"I never knew it would ever happen. Nor did I want it to. But, there are some things that are so wonderfully terrible. That they do. I'm Hinata Hyugga, and right now I'm in such a situation. As to where I am right now. Well, how about I start from the begining. This is my story about how people, time, and life changes. Enjoy, my story."

Hinata ran as fast as she could towords the bathroom. This was bad! This was real bad. Today was Hinata's first day in the tenth grade. Well, you're probably wondering why she's running. Here's what's going on. What would you do if you just accidently ran into and knocked over the most popular girl at school? Well, Hinata just did and is having a bit of a problem escaping the girl's fan club. Hinata gasped as she read the sign on the door. "Out of Order" 'Ehhh, not good. Not good! Wait! Yes! Thank you god-sama!' She quickly slipped into the closet she had spotted next to the bathroom. What did she do to deserve this? Not to mention what kind of guys chased girls. Hinata sighed and backed further into what apeared to be a janitors closet as she heard the guys run past. She yelped as she hit her head ran into a metal rack. Some first day this was. "Eh-hem." another voice said that was coming from next to her. "EEP!" She hit her head on the metal rack again, this time detergent falling down off it. By some miracle- more like her closet companion's arms- none hit her.

Hinata looked to her side without moving her head. She was in a stranger's arms. "So, are you hiding from fans, too? You're certainly pretty enough to be." She looked to her savior. It was a tall black haired boy. He had his hair tied in a small pony in the back of his head. "I'm sorry. How very rude of me. I'm Itachi. And you are?" He said and asked. Hinata looked up, her face cherry red, and replied meekly, "I'm Hinata Hyuga. The reason for w-which I'm here is not because of fans. Plus I'm not really all-that-pretty. Actually..." Hinata paused and bent down starting to pick up the detergent. Itachi bent down and helped her. Once they were done he looked at her and lifted an eye brow still waiting for her to continue. Hinata blushed again and went on, "Actually, it was quite the opposite. I had a, um, m-mob. I t-think." The gentlemen seemed suprised at this and questioned her once more, " Why would you have a mob chasing you?" Hinata laughed nervously and looked away. She quickly checked the halls finding them cleared. That was to happen sooner or later though. Considering it was lunch. "I knocked over Sakura Haruno. Really big mistake."

Itachi looked some what shocked as he mused, "I never knew Sakura was so ruthless.." Hinata opened the door and had walked out before what he had said registered in her head. "W-wait! N-no, no, no! T-they just chased me on there own! That's all! It was her fans so.." She twiddled with her fingers nervously as she continued on, "So, they felt obligated to protect her. So, really it's all my fault and I deserved to be chased!" Itachi stood in the closet for several seconds before moving out and shutting the door. This Hinata Hyuga was definately kind. He would've been beyond pissed. She well deserved to be chased? Shouldn't she be angry? Was she really this much of a lady? Itachi looked dumb-founded. This girl had him stumped. "Ano, do you maybe have any classes with me? It would be nice to share a class or two with you Itachi-san. I mean, after you've been very kind to me and I think your my friend. Aren't you?" Hinata said smiling such a charming smile. The only kind of smile that could make you want to smile, too. Itachi smiled, "Hmm, but I wonder if we're in the same grade Hinata. Hinata? Are you a senior?" Hinata's mouth opened slightly in an "o" shape. Itachi chuckled. "But, you seem so you- wait... I see. That's why your so tall!" Hinata said slapping her forhead and laughing nervously. Of course he was a senior. That was so stupid. Itachi smiled and decided to answer her other question, "But, we are friends. Strange, I don't get many of those." Hinata tilted her head, but before she could speak a fan came into the hall. "There she is!" he yelled. Hinata looked at the fan and bowed quickly before running outside. If they chased her out here, well, she'dtry her best to fight. She was some-what sick of running. Hinata stood in the clear opening as they charged out. As the door closed she noticed Itachi looking some-what amused out at her. Hinata didn't care about him at the moment though. She quickly made her special stance. The fans-as we'll call them-formed into a large circle around her. She smiled at the boys and said softly, "I may be new here, but I won't take it easy on you if you wish to attack! Please don't make me..." The Hyuga looked ready to cry. She hated violence. Usually Neji handled that kind of stuff.

One of the men made a small step forward. Not sure quite what to do. "FOR SAKURA-CHAN!" another one of the boys shouted loudly. The others followed suit as they all jumped. In one second, though they all froze. For some reason they stood still. That reason was Garra Sabaku. Garra seemed to have that affect on people. He spoke menacingly, "I was wondering what woke me from my wonderful nap. It's so rare that I get to sleep and here you dweebs come waking me up. You better have a bucket load of cookies or you better run." Garra didn't have to say it twice. In mere miliseconds the fans were gone. No doubt back to their godess. Hinata stood gaping at Garra. "Than-" She was cut off by the boy as he lifted his hand and said, "Whatever. Just don't be noisy around my spot. Got it?" He said menacingly. Hinata nodded happily not noticing the tone of his voice. This wasn't the worst day. Well, at leat not yet.

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