A/N: Again, for HaveYouNoMercy (Meru-dear) who requested Fujicest with the prompt Metronome/Keeps Ticking/Never Stops/No Emotion. I think I kind of... killed the idea. Meru, have I ever told you that you are a bad influence to me? XD I still love you though.

Warning: Fujicest. Incest. Don't know what it means? The you shouldn't read and should choose to protect your eyes. Not yet mature, but I shall list it as is because it's... suggestive, you could say? Not for the kiddies~

Stop Time

The reasons for loving Fuji Syuusuke have changed over the years. There once was a time period when it was nothing more than brotherly affection. It wasn't until much later that he noticed it had spiralled out of his hands and out of control and he discovered that it was neither brotherly nor was it affection.

Yuuta remembers Syuusuke's gentle hands on his forehead, rubbing slowly at a patch of mud that had attached itself to Yuuta's forehead. Yuuta remembers Syuusuke's cerulean eyes and almost losing himself in them. Yuuta remembers Syuusuke's kind, soft words, beckoning to him.

So when Syuusuke's hands are wrapped tightly around Yuuta, pressing soft kisses to his neck, Yuuta's hands are gripping back, willing for time to stop, or at least last longer. Because if Yuuta wasn't in heaven, then surely he must be in Hell, for Syuusuke is doing sinful things to his neck, and the only thing that Yuuta can do is to force his eyes shut and whisper for him to continue, over and over again.

There is a rhythm running in Yuuta's head the whole while, as he forces his eyes again to open and stare at the clock, as though he is waiting for the second hand to freeze.





And Yuuta keeps counting, inhaling a sharp breath as Syuusuke's hands fist. But then Syuusuke's lips are all over his eyelids, his cheeks, his nose, and the uncanny scar on his forehead, and Yuuta does not take any action to stop it.

All of a sudden, Yuuta is at six hundred fifty-eight seconds, and Syuusuke is kissing the dip of his chin and the strong curve of his neck.

And as quickly as it had all started, Syuusuke is unclasping his hands and standing up and ignoring Yuuta's pleads altogether, backing slowly out of the room as if nothing had happened, leaving Yuuta vulnerable and weak, and Yuuta can do nothing to stop the angry, hot tears running down his face.


Yuuta no longer counts seconds. Nor does he counts minutes, hours, or days. Every time Syuusuke's angelic lips brush his, Yuuta's heart thumps and his head pounds and he is repeating one single word, over and over and over again, like a metronome, pulsing and beating.