This is day one. My very first day at Konoha High. This is the day I still feel like a complete idiot about. I'm graduating tomorrow. It's been 2 years since it first started happening, but I think I'm ready for others to know my story. So, what better day to start from than day one?

Hinata ran to the bathroom as fast as she could. This was bad! This was real bad. The bell for first period hadn't even rang yet! 'Out of Order.' Her face paled, 'You have got be kidding me.' She turned a few more times before finding a partially opened janitor's closet. She hurried inside and closed the door. She frowned. What kind of guys chased girls? Hinata sighed and backed further into the closet as she heard the stampede start to run past the door. She stood up straighter as she began to relax and-Ding! Hinata yelped and clutched her head. "Ahem, excuse me madam." DING! "Ahck!" "EEP!"

The metal rack above Hinata's head had not only attacked her noggin, but ALL of the detergents on top of the shelf had fallen and collapsed to the ground around them. This was officially the clumsiest day of her life.


Hinata slowly stepped out of the backseat of Neji's car. She had done this plenty of times, but going to a new school was still just plain scary. She couldn't understand how Neji and Hanabi could be so calm about this. Hinata's father owned the company "Byakugan" and had moved them several times within the past thirteen years, or-more accurately-ever since their mother had died. Neji had been there for nine of those years. However, their father informed them that this move would be a more permanent one considering that the last Hyuga corp building had finally been finished. That meant that this time the first impression she made would actually matter. That she would likely see these people for the next couple of years. Hinata could feel another panic attack coming on as Neji patted her head and Hanabi looked back at her as she headed towards the school. Hanabi smiled and called back, "You'll be late if you keep doing that nee-chan!" Neji smiled and started walking, too. Hinata felt her cheeks heat up, 'Bakas.' She was feeling a bit calmer now. That's when it happened. She saw Neji and Hanabi go into the school, and 'knew' she should catch up to them, but BAM. It was the most stunning boy she had ever seen. He had wild blond hair, deeply toned muscles, and his eyes! She knew she was swooning and she definitely wasn't paying attention to where she was going. Cue running into defenseless stranger. She hadn't even seen the pink haired girl. She felt mortified, and if that wasn't enough, she hadn't even had time to say she was sorry! Then there was suddenly this demonic chanting of "Die" and "My poor Sakura-chan!" and "Kill her!" I suppose that's how you can say Hinata ended up here. 'I saw the most stunning boy I've ever seen, knocked down a defenseless stranger, and awoke demons.'

Flashback end.

There was a soft deep chuckled, "Sorry, I hadn't meant to scare you like that."
She looked up to see a black haired boy towering beside her, how had she not noticed him before? He smiled and started to pick up the fallen detergent. Her face burned as she quickly bent down to help as well. He met her eyes. "So, can I assume your hiding from a fan barrage of your own? You're certainly pretty enough." Hinata felt like she might faint, but somehow squeaked out, "M-mob might be a more s-suitable title!"

The boy laughed and ran his hands over his hair to smooth it out, "Oh? Now you know you have to tell me, especially since you did invade my my work area." Somehow Hinata ended up relaying her story much to her own embarrassment. The boy laughed a lot, but somehow she felt calm with him despite the fact that he was laughing at her. It was like he could just put her under this illusion where she no longer felt nervous and afraid. It turned out his name was Itachi, and he was a janitor part time here since the school was close to his college campus. Eventually they did come out of the "secret passage" (he refused to allow her to call it his closet) only to realize that somewhere during all of the ruckus, the bell had rang. Hinata was officially seventeen minutes late to her first class on the first day of school. Itachi watched as she started to sweat and poke her fingers together. It was possibly one of the cutest things he had ever seen. He coughed, what was that about? Gently he put his arm around her shoulder and asked, "Where's your first class at?"

Hinata's face lit up, "K-kakashi-sensei, room 409" Itachi nodded and led her down the hall. After a few turns here and there, he stopped in front of a door. He lightly knocked on the glass and Hinata nervously watched as a white haired man with a mask over his mouth glared out the window. It was settled, she was going to die. The man the slowly creaked open the door in the most ominous way she had ever heard. Cue hyperventilation start. Then the man's one visible eye crinkled up and he said in a completely overly cheerful voice, "What can I do for you today?" Itachi sweat dropped.

He cleared his throat and gently pushed Hinata into the classroom, "This kind young lady was helping out the office, please excuse her." Then, he walked off. Kakashi closed the door without the dramatics he had used to open it, and looked down at her, "Hinata Hyuga I presume?" Hinata looked down and started poking her fingers together and nodded. "Now look miss Hyuga, we don't tolerate lateness in this-" "HAHAHAHA!" She eeped as Kakashi-sensei went from looking nonchalant to violently glaring at the loud voice. Suddenly he was pulling the boy's cheek and-the boy! Hinata's face heated up and she had never felt so happy in her life! Okay, so that was a bit of an overstatement, and not at all how she felt. Hinata went pale as she watched Kakashi stretch the boy's lips to inhuman lengths. "What was that Narutoooo~?" Somehow he responded through his stretched lips, "You only got here a minute befor-a-a-ahhh! 'at 'urts 'ensei!" Kakashi let go and crinkled his eye like nothing had happened. Please sit in the seat right over there miss Hyuga. Hinata decided this was quite possibly the scariest school she had ever been to.

I started this years ago, and I never finished it due to a computer crash, I have nothing else to do this summer, so... What do you think? The things that have happened in the original haven't changed much, but hopefully my writing has improved since then. I'll continue with or without your feedback, however, your feedback is still much appreciated.