Okay, okay. I'm on a new fandom AGAIN. So, I'm Starlight, once again writing another totally random oneshot to cure me of procrastination. Anyway, this one's Soul Eater, apparently. For once, this has no pairings in particular, and is just a totally random thing that popped into my head. So, ahh...enjoy!

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He felt it.

The realization, the truth.

The truth about this pale, trembling person in front of him.

"Crona," Stein said, in a voice that seemed to be mocking, "How are you?"

The purple-haired teenager looked up at him with wide, terrified pools of fear for eyes. "I-I'm f-f-fine, S-stein-sama," Crona stuttered. "P-perfectly f-fine."

Stein rolled his eyes. Some children were so unlike their parents. Medusa was never like this, from what he had observed – and from what he himself had experienced. Always so aggressive and straightforward.


Spirit opened the door, poking his head in. "Stein, Shinigami-sama is looking for you."

He pushed his glasses up his nose. "Spirit-kun, tell him I'll be there in a minute."

The redhead grinned widely, and his mood changed from serious to giddy. "Great," he replied. "Now that that's out of the way, I can now go look for Maka!" He waved goofily, slammed the door shut and ran off screaming, "Maka~ Your papa has something for you~"

Stein followed Crona's gaze to the closed door – and almost immediately he knew what the child was thinking. He looked at Crona's wide eyes and immediately knew the feeling in them. Longing.

"I get it," he chuckled snidely, "I get it, Crona. You're jealous of Maka, aren't you?" He laughed as the child shook the head of purple hair violently, and continued. "Don't bother covering it up," he said. "You're jealous of Maka Albarn – you're jealous of the fact that she has great friends who care about her, that she's powerful, that she doesn't freak out easily, and that she has a father. Am I right?" Stein stared at Crona, a sneer plastered on his face. The sneer grew wider when he saw Crona nod ever so slowly.

"I knew it."

Crona glanced up at the man, eyes growing wider – if that was even possible. Stein looked more o the verge of insanity than ever. Crona squeaked in fear, which only seemed to drive him further up the wall.

Stein looked down on his ex-love's child. "Tell you what," he whispered, "Since I'm nice, I'm going to tell you who your father is. You want that, don't you?" he taunted.

Crona could barely bring the limp head to nod.

"All right, I'll tell you."

And all of a sudden Stein let loose a maniacal laugh, a horrible, mad, drunken sound that reverberated throughout the entire building. He laughed as he'd never laughed, and his arms spread out wide as if he was, indeed, already consumed by the insanity. That laugh was followed by one, then another, terrible laugh, each ripping from his throat – as if all of the secrets he'd hidden inside himself were finally let loose.

When he was finally satisfied, Stein looked down on Crona once again. "Your father..."

"...is me."