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"Bye Mom!" I yelled as I ran out the door with my bag and quickly scrambled into Ashley's car.

"Hey," I said as she leaned over to kiss me before backing out of my driveway.

"Hey back," she said and I grinned just at the silliness. I suppose we've been like this since New Year's. That night is forever etched into my mind, like a scar. I can just picture it over and over creating beautiful indents in my mind. I was surprised as we pulled into a familiar gravel driveway. I glanced confusedly at Ashley as two bodies quickly ran outside, before Ashley had time to honk the horn, and hopped into the back seat.

"Thanks for driving Ashley," Stacey said as Ashley glanced in the rear view mirror briefly making eye contact before putting the car in reverse.

"Yeah thanks," Carmen said quietly and I was surprised to to hear no trace of malice in her voice. It was unusual but something I was grateful.

"It's just so much easier than walking," Stacey said. I silently agreed. I loved that Ashley picked me up and I had my mornings with her instead of being in Glen's car or taking the crowded bus. Or even walking. It definitely came in handy on those days I was running late.

"Well I could pick you up in the mornings," I heard Ashley say as I quickly spun to face her. If Ashley picked up Carmen and Stacey in the morning that would greatly cut into our morning make out sessions!

"Wait," I said and she quickly looked at me and quirked an eyebrow before turning back to the road. I heard Carmen stifle a chuckle.

"It's okay, we wouldn't want to intrude on time you spend with Spence," Stacey said poking my side from the seat behind me. I blushed lightly at my reaction and rolled my eyes at Carmen's chuckling as we pulled into the school. We all got out of the car and stood for a moment before Carmen cleared her throat and spoke.

"Well thanks," she said making eye contact with Ashley and Ashley nodded her head and gave her a slight smile. I was in awe of my girlfriend and best friend. This was so out of the blue to me, they hadn't spoken civilly in years and here they were being...nice. Carmen and Stacey headed towards the building while Ashley and I followed slowly behind.

"So?" I asked interlacing our fingers as we walked.

"So?" she asked back smirking, knowing what I wanted yet teasing me.

"Ash, what was that?" I asked motioning to Stacey and Carmen a few paces ahead of us.

"That was me driving them to school," she said simply. I sighed.

"Since when are you and Carm on good terms?" I asked as we reached her locker. I glanced across the hall as Stacey and Carmen stood at Stacey's locker.

"She was the one who convinced me I was being ridiculous and stupid," Ashley said as she opened her locker. Wait, Carmen got Ashley to come around for me?

"Wait what?" I asked shock evident in my voice.

"At the dance, I know you saw us because I was watching you," she replied shutting her locker and leaning against it facing me, "She didn't want you hurting anymore. Despite the fact that she was still angry at me she said that I made you happy and I should, and I quote, 'get my shit together before she fucked me up' for hurting you...again." I gasped, trying to stifle a smirk.

"Well Carmen does have a way with words," I replied laughing.

"We're trying, to get back to what we were. I want us all to be able to be friends again," she said and I nodded.

"Thank you Ashley," I said leaning in kissing her. The thing is, no one seemed to care. No one stopped us. I didn't hear insults. I think Ashley noticed to because she wrapped her arms around my neck and deepened the kiss.

"Geez get a room will you?" Madison said as she, Brad, Glen and Kyla walked up. Glen and Kyla both looked like they wanted to oxi-clean their eyes. Across the hall Carmen was smirking and Stacey nudged her. Before either of us could respond to Madison, Sherry came strutting over. Ashley rolled her eyes as Sherry glared hard at her, with Aiden behind her looking at Ashley and I like Christmas had sprung early. Ew.

"So, you're officially in the pervert league now?" she asked maliciously glaring between Ashley and I, "It's pathetic really. Working so hard to be against them and then just joining. You're disgusting." I stepped forward ready to bitch slap Sherry into next week when Ash put a hand on my shoulder to hold me back.

"Sherry I've let you walk all over me for the last four years. And looking back on it, I honestly have no idea why. Madison and I are co-captain's of the squad, and we'd really hate to have to say you weren't worthy of being on the team, right Maddy?" Ashley said keeping her level headed gaze on Sherry as Madison nodded.

"Is that a threat?" Sherry asked.

"Yes," Ashley answered. I don't think I've ever seen someone stomp away as fiercely as Sherry did, with Aiden trying to keep up behind her. I laughed as the first bell rang.

"See you guys at lunch," I said to everyone as Ashley, Brad and I headed to our last health class. We sat in our usual seats and we prepared to give our thoughts on the couples assignment. After a couple of groups went Mrs. Swan to turn Ashley and I.

"Girls, care to comment on the project? Anything you've learned?" she asked glancing between the two of us.

"Well love is hard," I said bluntly. I'm not really good with public speaking, it tends to not sound refined. I watched Ashley roll her eyes.

"What I think Spencer means is that in any relationship, real or not, you need to be willing to work at it," Ashley said and Mrs. Swan nodded her head smiling.

"Anything you want to add Spencer?" she asked turning to me. I swallowed and ran and hand through my hair.

"Well, I think that it's always possible to learn more about the other person no matter what relationship you're in. And I think this project definitely helped with that, at least for Ashley and I," I rushed out. Ashley nodded her agreement as he hand found my knee in comfort.

"Thank you girls. You know I'm proud of you both. I know you didn't want to be partners but you definitely overcame that," she said before turning to the next group. Ashley and I shared a small smile. We had overcome so much confusion and anger to get to where we were. Now we had the rest of the year to look forward to, together.