A Christmas Carol Into Dreams

Nightopia was looking extremely festive.

Every tree in Spring Valley was festooned with tinsel and baubles. The Nightopians all wore their Santa hats as they played in the snowy banks of Frozen Bell. They made snowmen, had snowball fights and sledged down hills. Some Nightopians were fishing cakes out of the river in preparation for their Christmas dinner. Clawz was dressed as Santa Clawz. Even Stick Canyon was looking festive – the furnace was warm and cosy as Reala had thrown lots of trespassers into it that morning, and he was now roasting chestnuts over it. He suddenly realised he hadn't seen another Nightmaren in over an hour. This was highly suspicious, so he went to find them.

He was surprised to find them all hovering just above a grassy bank, looking very intently at something, not saying a word or moving. Whatever could it be that had held NiGHTs' attention span for more than five seconds? Why were Puffy and Jackle not still fighting over that box of make-up that the giant rabbit insisted Jackle stole? Why wasn't Gilwing doing his shift? He flew up to take a closer look.

It was Jackle's laptop. They were all looking at eBay.

"We want that for Christmas." explained Clawz, pointing at Jung's Red Book, "But it costs a lot of money. A lot more money than Wizeman will ever pay us, the stingy slave-driving bastard."

"Could you have a word with him?" asked NiGHTs, "He's more likely to listen to you. You're his second in command."

"Explain to him that it would be useful for work." suggested Jackle, "Its perfect inspiration for nightmares."

"Its just a stupid BOOK." Reala snorted, "Why should I risk my head by bothering Wizeman over a stupid book?"

"You'll do it for me, won't you, Realikins?" Puffy made a smoochy face at him, "Naughty Realikins! He deserves a spanking!"

"NOOOO! STOP IT!" yelled Reala, desperately trying to block out the hideous mental images even if it meant clawing his own eyes out, "Okay, okay, I'll ask about the stupid book. Just don't let her near me!"

He darted off as fast as he could fly. He was a first class Nightmaren, Wizeman's right hand man, much more powerful than Puffy - why was it so easy for her to break his brain?