

"Good," Hank said gruffly. "Now get out there and keep on giving him Hell. I haven't seen him this flustered in years." There was a twinkle of amusement in his eyes as he watched her walk down the Hall, Shrimp with his hand on the small of her back, obviously trying to wheedle what was said out of her. As he closed the door to his apartment, he smiled. He was proud of Shrimp. Seeley finally found what he himself had found nearly sixty years ago with his own wife. This had been a great Christmas.

A/N: Like I said, this was a short one. I wanted something with Hank in it for Christmas, and here it is. Next up will be a new chapter for Friends With Benefits now that I've completed the rewrite. Merry Christmas everyone. Gregg.