My first fanfic. I hope you all enjoy. I wish I did, but I don't own Code Geass. All rights go to Sunrise. I've revised the first chapter a bit. The story starts out with C.C. getting ready to be transported to another facility.

*The italics is mainly C.C.'s and Lelouch's thoughts. And somebody else's...(you'll see).

A Lab Somewhere in Area 11...

C.C. smirked. The busy whitecoats around her were agitated. They were saying something about transporting her to a new area for research.

"Where is Schitzman? He should have brought the capsule twenty minutes ago!"

"Hmph! He's probably fucking some lady he saw on a street corner. That man, no sense of boundaries. Why, he'd even sleep with an Eleven, if he could get one..."

C.C. looked around her. The dimly lit room had become so familiar that she could see everything with her eyes closed.

"Prince Clovis will have his buttocks when he hears about this!"

"I'll make sure he hears about this!"

The whitecoats suddenly got into a heated discussion on what they would do to Schitzman. Each one tried to outdo the other.

"I'll rip his head off and feed his brains to Experiment 24355!"

"Why that's nothing! I'll dissect him with my laser in front of his mother!"

What a bunch of womenless idiots.

"I'm back."

A greasy, dark-haired scientist seemed to appear from the shadows. The wannabe macho scientists fell quiet. Schitzman had looks to kill.

It might be nice if he could kill me.

C.C. was bored. She had hundreds of experiments performed on her everyday. Everything melded together. There was no purpose to her life.


"Professor Schitzman."

The uncomfortable geek who spoke up corrected himself. "Yes, my apologies. Professor Schitzman, did you arrange for the transportation of Code R?"

"Yes. We will conceal it in a gas capsule as planned and the perimeter guards have already been informed by His Majesty that we are transporting poisonous gas."

"Then let's begin."

C.C. felt herself get roughly pushed into an orb-like object that closed around her. It was airtight. But she didn't need to breathe, although it felt weird and painful not to. Another torture caused by her Code.

The capsule began to move.

On the Road...


"Oh shit! Terrorists!"

Somewhere in the Shinjuku Ghetto...

C.C. was irritated. Apparently two terrorists had thrown a smoke bomb at her carrier, causing the scared scientists to evacuate. The Elevens had transferred her capsule to their truck, believing that it contained poison gas. They were now speeding along a smooth road, presumably a highway. And here she was, unable to do anything. She had finally broke away from that pompous prince's clutch, only to be seized by half-crazy nationalistic lunatics.

It might be slightly interesting to watch the reactions on their faces when they find out they risked their lives for a witch.

In the Front...


"Just driving along, without a care in the world!"

Nagata turned angrily to avoid hitting two Britannian schoolboys. Suddenly a large construction site loomed before him.

"No! Not there!"

The girl beside him had cried out too late. The truck crashed into an old building. C.C. was jilted a bit, but suddenly her Geass mark began to glow.

So...he's here!

Outside the Crash Scene...

Outside the crash scene, Lelouch Lamperouge got off his friend's BMC RR1200 Sidecar. A colorful sparkle around the half-trashed truck caught his eye.


"Oi, Lelouch. It looks like our energy line's been cut."

Rivalz cut Lelouch's thoughts.

"Right. Say...what's that?"

Lelouch noticed a small gathering of lights around the truck that seemed to form a girl.

"Hey! Over here! Whoa! Nasty..."

A crowd had already formed, not to help, but to speculate.

All these fools...

Lelouch turned away in anger, and rushed to help the driver.

"Look! The student rescue team has arrived!"

The snide bystanders chuckled at Lelouch's attempt to save someone's life.

"Hey! Are you alright?" he called out from the side of the truck. They probably can't hear me over this commotion! Hmm...what should I...Oh!

Lelouch climbed up the ladder on the side of the truck. "Hey! Can you hear me in there?"

I've found you! My...

Lelouch looked around rapidly. It seemed that for a minute there, a female's voice was emitting straight into his mind. "Huh? Where...Are you in there?"

Suddenly the truck driver rapidly threw the truck in reverse. Lelouch fell in the empty top.

"Hey! Stop! I'm not..." Lelouch was thrown around by shaking truck.

Why don't they have ladder on the inside too? How am I supposed to get out?

As Lelouch searched for an escape, a sudden proclamation chilled his blood.


The rapid firing of gunshots could be heard.


Oh shit! The army? Wait...calm down. It's dangerous to get out. Sounds like there's trouble. Maybe I can use my cell phone to...

The door leading to the drivers opened. A familiar looking redhead appeared, taking off a lab coat.

"Can you enter the subway via the Azabu route?" she called back to the driver.

"Kallen! Let's use it here!" the driver shouted to his accomplice.

"That'd mean a slaughter!" the redhead shouted back.

"Uhh...yeah. You're right."

So there's two of them. What did the man want to use? That woman...

The back door opened. Light shined in and Lelouch got a good look at the mechanism that the girl had gotten into. A Knightmare. The fourth-generation Glasgow. Pure fear pierced his heart, a creepy crawly sensation clenching his skin and heart.

Shit! These guys are actual terrorists!

Amidst all the chaos, C.C. smiled.

A Few Minutes Later...

Nagata had been shot by Villeta's Sutherland. He was injured, and the dark tunnels of the ghetto's ancient subway system were hard to navigate in. Lelouch was thrown around multiple times. Then the truck came to a struggling stop.

An accident? Or else...

The side of the truck opened. Lelouch was too busy investigating the capsule in front of him to notice.

I can use this chance to climb up...

Suddenly, a spiraling soldier came into view. Lelouch instinctively covered his head as the soldier spiral-kicked Lelouch to the floor. After a glance at his armament, Lelouch felt the stabbing sense of realization.

A...a Britannian!

The soldier clutched Lelouch's neck. A black gas-mask covered his face.

"Enough with the killing!" a gruff voice ordered.

Lelouch struggled. "Wait I'm-"

"I can't believe you people would use poison gas! Don't play dumb!" the soldier bellowed, furiously.

Lelouch struggled against the tight grip. Rage at being blamed for something he wasn't guilty of filled him. He managed the kick out, forcing the Britannian to leap back.

"I'm telling you! If there's any poison gas here, it was Britannia that made it, right?" Lelouch glared, his teeth gritted in hate.

The soldier seemed confused for a minute. "You..."

"You don't want more deaths? Then obliterate Britannia!" Lelouch said, his face set in hate and ferocity.

Then, without warning, the soldier took off his helmet. A familiar face, so familiar that it was both beautiful and painful to look at. "Lelouch. It's me, Suzaku."

The raven-haired prince gasped. Memories of their past together flooded his mind before the sudden realization. "Suzaku? You became a Britannian soldier?"

"And you? Don't tell me you're..." Suzaku asked.

"What are you saying?" Lelouch cried.

Suddenly, the loosened capsule opened. Bright light filtered out. Sensing danger, Suzaku grabbed his gas mask and forced it on Lelouch. They both fell to the ground. The vision of a beautiful, long-haired girl appeared in the capsule. She wore a straitjacket.

"It's not poison gas?" Suzaku wondered, staring at the light-filled capsule and the female form ensnared within.

"Tell me, Suzaku. Poison gas? This girl?" Lelouch held the seemingly unconscious girl in his lap as she fell.

Tee-hee. Is he taking advantage of me?

Suzaku stuttered. "But that's what we were told in the briefing..."

Suddenly, lights were flicked on. A battalion marched forward, their weapons drawn. The Royal Guard of Prince Clovis had arrived.

The commander sneered at the sight of Suzaku. "Damn monkey. Even an Honorary Britannian doesn't have the authority to do what you've done!"

Suzaku ran up to his superior. "But I was told this was poison gas!"

"You have no right to protest!"

C.C. watched as the soldier argued with his superior. Lelouch's grip on her shoulders grew tighter. The soldier seemed to shake his head. He looked directly at Lelouch and C.C.

"I won't shoot a civilian. Not him." Suzaku said, even smiling slightly.

"Then die." The commander shot the soldier. Suzaku fell.

Lelouch grew hysterical. His violet eyes widened in shock and horror. "SUZAKU!"

The commander proceeded to converse with Lelouch as though nothing had happened. "You look like a Britannian student, but today is just not your day. After you've taken the girl, kill the student!"

Lelouch watched on helplessly. C.C. got ready to fight the soldiers. Unbeknownst to them, inside the van, the injured Nagata took his last siege against Britannia.

"Long live Japan!"

A blast went directly up to the rotting ceiling. As debris and dust fell, Lelouch and C.C. made their getaway.

Still in the Shinjuku Ghetto...

The cries of Elevens being massacred filled the air. Lelouch felt his world and time running short. The girl in the capsule was now awake. He took his anger out on her.

"This chaos is all your fault isn't it?" he accused, his pitch becoming increasingly high as the terrors around him escalated.

Well, to be more accurate, it's actually your half-brother's fault.

"But besides that Britannia has..." Lelouch felt his worlds crushing him. Britannia and Japan. Both parts to his turnabout life. Both bringers of pain and doom to him. To preserve his sanity and life, he had to take action. He turned to the girl. "You wait here."

She nodded silently. I'll wait here. Like a sweet and obediant dog.

The rapid fire of guns filled the air. Elevens fell, dead before they hit the ground, shot through like bloody Swiss cheese.


The commander's familiar voice rang out.

"Only looks like Elevens here, sir."

"'re sure? The exit comes out here?"

"Yes sir. It matches up with our map of the old city."

Lelouch turned to lead C.C. back down the stairs. Suddenly, a little girl weeping could be heard. Followed by rapid gunshots. He flinched. An eerie silence ensued. As the Royal Guard turned to leave, Lelouch felt before he heard his cell phone ring.

Lelouch, you are an idiot! Why didn't you turn that damn thing off? Now I'll...

FUCK! Why didn't I remember? Who's calling me right now? What should I do?

He closed his phone immediantly, but the harm was done. The soldiers ran down, grabbed C.C. and shoved Lelouch against the wall.

Lelouch couldn't hear what the commander was saying. As death fluttered impeccably close to him, the commander's voice was like a booming cannon. He could hear the noise, but it was too loud to work out the finesse of the words.

"You bastards..." Lelouch saw the monster cock the gun. He flinched, in anticipation of what was to happen.

No! C.C. broke free of her restraints. She flung herself in front of Lelouch and spoke her first words in a long time. "Don't kill him!"

The trigger had already been pulled. C.C. felt the bullet go straight into her mark.

How fitting. This sensation, it's all too familiar...

"Oi!" Still in a trance, Lelouch for the hand of the girl who died for him. He could hear the noise that the killer was creating. Something about how the terrorists had killed the girl. bastards, you killed this girl... What is this? Suzaku...and now this girl! Is this the end for me? With me not having done a single thing in my life? So easily...Nunnally!

He had run out of fear. Now there was only a calm and painful dread that sat beneath his heart, a heavy cold weight. Flashes of what he wanted to do, what he hadn't done for Nunnally appeared before him. And then...a cold, binding feeling gripped his wrist.

'You don't want it to end here do you?'


'You appear to have a reason for living.'

'The girl? It can't be!'

'If you have power, you could live on? I'll make a deal with you. In exchange for power, you must make my one wish come true. Accept this contract, and while you will live in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other human. A different providence, a different time, a different life. The power of the king will isolate you. If you are prepared for it.'

As Lelouch felt his soul being sucked into a different dimension filled with hallucinations, an altogether too-familiar voice rang out.

"The Ragnorak Connection? The myth is beginning again?"

A shadow spoke, but the shadow was too familiar for him not to recognize. He still had dreams about that shadows. Nightmares. His father, Charles zi Britannia.

A feeling beyond hate and rage overflowed within him. If he was to sell his soul to the devil to accomplish what need be, then so let it be. Lelouch extended his arm, imperiously.

'Very well! I accept your contract!'

A few minutes later...

When she came to, the girl found herself drenched in blood. Forming a sort of barrier around her were the cooling corpses of the Royal Guard. As she pushed her slender body off the slick, grimy floor, C.C. felt the throbbing pain in her head fade away. Her cursed Code kept her alive; even after taking a bullet into the brain, the Code forced her flesh to regenerate and push the metal out. Any infection-causing bacteria would be eaten by her Coded blood cells for brunch.

The boy, no Lelouch, Marianne's son, he seems to have escaped. I wonder if this massacre was his doing...

Good evening C.C. Awake now?

Humph. Quite so. The screaming and Knightmare sounds are so loud, it's a wonder that I can actually hear you.

I believe I owe you one C.C., for saving Lelouch. But I must say, you seem to have fallen for him so fast! Is he that handsome now?

He looks more like you than Charles so the answer is "No."

Oh, so you think Charles is handsome?

Not in the least.

(*Tee-hee*) You're so fickle. Well C.C., how do you propose to find my dear son now that he has disappeared once more?

We have formed a contract. I can sense where he is right this moment. He seems to be in an enclosed space, but I don't feel fear coming from him. I believe he is most likely hiding in a Knightmare right now.

C.C! You insult me. Lelouch IS after all my son. If he were to be hiding, you would be able to feel his stress and fear.

Well, he's not fighting either.

Then we'll just have to find him to settle this.

Alright. Marianne.

C.C. walked towards the edge of the Shinjuku ghetto. Knightmares and soldiers formed a barricade around the borders. Screams and wails of children could be heard above the firing guns of the Knightmares, only to be silenced with the sound of rapidly firing shots.

This reminds me of the First Global War...

Hmmm? Is something wrong C.C.?

Huh? Oh, nothing. Just old memories coming back...

I thought you suppressed most of your memories.

Just the ones before my current life, starting with your contract. But they come to me sometimes.

What does this remind you of?

The First Global War launched by Britannia. This was before your time. I was in it.

But this is nothing like the first war. There were no Knightmares back then, just prehistoric weapons...guns, cannons and rickety boats.

To be more exact, that was when tanks, planes, poisonous gas, and torpedoes were first used in war. And war in it's barest core is the same, no matter which war, and where it is fought. Bystanders will die. Unaffiliated peoples will suffer. I've been around much longer than you Marianne. Now that I really think about it, Washington's Rebellion, the First Pacific War, the First Global War...all these battles I've seen, they all seem to be the same, even though I know their exact differences.

C.C. realized that she was boring Marianne with her seriousness.

Perhaps Time has melded your emotions towards these wars into one big stew. Besides, I thought we were supposed to be looking for Lelouch, C.C. Don't you need him alive to fulfill your contract?

(*Sigh*) I suppose that's true. Tell me Maria-

"WHAT? Terrorists have gotten ahold of our Sutherlands? HOW?"

What's going on?

It seems like some of the Elevens have gotten ahold of the Britannian shipment of Sutherlands. Perhaps Lelouch is one of them...

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