Everything Changes

A Taito Fanfiction

Author's note: I don't own Digimon or any of the characters. Also, this story does contain Yaoi so you are warned.

CHAPTER 1 - Confession

It was a regular day at the University of Tokyo. Tai was late for class and was breaking into a jog to get there in time. If he didn't make it on time, he would not be able to take his exam. He cut through a very confused group of girls and jumped over a short hedge. He entered the building where his class was and ran up the stairs to the second floor. With four minutes to spare, he walked into the classroom and took a seat near the back. He was slightly out of breath and started mumbling to himself.

"How early can a class be anyway? No wonder I hit the snooze button so much. It's not my fault. Why don't they make the class later? They should make it even later on test days. I wonder if I can take my concerns to the administration? I'll ask Izzy. He's smart. He'll know if I can. I bet he'll say it's impossible. Oh well. Why didn't study for this test more? I got too caught up listening to Matt's new song. Shouldn't he practice somewhere else? Our dorm room is too small to be both a music room and a study room. It was my idea to be roommates though. He was not as enthusiastic at the idea as I would have thought he would be. That was months ago though. School has been in session for two months now. At least some of my friends came here. Sora goes here and so does Izzy. Sora is always hanging out with her roommate, Gwen. Izzy got a room to himself. How did he manage that? It probably has to do with all those scholarships he got. A free ride through college must be nice. I wonder…" Tai's out loud stream of consciousness was interrupted by the professor administering the test papers. Tai quickly shut up so he would not be accused of cheating. A zero on a test would definitely result in him failing the course. Tai took out a pencil and sighed.

It was around noon now and Matt headed out of the library to meet up with his friends for lunch. He spotted Sora and Gwen standing outside of one of the dining halls. Sora, who was usually a bit of a tomboy, had been dressing more girly now that she and Gwen had become best friends. Matt thought that it seemed insane to think that Sora just let the university's housing department randomly choose a roommate for her and she gets paired with someone she instantly bonded with. He didn't complain though. Tai was his best friend. He had been friends with Tai since they were children. They were both eighteen years old now and in their first semester at college. Tai had an undeclared major because he can never make up his mind and Matt was double majoring in both Music and Aeronautics. Izzy of course majored in Computer Science and Sora, as well as Gwen, majored in Fashion Merchandising. Matt approached the two girls with a friendly smile and they both waved and greeted him with genuine happiness.

"Hey Matt!" the two girls said in unison.

"Hey Sora. Hey Gwen. Are you two joined at the hip constantly? I never see just one of you anymore."

The girls just laughed. In addition to being roommates, they also had identical class schedules. They were together constantly and were almost becoming one person. If they looked similar people would mistake them for the same girl. Sora had short, red hair and Gwen had long, black hair. Gwen was also more tan and exotic looking with her large lips and dark brown eyes. Matt thought she was a stunning girl. She had flirted with him when they first met but Matt had politely showed that he was not interested. She took it lightly and quickly ended her crush. Matt was closer to the two girls than Tai was. He was also on the university's soccer team which is how he was paying for his tuition. It wasn't a full scholarship so his parents did have to pay part of his tuition. The soccer coach liked for the team to be close so he spent a lot of time with them. His friendship with Matt never faded though. The three college students waited for Tai and Izzy to show up. Matt's phone vibrated in his pocket.

"Hold on guys. I got a text from Tai. It says '2 exhausted 2 eat. Catch u later.' I guess it will just be the four of us once Izzy shows up." Just then, Izzy walked around the corner with his laptop case under his arm. Everyone greeted him.

"Greetings all. I hope I didn't make you all wait too long. I was working on a paper for one of my classes. I'm famished. Where's Tai?"

Matt responded, "He is too tired from that test he barely studied for. I told him to study but he kept procrastinating. You know Tai." Everyone laughed and entered the dining hall. They got their food and found a table to sit at. Everyone ate their food while talking about meaningless subjects. Matt cleared his throat and everyone looked at him.

"Okay everyone, I know that the dining hall is not a good place to make an announcement but I have something to say. I wish Tai were here but I suppose I can tell him later seeing as we live together." Everyone stared at Matt waiting for him to continue. "I want you all to know the truth about something and I am tired of keeping my true self hidden. I want you all to be the first to know that I'm gay." Everyone just sat frozen processing the information. Matt stared back nervously. Gwen was the first to speak.

"Well I think that's amazing that you shared this with us. That takes courage, Matt. I wondered why you didn't flirt back with me at the beginning of the semester. I've never been turned down before."

"Well I'm glad me coming out made you feel better about yourself. However, it was intended for me to feel better about myself."

"Sorry. Sometimes I am a little self-absorbed. Congratulations Matt. The focus should be on you and your news."

Izzy spoke on the matter next. "I concur with Gwen's congratulations. I applaud your bravery and honesty. I must say though, I never suspected a thing with the way all those fangirls threw themselves at you after your concerts."

"Yes…well…..I never did anything with them." Matt's face turned red. "I know I made it seem like I was hooking up with them backstage but I never went any father than kissing them and I didn't even enjoy that. I only did it for the image and to make sure that my fellow band members didn't suspect anything."

"I see. Well, you are quite cunning then my friend."

Sora just stared at Matt.

"Sora? Aren't you going to say anything to me."

Sora jumped a little when Matt spoke to her. She was taken off guard despite him looking right at her. She opened her mouth and then tried to formulate her thoughts into coherent sentences. "Well…Matt….I….you…..we….ummm….." She became nervous and her eyes watered a little.

"It's okay Sora. I know what you must be thinking. When we dated in high school I truly did love you. I meant it when I said it but I loved you as a friend. You made an amazing girlfriend and if you couldn't turn me at least bi, then no girl can." He smiled and she smiled back.

"Thanks Matt. I loved you too. At least now I know I will always have you as a friend without us dating ever ruining our friendship. I should have known though. All we talked about was Tai." She laughed. "We went to his soccer games all the time and talked about how talented he was and how popular he was. In the back of the mind I wondered about your friendship with him. Did you have a crush on him in high school?"

Matt smiled. "Of course I did. How could I not? He's so cute and funny. He may not be the smartest boy in the world but I was falling in love with him. He and I were inseparable." Matt sighed. "I know he is straight so I never pursued anything. When he wanted to be roommates here I was hesitant because having sleepovers was hard enough. Now I am living in the same dorm as him and he changes clothes in it and I have to pay no attention or I will no doubt be caught staring at his athletic body. I agreed to room with him though because I didn't want to hurt his feelings by turning him down."

Sora gave him a sympathetic look. "I know it must be hard. I can tell that you still have some of your feelings for Tai. There is something about Tai that makes him so loveable. He is very childlike. You, on the other hand, are more serious and sensitive. You two are opposites. Before I thought that made you two best friends, but now I think it could make you two a perfect couple. Tai wouldn't let you be the dominant one of course." Gwen and Izzy laughed.

"Don't worry Sora. There is no way Tai is even gay. I do still have a crush on him. I would let him be the dominant one if we dated. He is stronger than I am so he would force me to let him be even if I didn't want him to." He laughed. He was glad his friends were supportive not homophobic. He was also surprised at how little shock value his news had. He knew he was somewhat feminine but it was not like he was sashaying around campus in all pink and rainbows. "Did you all ever think that I might be gay in high school?"

Izzy answered first. "Well I most certainly did not. I never suspected a thing. However, I was more intrigued by science and computers than everyone's personal lives. How else would I have graduated a year early?"

Matt rolled his eyes. "Leave it to Izzy to turn the subject around to brag about his intelligence. What about you Sora?"

"Not really, Matt. Other than me thinking that you and Tai were oddly close, I never questioned your sexuality. I know you were more sensitive than most guys, but I thought that was a product of you being a musician. You dated me and you had all those girls in love with you so I never thought much of it. I thought that if anybody in our circle of friends were gay, it would be Izzy."


"Sorry Izzy. It's just you weren't dating anyone and you never expressed interest in girls."

"Well excuse me for being serious about my education."

Matt got the attention back to himself. "Um, Hello? This is my coming out, not Izzy's." Sora and Izzy looked at him apologetically. "Well I just want to thank you all for your support. I hope Tai takes the news just as well. I might be a bit more awkward though since I live with him."

"Are you planning on telling him today?" Sora asked.

"Most likely. I have class soon and Tai gets out of his last class two hours after my last one so I have time to prepare myself."

"Well good luck!" Gwen said encouragingly. Time had flown by and Gwen and Sora had to make it to their next class. They said goodbye to the two boys and left the table. Matt and Izzy got up a couple of seconds later and exited the dining hall.

"Well Matt, good luck with telling Tai. I am not sure about his feelings on gay people, but you are his best friend. I'm sure he will take the news fine."

"Thanks Izzy. I am not too worried about that aspect of the news. I am more worried to tell him that I think I am in love with him."