Naruto the Elemental Fox

Chapter 1: Enter Uzumaki Naruto

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It was a beautiful day in the village of Konohagakure, the birds are singing, the sun is shining brightly in the sky, the villagers were walking the streets doing their daily routines. The Sandaime Hokage watched his beloved village from the Hokage tower with a small smile on his face; it really was a peaceful, relaxing d-… "NARUTOOOO!!!" Ok… maybe not so peaceful and relaxing and with that the hokage looked at the hokage faces to discover them covered with graffiti. The hokage faces were stone monuments that were to show all the hokage for the people of Konoha to remember there was someone looking out for them and now said faces were all coloured with red swirls and what looked like blood (obviously red paint) coming from their nostrils. The hokage sighed and then went to combat the most hated enemy of every kage, paperwork. I wish I knew how to get this stuff done quicker because this is bullshit.

Down in the streets of Konoha a young twelve year old boy wearing an orange jumpsuit and blue ninja sandals was running through the streets of Konoha. He had spiky blonde hair, electric blue eyes and on each side of his cheek, he had three whisker like marks and wearing a pair of goggles on his forehead, and even some of the anbu black ops were following him. This is Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko. "Hahaha you'll never catch me you dickless homos" yelled our blonde protagonist. "Get back here you little gaki so you can face your punishment" yelled a few of the shinobi. "Never" Naruto cried out in retaliation to their threat, "You guys just don't have the balls to do what I just did" he added with a foxy grin on his face. It was true what he said though everyone had too much respect towards the hokage to do such an act.

Jumping past a fence Naruto sped away with the chunin and jounin still hot on his trail, the anbu, the greatest ninja assassins in all of Konoha, could not put up with anymore humiliation of not being able to catch a 12 year old boy and left. A few seconds later the fence started to laugh. Naruto dropped his disguise which was a sheet that was coloured in the same shade and had the same characteristics as the fence. This was a very often used disguise by Naruto as a use of escape after his pranks "Hehehe, those guys just can't catch me, datebayo" he said with a large fox-like grin on his face.

Naruto then turned to go when his face suddenly smacked into something. "Itai", Naruto looked up with a pained expression on his face from coming in contact with a… chunin vest that belonged to his ninja academy teacher Umino Iruka. The scarred face ninja looked down on Naruto with a glare that could kill someone. "Hehehe, hiya Iruka-sensei" he said with a sheepish smile "how are you today". How does he always manage to find me, Naruto thought "NARUTO YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN CLASS", he yelled. Then his voiced calmed as though nothing had happened "now come with me you little gaki", and Iruka dragged the blonde, who had a scowl on his face, back to the academy. Naruto what am I going to do with you, the young chunin thought with a confused expression on his face.

Back at the academy, Naruto was tied to a chair in front of the whole class which was laughing at his predicament. Naruto looked down at the ground with a scowl on his face, I'll show them, Naruto thought to himself. I'll show them all. Once I become a genin I'll remove this stupid mask of happiness and show my true self then all of them will give me the respect I deserve… especially Sakura.Outside of Naruto's thoughts the class had stopped laughing and looked at Naruto who seemed to be in deep thought, which was a surprise to the whole class as the blonde was always chatting about becoming hokage and ramen and acting like an idiot.

"Hey dobe are you alive" Uchiha Sasuke called to the blonde enigma. Sasuke is the top rookie of the academy and a big emo freak whose hair looks like a chicken's ass painted black. The blonde still didn't respond and Iruka started to grow worried for Naruto had never been so quiet for this long.

After a few minutes Naruto looked up and saw everyone staring at him. He blinked. "What, why's everybody lookin' at me like that?" he questioned. Iruka sighed in relief glad to have the blonde loud-mouth back in the real world. "Now, seeing how that Naruto has returned to the land of the living" he started. Naruto scowled at that remark. "You all shall now do the Henge no Jutsu and henge into me because of Naruto's inability to come to class on time." The whole class groaned and shot a series of rude remarks and curses towards our blonde hero. The students lined up and each one performed a perfect henge of their teacher. "Haruno Sakura" called Iruka. Sakura was one of the fangirls of Sasuke. She has long, pink hair and emerald green eyes and wears a red dress and blue ninja sandals. With a poof of smoke she performed her transformation. Iruka nodded in approval and Sakura squealed with excitement. She turned around to face Sasuke who had already had his turn "Sasuke-kun did you see that, were you impressed!?" she told asked/shouted to her self-proclaimed love. Sasuke didn't respond. "Uzumaki Naruto". Time to prank that stupid teacher, he doesn't understand what I've been going through and for that I'll make him suffer. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! "Perform your henge Naruto" said Iruka. "Sure sensei" POOF!! Out of the poof of smoke stood a totally nude blonde and attractive young woman who had pigtails and smoke that covered her private areas. "Hey Iruka-sensei I call this my Orioke no Jutsu, said the blonde beauty. Iruka was then blown back really, really far due to a rather large nosebleed. "NARUTO CUT THE STUPID TRICKS!!!" Iruka yelled while using Humongous scary head no Jutsu. "Alright I'll do a normal henge" responded Naruto. Naruto then transformed into a perfect copy of Iruka-sensei, reverted back to normal and walked away with a large grin on his face unaware of the pale eyes of a young love-struck Hyuga Hinata watching his back.

Ninja Academy- Tomorrow

"Good morning class" Iruka greeted to his students. "Good morning Iruka-sensei" all the students replied. "As you all know today is the day you all are to have your genin exams so please be prepared." advised Iruka. "This exam comes in three parts, the first part is a written exam, then you have a weapons test and then we test you on the bunshin no jutsu. Is everyone clear?" "Yes sensei." replied the academy students. "Right the exams will begin…NOW!!!"

Kuso, thought Naruto, Even though my dumbness is a mask my ability to pass one stupid paper isn't, and I can't even do a bunshin to save my life, no I mustn't give up Datebayo. Iruka tallied up the marks and said how everyone passed, including Naruto but barely, who showed his signature foxy grin while everyone stared at him in disbelief. Next was the weapons test. Naruto, for this part of the exam decided to let down his mask. You had to throw 10 kunai and try to hit a bullseye, and of course Naruto decided to show off by getting a bullseye on a few targets without looking and even threw multiple kunai for a few more of the targets and got a perfect score. Kuso thought the silver haired academy teacher Mizuki. At this rate the gaki will pass the exam, but he'll fail the bunshin part and Iruka will fail him Hehehe. "Alright class time for the ninjutsu test." Iruka announced. Student after student passed and walked off with their hitai-ate (A/N: Umm that's how you spell it right?).

Then it was Naruto's turn. "Uzumaki Naruto, you're up!" called Iruka. "All right Naruto perform three bunshins and you will pass, but don't and you fail." Naruto nodded, accepting the circumstances. Then Naruto gathered some chakra for the jutsu and then in a large poof of smoke the jutsu was activated. When the smoke cleared one pale looking Naruto bunshin that looked like it had just went through torture and had diarrhea appeared. Iruka twitched at the poor attempt at making the bunshin. Then he breathed in deeply and then calmly said "I'm sorry Naruto I know you tried you're best, but you fail." Naruto looked down at the ground with a grim look on his face. "Oh come on Iruka, Naruto did try his best just let him pass" said Mizuki-sensei. Naruto looked back up with hopeful eyes, but then drooped back into depression after being rejected the second chance or rather 4th chance since he failed the exam 3 times.

Naruto then left the academy and sat on the swing where he had always sat since he was 5. He stared at all the students each wearing a hitai-ate on their foreheads, arms etc. and chatting with their parents, something he didn't have. This pushed Naruto's depression to be even greater and then not being able to stand watching it anymore he ninja jumped back to his apartment with an unexpected visitor following him and this visitor had a large sadistic grin.

Naruto's Apartment Roof

Naruto sat on the roof of his apartment staring at the setting sun in the distance with a sad expression on his face. Then a friendly tap on the shoulder freed him from his daydreaming. He turned around in surprise and saw "Mizuki-sensei w-w-what are you doing here?" Ha this teme believes he trick the great prankster Uzumaki Naruto, then he is gravely mistaken, Naruto thought to himself. Mizuki smiled a friendly smile at Naruto. "Don't be so hard on Iruka it's just how he is." Mizuki told Naruto "Ever since he lost his parents his life has been well umm how I can put this umm hard to understand." Naruto looked at Mizuki with a confused expression on his face. "But I can tell you a secret way on how to become a genin and pass your exam." Mizuki told Naruto. Naruto looked at Mizuki with a big grin. Mizuki smiled a big grin also, but for a different reason.

I have his complete and undivided attention now HAHAHAHA!!!

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Teme- bastard

Bunshin no jutsu- Clone jutsu

Hitai-ate- forehead protector/ninja headband