Naruto The Elemental Fox


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A loud menacing howl echoed throughout the night as the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked the peaceful village of Konohagakure/Konoha. Each ninja that was sent to the battle to stop the Kyuubi were considered masters. Shuriken and kunai flew through the air piercing the large kitsune's belly, but didn't have any effect, for the fox just forced the weapons out of that area using youkai and then healed itself. The fox roared again. Storm clouds appeared out nowhere and the fox then started using its claws and teeth to tear any shinobi that dared to attack it to shreds and then the fox brought out its most fearsome weapon. The large, nine whip-like tails and started to destroy buildings taking lives along with the infrastructure. You foolish humans stand no chance against me, but because of your courage to try and stop me from destroying your pathetic village, you all have my respect.... BEFORE YOU DIE!! BWAHAHAHA!!! After the fox's little speech the fox resumed its destruction with a large vulpine grin on its face as everything in its path was destroyed. Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu a group of ninja yelled. Large fireballs blasted out of their mouths and hit the large fox in its face hoping to at least hurt it if not kill it with that blow.

The smoke then cleared and to the ninja's surprise there wasn't even a scratch on the beast's face. The shinobi gasped in fear and horror. Nothing would be able to stop the Kyuubi. That tickled, the fox said with a large grin. Its large red eyes stared down the shinobi, metaphorically, turning those who looked into it to stone. The Kyuubi's ears then perked up and then started to growl as its new enemy a giant toad wearing what looked like a bathrobe and carrying a big ass dagger, with a man on its head. The man was carrying a bundle in his arms. However this is no ordinary man, this is the famous blonde haired Yondaime Hokage nicknamed as the "yellow flash", Namikaze Minato. Kyuubi you baka why are you attacking Konoha, bellowed the toad to Kyuubi. The fox snorted at the toad. Gamabunta (A/N: The giant toad) you always were a fool,now step aside before I have to crush you with this pathetic village roared the Kyuubi. Never, Bunta said with an icy tone and a huge amount of killing intent towards the fox. The toad and fox then began to battle, and while this was going on Minato was doing some handsigns that would end being the last one's he would ever make. "Bunta I'm going to start the sealing" yelled Minato his summon. Alright. Bunta then backed away as Minato did some handsigns. Snake Boar Ram Rabbit Dog Rat Bird Horse Snake FUUIN JUTSU: SHIKI FUUIN the young blonde hokage yelled. The Kyuubi then stared at the man and then a ghostly image appeared behind Minato. The death god it's not possible how could a mere human summon such a thing. The death god's arm then reached through Minato's stomach and headed towards the Kyuubi. Kuso I don't wanna die. Kuso move MOVE!!! But the Kyuubi legs refused to move as the death god's arm reached close and closer and finally the arm reached into the Kyuubi's body and ripped out its soul and then sealed it into the bundle in Minato's arms in a really bright flash of light. The Kyuubi then screamed its last as the remainder of its soul was torn out and sealed and then its body disappeared never to be seen again.

The ninja yelled out in victory, their hokage did what no one else could. But then the body of the hokage started to fall of of Gamabunta's head. People ran to catch him as his body plummeted towards the ground, the small bundle still in his arms, but Bunta caught him and rested him gently on the ground. The shinobi started to cry as they saw the dead body of their once great leader. Then Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage along with Jiraya, Sarutobi's student and Minato's teacher came to the scene and saw the man with a grim look on each of their faces. The bundle in his arms then began to cry and Sarutobi immediately took the bundle from the Yondaime's cold, dead arms. He removed the cloth to show a young baby with blonde hair and three marks on his cheeks which looked like whiskers and blue eyes, with a large seal on its stomach which was glowing as it was being burned into the boy's skin. The glowing stopped and the baby stopped crying. " That's a seal designed to seal the Kyuubi's soul into the boy's body and also give the Kyuubi's chakra to the boy to add to his own growing chakra coils" said Jiraya as he was an expert on seals and even created some of his own. When the ninja present heard this they thought the demon was the boy and immediately shouted to kill the demon and what not. Some even threw kunai to kill the baby, but Jiraya blocked them all. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL CAN'T YOU SEE THIS BOY HERE IS A HERO. WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THAT!?", Jiraya yelled to them. "Because Jiraya-sama that thing is not a boy it's a de-" but the man never got to finish his statement as Jiraya shoved a rasengan into the man's chest and sent him flying. "ANYONE ELSE WANT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT MY GODSON!!??" Such fools they don't even know the difference between a demon and a young burdened with something no one should have to deal with thought Sarutobi. No one answered but some had shocked expressions on their faces at the news of Jiraya being the boy's godfather. Some of the shinobi present then truthfully went over to Jiraya's side as an act of believing that the boy was a hero not a monster. After the little episode all the people who sided with Jiraya then Shunshin no Justued back to the village to present the news.


The next day Sarutobi called together the entire village for an announcement. The whole village appeared outside the hokage tower. There on the balcony of the tower watching the crowd was the Sandaime. Everyone stopped talking and mumbling about why the hokage called together the ENTIRE village for an announcement, but whatever it was it must be important. "My treasured villagers" Sarutobi started, " Due to the death of our beloved Yondaime Hokage I will be reinstated into the position of Hokage again." The people were sad for the death of their leader, but cheered at the news that someone they can trust will be their leader. " Also as you all know the Kyuubi was defeated, but the Kyuubi was not completely destroyed." The villagers grew reckless when they heard this and began to murmur among themselves. "Don't fret my people for the Yondaime has sealed the spirit of the Kyuubi into a young baby, Uzumaki Naruto and Naruto is to seen as a hero and any child his age is to not know of the Kyuubi being sealed in him or try to kill Naruto else you will face execution as punishment." "Hokage-sama why are you telling us to not to kill the demon brat." said one of the villagers and others also began to question their hokage. *Sigh* These people are such bakas just like those other ninja. They only see the demon not a young boy... and obviously most of them are . "Well that is all", said the Sandaime Hokage and with that he left to do what most likely be tons of paperwork. This is the beginning of the tale of Uzumaki Naruto. The Elemental Fox.

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Konohagakure-Village Hidden in the Leaves

Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu- Fire Style: Grand Fireball Technique

Kyuubi no Kitsune- Nine-tailed Fox

Shunshin no Jutsu- Body Flicker Technique

Yondaime Hokage- Fourth Hokage

Sandaime Hokage- Third Hokage

Fuuin jutsu: Shiki Fuuin- Sealing Justu: Reaper Death Seal

baka- idiot

rasengan- spiraling chakra sphere