A/N: For Tina. I don't know anyone else as devoted to Chris Jericho as this girl, he is not...my cup of tea, but she loves him, and I love Tina. Merry Christmas Tina, love ya!

"Would you keep your fingers out the gravy?" Tina grabbed Chris' wrists and put it against his side.

"It's good." Chris licked his fingers and stared at Tina as she shuffled around the kitchen.

"It's lumpy, I'm gonna have to do another batch." Tina compained.

"No you don't, it's fine."

"It's horrible." Tina said, yanking the potato salad out of the fridge. Chris leaned over her shoulder and eyed the bowl greedily.

"Do it and you're dead." Tina reached behind her and squeeze his chin arousingly tight. He grinned and placed a warm kiss on her neck which made her squirm.

"That's it, out, or you're gonna be in trouble..." Tina warned.

"Maybe I like trouble." Chris smirked at her as he backed out of the kitchen.

When we finally kiss goodnight

How I'll hate going out in the storm

But if you really hold me tight

All the way home I'll be warm

Chris grabbed Tina by the hips and swayed to the music.

"Chris I'm never gonna get anything done." Tina tried to sound serious but she couldn't help but melt when he was being silly.

"Come on baby, you love this song." Chris said, still dancing around with her.

"Wait, wait, wait. I can't leave the eggs out." Tina wiggled out of his grasp and grabbed the tray of deviled eggs.

"Holidays make you a headcase, ya know." Chris teased.

"It has to be perfect." Tina said before to dipped a spoon slightly into a pie and tasted it.

"Damn, damn, damn!" Tina spat.

"What's the matter?" Chris asked.

"I put too much sugar in the yum yum pie." Tina said.

"What's yum pie?"

"That's yum yum pie. You don't know what it is?" Tina asked in shock. Though it really shouldn't have surprised her. Canadians didn't exactly relate with southern customs.

"It heard it in a porn once..."

"Oh God, Chris!"

"You know I love when you say that-"

"Do you smell something burning?"


"Oh my God the stuffing!" she shouted and rushed to the stove. She pulled out the dish that was giving off dark smoke and threw it in the sink. "I ruined it, I ruined everything." Tina slid down against the sink and sat on the floor.

"That's not true." Chris sat down beside her and put an arm around her.

"Yes it is. The potato salad's too salt, the gravy's lumpy, and I killed the dressing! Do you know what my mother would say?! This was our first Christmas together and I can't even feed you..."

"Don't you get it? This Christmas is the best I ever had." Chris said.

"If this is your idea of a joke, I'm not laughing..." Tina warned.

"The most important part of today is right next to me. You've got plenty of time to burn stuffing and over-do the yum pie."

"Yum yum."

"This day is once a year, and I can't think of anwhere else I'd rather be." Chris said.


"Absolutely. I'm starved. I'm no Emeril, but I make a mean pb&j, you in?"

"I'm in." Tina smiled.

The fire is slowlyy dying

And my dear, we're still goodbying

But as long as you love me so

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow