Bloody Roar Naruto

Place: The Valley Of The End.
Time: Present.
Situation: About To Change!

Naruto coughed up another mouthful of blood as Sasuke stood over him. There was an arrogant smirk on his lips as he clenched his fists in a claw-like gesture, as if ready to summon another Chidori.

"You're not taking me back, dobe." Sasuke declared. "There is nothing for me in that weak village."

"The same weak village that created the snake-bastard you're going to see? The same village that praises you as a savior and future of the Leaf? You mean that village?"

"Yes. They can't teach me to be strong, but Orochimaru can!"

"He'll use you, like he's used everyone else he's touched! You can't trust him!" Naruto hissed as he forced himself to stand up.

"SHUT UP! I'm Sick Of Listening To You! I Don't Care About Konoha! Or You! And you know what's funny? If I kill you....traitor or not.... they'll probably still praise me as a hero. Praise me... for putting the animal out of their misery."

At hearing those words, Naruto's anger flared up only to disappear when another feeling overtook him. A strange, boundless energy suddenly erupted from deep within his body, exploding out in a huge blast of pure force that knocked the emo-traitor away from him.

Sasuke slammed into a nearby tree and barely regained his senses as the smoke cleared. His eyes focused and centered on his opponent. The first things he saw were the tattered remains of an orange jacket, a black T-shirt now a muscle shirt, his pants had become shorts, and his sandals had burst off his feet. But as the smoke cleared fully, he realized that this wasn't a man, but a kitsune. (1)

He stood seven feet tall with an impressively built body that was covered in golden-blond fur, his ears and nose now fully visible, six long white whiskers sticking out from his nose, and 9 tails coming from out of his tail bone. But it was his eyes he noticed more than anything else. Glowing a crystal blue as if to pierce the pitch black of the darkest cave. Those same eyes stared at the Uchiha child as his lips smirked while he clenched his now powerful looking fists, his knuckles cracking with strength.

"Now, where were we?" The kitsune said in a smooth, rich tone.

Sasuke smirked. "I was about to kill you." He said as he rushed towards the golden fox, his chidori in hand and at it's peak.

However, right as Sasuke was upon the kitsune, the powerful man-beast moved to the side and Sasuke felt the strong-as-steel stranglehold the nine tails had upon him, slamming him into the dirt over and over before flipping him back into the air. Naruto leapt upwards to the boy with a sudden speed that took Sasuke be surprise as he saw the kitsune pass right through him. A sharp pain at his back caused him to lose consciousness.

"lt's over." Naruto said, grabbing Sasuke by the neck and landing back on the ground. He dropped Sasuke onto his stomach, his wings cut off, as the kitsune released him, his body slowly changing back to normal.

Meanwhile, little more than a mile from the battle, someone else had sensed Naruto's transformation. The man himself was huge, with dirty blond hair and a blue eye, the other one with a scar over it. He was dressed in a tank top, black pants and boots as he drove a sleek-looking armored van.

`what the hell?' he thought, `that felt like..... Minato?'

Turning the wheel sharply, he turned to van towards the fight.

Naruto, now fully back his normal self, stared at Sasuke, before he collapsed to his knees.

'I need.... rest.' he thought. 'But first... need to talk to... Kyubi.'

(Inside Naruto's Mindscape)

"Kyubi, we need to talk." Naruto said as he stood inside a large decorated room where a gorgeous redheaded woman sat down on a soft bed. She was leisurely reading a scroll, not paying any mind to the shackle around her ankle that was attached to the bed. She looked up as soon as Naruto spoke and saw her mate enter the room. "Did you redecorate?" he asked.

"You expected me to live forever in that sewer you once called a mind?" she asked.

"Guess not. But... I need to talk to you."

"What is it Naruto-kit?" She said.

Naruto quickly told her everything that happened, all about his transformation.

"Did you know about this?" He asked.

She looked at him and sighed."Yes, yes I did." She replied, "I know, 'but why didn't I say anything?' Because I didn't think you had got your parent's powers."

Naruto seemed a little confused as Kyubi patted the place next to her on the bed. Walking over to her he sat down as she started telling him the small story of his life.

While the pair talked, a sleek-looking van came rolling up and stopped right before the unconscious pair. A man climbed out of the drivers side seat and stared at the blond boy.

"Yup. That's him." he said, staring at Naruto. "Jane help me with him!" He said as a gorgeous blond woman in a in a motorcycle jacket, slacks, boots and a belly shirt got out of the van.

They carefully picked Naruto up and placed him inside the van, ignoring the sleeping Uchiha as they took off towards the Kingdom of Zoanthropes.

An hour later, Kakashi, Shikamaru and Neji arrived. The only person they saw was Sasuke.

"Where's Naruto?" Kakashi asked, knowing that if Sasuke was here and unconscious then Naruto had to be somewhere close. The others shrugged as the cycloptic ninja picked up the emo-ninja boy and began the trip back to the village. Mostly to tell Tsunade was had happened.

His conversation and cuddle-time with Kyubi done, Naruto started to wake up, only to feel someone stroking his hair. He opened his eyes and saw that the hand belonged to a hot young woman with short blond hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in a red mini-dress, a black bustier and thong, and a pair of knee-high boots. He was about to panic, mostly at not knowing who this woman was, but she quickly calmed him down.

"It's alright," she said with an English accent, holding on to him firmly.

"What's going on? Where am I?" Naruto said. "Who are you?"

"My name's Jenny Burtroy." She said, "And I'm just like you."

"Huh?" he asked, clearly confused. "Like... me?"

"You turned in a handsome, sexy, tall fox zoanthrope." She explained, grabbing and lifting his right arm up as she turned it to the side, revealing fox-headed tattoo just below his elbow.

"I always thought that it was a birthmark." he said.

"It is, but it also shows what you are." she replied.

He looked at the van before asking, "Where are we going?"

"We're headed for the Kingdom of the Zoanthropes." a voice from the front, who Naruto assumed was the driver of this vehicle, said. "We're going to meet up with Cronos Orma. He's the prince of the country. He'll tell you what's going on." He explained.

"Who are you?" Naruto ask, trying to sit up, but Jenny held him around his shoulders tightly.

"I'm Alan Gado, but you can call me Gado." He said.

Then Jenny spoke up.

"That's his daughter Jane." She pointed to the person in the leather jacket that had the `shotgun' seat.

"Step-daughter, actually. You can call me Shina. Jane's my first name."

Just then, two people popped up from the back seat behind Naruto and Jenny.

"This is Alice Nonomura," Jenny said to the first girl, who looked about 16 years old. She had brown hair and eyes, and was dressed in a white and purple dress.

"Hi Naruto, it's nice to meet you." Alice said, leaning in to get a close look at the boy. "Wow, you're cute." she said before leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.

Jenny rolled her eyes as she introduced the other girl. "This is her younger sister, Uriko. She's only 14." The girl in question was in a jacket so big she could have been swimming in it. She was black biker shorts and had slippers on her feet. Her hair was light brown while here eyes were hazel.

"Hello." she said demurely, her entire tone reminding him of Hinata.

"We'll introduce you to the others later." Jenny said.

"Uh... Jenny-san? Can I sit up?" he asked, trying to get out of her grip.

"No. You're cuddly." she said, holding him tightly to her chest.

Naruto blushed a little as they continued on their way.



The female Hokage was naturally pissed off when she found out that the boy she considered like her own son, who she loved more than life itself, had turned up missing, without any clue as to what had happened or where he had gone.

Kakashi, being the bearer-of-bad-news, gulped as he turned to face the angry blond-haired woman.

"Well, he must've knocked Sasuke out so that we could bring him back." Kakashi said. "But when we got there, he was gone."

"Dammit, Find Him!" she shouted at the ninjas before her.

(Kingdom of the Zoanthropes, five days later)

The Kingdom of Zoanthropes was, in Naruto's mind, beautiful. But it also defied imagination.

The kingdom itself was literally a paradise of a valley, surrounded by towering icy mountains, accessible by only a handful of passages which only the people who lived there knew. It was almost as if someone had purposely built this valley from a dream and left it alone for eons. At the northern end of the valley was a large castle that reached thousands of feet in height. The western and eastern ends of the valley were mostly forests. The southern end of the valley was a large lake where the residents swam and fished from. In the center of the valley was a village of sorts where the residents lived and even did business. Food, clothes, tools, toys, magazines, etc., could be purchased for a much better deal than anything in the other Hidden Villages. Commerce was an issue for another time.

When Naruto had been taken to the castle of Prince Cronos Orma, so named because he had yet to marry, he was naturally confused as to why he was being treated so specially. It wasn't until Cronos explained to Naruto that 'golden foxes' were a rather rare breed, even in their kingdom where they had many humanoid animal creatures.

Cronos himself was a phoenix and a penguin.

But when he found out that Naruto had been trained as a ninja, he asked for a demonstration of his skills against one of his knights. Naruto agreed. His opponent was one of Cronos's guards, a rhino man named Brax who was seemingly unimpressed with the twelve-year old boy. That was until Naruto shifted into his kitsune form and laid him out into the floor. At seeing Naruto defeat one of his own guards, Cronos offered Naruto a place in the Zoa-Knights, a group of specially trained and skilled individuals whose purpose was to protect their kingdom and their kind.

Naruto accepted.

Since his induction, Naruto trained, exercised and grew stronger with each day. It was at the end of the week that a visitor arrived from the Kingdom of Metal. Being an old friend of Cronos she was allowed to enter their valley and castle. She was passing through the courtyard where some of the Zoa-Knights were sparring that she noticed one of them in particular.

A blond boy with crystal blue eyes and whisker marks over his cheeks.

`That's Naruto.' She thought. Quickly she went over to one of the female knights who were also watching the spar. "Excuse me?" she said to a young woman with platinum blond hair, blue eyes; and was dressed in a black bodysuit holding a lance.

"Yes, my lady?" the woman replied.

"May I ask who the blond boy is?" She asked.

"He's a new knight of Prince Cronos. I believe his name is Naruto." The woman replied.

"Do you think I could meet with him? Please?" she asked.

"Of course. I'll get him if you want, Lady Kushina." She said
Lady, or Princess, Kushina Delmo suddenly reached out and grabbed the woman's arm, stopping her from retrieving the boy. She did so because there were too many people here, and she wanted a more private reunion with the boy she had not seen in 13 years.

"No! I'll ask Cronos to speak with him later." She said.
The lance-wielding knight looked at the princess. She was tall and well built, with long red hair and green eyes. She was in a beautiful black dress, white scarf, high-heeled boots and a flowing blue cape. It would have been impossible just looking at her to know that underneath it, she wore a black mesh tank top and black tights, along with a utility pouch of weapons and tools. Her eyes were slowly building up with tears as she walked away from the courtyard.

"Is something wrong, my lady?" she asked the departing woman.

"No. Thank you. I'll... be fine." she said as she walked away. 'I'm so sorry my son.'

It was later that evening as Cronos and Kushina were in Cronos's office, merely taking to each other about the nothing in particular, until Kushina could no longer contain herself.

"Cronos, there is someone I wish to talk to. If you don't mind." she said.

"Oh? Who is it?" He said.

"He's one of your knights. Your newest one." she said.

"Oh you mean Naruto." he said, and then it hit him. "You're his mother aren't you?"

She nodded with tears falling.

"I'll call for him then." he said as he pressed a button on his desk. A few seconds later, a wolf zoanthrope arrived. "Yugo, will you go and get Naruto for me?"

"Sure thing, Cronos." Said the wolf zoanthrope and raced out of the room.

A minute later Yugo came back with his friend. The boy was dressed in a yellow trench coat over a tight black shirt, black leather slacks and boots. He bowed to Cronos and Cronos bowed back as Yugo left.

"Yugo said you wanted to see me, my...?" He asked, only to get interrupted when he was tackled by a beautiful woman he hadn't noticed until now, who pulled him into a fierce hug.

"Uh, Naruto I want you meet Princess Kushina Delmo from the Kingdom of Metal." Cronos said, smirking at the rather tearful reunion. "She's also your mother."

"M-Mom?" Naruto gasped as she hugged her son tighter until he started turning blue from lack of oxygen.


Notes: 1) A humanoid fox.

Chapter 2

Having been finally released from his suffocating embrace, Naruto stared at the woman that Cronos had introduced as his mother. Her long red hair was ruffled and her eyes were bloodshot from crying. Gone was her dress from before, standing before him in a black mesh tank top, black tights, sandal boots and a cream-colored with black-trim jacket. She hugged her son tightly, Naruto still in shock. He didn't know what to do or how to react. Mostly since no one was ever really happy to see him. She pulled herself off of him, keeping him in her embrace but back enough to look at him.

"Oh, my son." she cried. "I missed you so much."

"You did? But... where have you been? Why-why didn't you ever come for me?" he asked.

"I was told you were dead." she said.

"What?" He gasped. "I was told you were dead."

"I would have been, had I stayed. I was chased out of Konoha by Danzo and his ROOT."

He sighed, grinding his teeth. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Naruto, why don't you two go and talk about this?" Cronos said.

Naruto nodded and escorted his mother out to the courtyard.

Meanwhile in Konoha, there was a meeting going on, between Tsunade the hokage and a group of people from the Konoha Council.

"What do you want?" A bored Tsunade asked.

"We want you to find the demon child!" said a civilian, right before he was spitting half his teeth on the ground.

"Next person that calls him a demon, I will personally wring their neck, and Don't Test Me!" she snarled. "Because he's not. I know he's not."

"And just how would you know that Hokage-sama?" Danzo asked with a sneer. "Have you given him a full-body medical examination? Have you been intimately involved the demonic hellspawn of a..."

Danzo never got a chance to finish, as Tsunade suddenly turned into a tall, powerful humanoid cougar and clawed the head of ROOT with one powerful swing, sending him flying into a wall leaving a bloody smear on it.

The civilian part of the council was about to scream demon, when Tsume Inuzuka transformed into a huge she-wolf and growled at them.

"D-Demons!" one of the councilmen managed to say.

"No," Shikaku Nara said. "Zoanthropes."

The Nara elder then went into a fairly lengthy explanation to the group of shocked morons as to just what Tsunade and Tsume were.

The stunned group looked at each other, some of them showing shame on their faces.

Had they been wrong all this time?

(Kingdom of Zoanthrope)

"So... you're a Zoanthrope too?" Naruto asked.

Kushina nodded and transformed into a cheetah zoanthrope. Her hair was still red, though now had a mess of spots amongst her wavy hair.

"It is because of my blood that you are a zoanthrope. You were supposed to be a cheetah but with Kyubi sealed within you, you became a golden fox." She deformed back to her human from. "You should be proud of this. Golden Foxes are a very rare breed."

"I know. Prince Cronos told me." he said. "Mother..... if you are a zoanthrope, was my father one as well?"

"No. He was human. That did not stop him from loving me, though."

"But other people objected."


"Mother... who was my father?"

"It is who you think it is." she said.

'Could you be more cryptic?' Naruto thought as he looked at his mother with a deep sighed, as if staring into her soul and mind through her eyes. "The Yondaime? He's my father?" he gasped.

"Yes," she said. "It was supposed to be a secret to protect you from Iwa. Which I don't understand since you were given my last name. Oooo, when I get my hands on Sarutobi...! He was supposed to make sure that you...."

"He's dead." Naruto said.

"What?" she gasped.

Naruto then went into detailed explanation of what had happened at the Chunin Trials.

"I see." she said with a depressed sigh, mentally taking back all the things she had thought of about the old man. "So... do you have a girlfriend?"

"WHAT?" Naruto gasped, falling off the bench while his mother laughed. "MOM!"

"Sweetie, I have to ask." she replied.

From a nearby bush, a pair of eyes watched with interest as the mother and son talked.

"Jenny, isn't this wrong?" Alice asked. "I mean... she's his mother who he hasn't seen in... forever."

"It's not like we're spying on him. We're... protecting him." Jenny said with a smirk.

"It's a very thin line you know."

"I know. And you love it."

Alice turned from Jenny before replying. "No comment."

After the Council Meeting, Tsunade and Tsume were in the Hokage's office gulping down some much needed sake.

"So when did you become a Zoanthrope?" Tsunade asked.

"When I was a child." Tsume replied. "It activated when Minato saved me from a rape." She took off her vest and shirt to show her beast mark on her the lower side of her shoulder. Sure enough it was a wolf mark.

Tsunade stood up and pulled her shirt up over her stomach, revealing her cats head mark on the left side of her belly button.

"Dan saved me from a pack of rabid tigers that were sent after us my Iwa. My zoanthropy triggered when one of them slashed Dan from behind. It triggered, I went feral, killed them all, and... well." Tsunade said.

"Wow." Tsume said.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Tsunade said.

The doors opened and in walked Anko.

"Hokage-sama, I'd like to speak with you for a minute." Anko said.

"About?" Tsunade asked, right as Anko transformed into a viper Zoanthrope before their eyes.

"You're one too?" Tsume gasped.

Anko's body calmed down and she changed back to her normal self. She took a seat next to Tsume and related her story on how Orochimaru's bite had triggered her zoanthropy.

Meanwhile the council were talking about this new development.

"What do we do now?" One councilman asked.

"We should oust the Hokage and the Inuzuka for being demons!" a second councilman said.

"Oh yeah, let's!" said Inoichi Yamanaka. "Who are we going to appoint as the new Hokage? Danzo? After what Tsunade did to him, it's amazing he's still breathing. And where are we going to get hunter nins like the Inuzuka's? There is no one better!"

The ninja council was agreeing with the Yamanaka head on these matters. The civilian part of the council suddenly realized the bind they were in. Bad enough they had monsters running the village, but they were ninja as well. Add to the fact that they had practically declared them their enemies, they were asking for a world of hurt now.

"Then we'll go to the Daimyo then!" another council member said.

"Oh sure. Bring her in to it." Choza Akimichi said. "And while you're at it tell her how you all but ordered her cousin's death."

"Who is her cousin?" one of the council members asked.

"The one you call a 'Demon'." Inoichi said.

The civilian council was now paler than normal.