Wizeman woke up screaming.

"Hey, boss, are you okay?" asked Reala. All the Nightmaren were staring down at him.

"A freak unregistered nightmare opened up right over your lair. It was absolutely huge. We were worried about you, so we all flew in to investigate." explained Clawz.

Unregistered nightmares were nightmares that the Nightmaren hadn't managed to process the Ideya from and direct to suit their own needs - they were a little planets that hadn't been terraformed yet, wild and completely inhospitable. They tended to pop up in random places without warning. Wizeman's lair was built in a place where he knew there was an astronomically low chance of one manifesting, but one had: one of a magnitude greater than any seen for thousands of years. And on Christmas Eve, too. Some people have all the luck, thought Wizeman.

"Sorry if we were trespassing, but we can't let the boss come to any harm before he's paid us." said Gilwing, "We didn't know you were busy having a fun dream."

"WHAT? FUN?" shrieked Wizeman, "How in any sense of the word 'fun' can it be applied to..."

"Well, you kept ranting on about Samus." said Gilwing, "I've seen some very fun dreams about Samus. Why, once..."

"Just shut up." ordered Wizeman. His head hurt and he didn't want to hear Samus' name again. "I suppose you should be rewarded for rescuing me. I know... I'll buy you that book you were after for Christmas!"

"Really?" yelled Puffy, "Thank you! I always knew you were a kind and generous boss really! The others doubted you but not me, sir! Oh no! I would never do a thing like that!"

"Shut up and get back to work." said Wizeman, "If you manage to repair the damage done by the anomaly, I'll give you Christmas day off!"

With those words, the Nightmaren shot off to repair Wizeman's lair. On Christmas day, they took the day off and spent it arguing over who got to read the book first. All except Gulpo, who spent it swimming around and around in his pool, eating the tub of fish food Gilwing got him as a present. Due to Ike losing a drinking contest with an off-duty Samus on Christmas Eve and being unable to attend the meeting the following day, the negotiations didn't fail and Sega gradually regained some of its independence. Everyone was happy except Myau, who had hairballs. Wizeman had learnt the True Meaning of Christmas: Christmas is a fun day to screw around with everyone's head, just like every other day of the year.