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CHAPTER 11 - Times Change Part 2

Clair stared into her boyfriend's eyes in disbelief of what he had just asked. "What?"

"Clair, would you marry me?"

"I…um…I…" She stuttered while her mind wrapped around the question. She had only known Izzy for a couple of weeks yet she felt so strongly about him. She knew there was only one answer to his question. "Yes! Yes, of course I'll marry you." She kissed him before he could say anything. She pulled herself back so she could look into her fiancé's eyes. They both smiled.

"I promise we will go ring shopping this weekend."

"Izzy, we aren't going to rush into anything, are we?"

"Of course not. It's not like I want to get married next week. We can wait as long as you like."

"I love you so much Izzy Izumi!"

"I love you too." The couple started kissing again.

Tai and Matt walked into their dorm after walking back from Sora and Gwen's movie night. Tai shut the door and locked it. He turned around and kissed his boyfriend on the lips and smiled. "I love you more than anything, Yamato Ishida."

"I feel the same way, Taichi Yagami."

"You love yourself more than anything too?"

Matt punched Tai lightly on the shoulder. "Tai, why must you always ruin perfectly romantic moments with your humor? You know I meant that I love you more than anything too." He smiled up at Tai.

Tai smiled back. "I know, Yama. I just love messing with you. You get so worked up. I love it so much. I love everything that you do." Before Matt could say anything back, Tai kissed him again. This time the kiss was more passionate and Matt knew that meant one thing. Tai lifted Matt up and threw him onto his bed. All of their clothes and shoes were thrown into a pile on the floor in record time. Tai laid on top of his boyfriend. "Yama?"

"Yes, Tai?"

"I want to go all the way this time. Are you ready for it?"

Matt smiled slightly at his boyfriend. "Yes, Tai. I think I am. I wouldn't want to lose my virginity to anyone else."

"I wouldn't want to lose mine to anyone else but you either. This will be my first time too." Tai kissed his boyfriend and reached over to the drawer of his nightstand. He pulled out a box of condoms that he had just bought and took one out. He opened the wrapper with his teeth and tossed the wrapper and box aside. He put on the condom properly and got some lubricant out of the drawer.

"Geese, Tai. When did you buy lubricant and condoms without me knowing it?"

"I cut class one day and went to the store."

"You cut class?"

"Yama, stop focusing on my wrongdoings and start focusing on my dick!" Matt smiled at his boyfriend's forcefulness and watched as Tai lubed up his penis. "This might hurt some since you are a virgin. I will start out gentle, I promise."

"I trust you Tai." Tai kissed Matt and slowly put his penis into Matt's anus. Matt closed his eyes as Tai did this. He was in pain slightly but knew that it was worth it. Once Tai got past the point of the initial insert, Matt noticed how good it felt. He let out a small moan as Tai completely put his penis in.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am great actually."

"So I can continue?"

"Hell yeah!" Tai laughed and started pumping his penis in and out of Matt slowly. Matt instantly started moaning with ecstasy. Tai started increasing the pressure and speed. Eventually he was humping Matt with great force. Matt screamed with pleasure at the top of his lungs and Tai knew everyone on the floor must be able to hear them. Tai didn't care though. He was moaning and screaming too. They continued on until both boys came at the same time. Once they had finished, Tai and Matt laid next to each other in Tai's bed. "Tai, I'm so glad you were my first."

"Me too. I'm glad you were mine as well. I hope that you are my last."

"I hope so too." Matt gave his boyfriend a kiss.

Veronica laid on the couch with Bryan on top of her. The two of them continued to make out as they had been doing for about an hour. Bryan came up for air. "Do you want to move this into the bedroom?"

Veronica thought about her last experience in that bedroom and realized that that was why she was here. She needed to find comfort in a way that paid back the people she thought were horrible. She looked into Bryan's eyes. "Sure." Bryan got off of the couch and picked Veronica up. He carried her into his bedroom and threw her onto the bed. He then got back on top of her and the two resumed what they were doing on the couch. Bryan wanted to take things further this time. He lifted her blouse up just as Tai had done. "What are you doing?"


"Bryan, I thought we were just going to make out on your bed. We just started dating. I don't want to have sex with you."

"Who said anything about dating? I barely know you."

"Yet you want to have sex with me?"

"Can you blame me? You're one hot girl, Veronica. Let's just do this and then we can talk about dating."


"Shush." Bryan put a hand on her mouth and then took off her blouse. He took off his own shirt. Veronica was slightly taken aback by his muscular torso as he continued to push her farther. He kicked off his shoes and took of his socks. He removed her shoes as well. He went back to kissing her and Veronica prayed that he didn't push things much farther. She didn't want to have sex with him. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and she just let him roam around it. She heard his jeans unbutton and unzip. He pulled himself up some to take them off. Now he was only in his boxers. He looked down at her skirt. He put his hands around it and started to remove it. "Bryan…" He didn't seem to notice that she said his name. He took off her skirt and threw it off of the bed. Now she only had on her bra and underwear. He moved back on top of her and kissed her again. He put his arms around her and started unhooking her bra. She moved her head so that he was no longer kissing her lips. "Bryan!"


"I don't want to!"

"Then why did you come here?"

"To talk."

"Bullshit! I can smell a depressed girl in need of some comfort sex a mile away. You hate your former friends and they hate me. You wanted to come here to be with the one person that they hated most to put the final nail in the coffin of your friendship with them. You wanted me and you got me. You accept my offer to go to the bedroom. What did you think I wanted to do in here, read bedtime stories? Hell no! You knew I wanted to fuck you and that is what I intend to do."

"But I said no!"

"Well, you should have said no when you asked yourself if you wanted to come here." Bryan unhooked her bra and removed it. Veronica quickly moved her arms over her breasts. Bryan took this moment to his advantage by removing her underwear while she had her hands occupied. They were off of her before she could stop him. He removed his boxers and laid on top of her again. He resumed kissing her. She knew that there was nothing she could do to stop if he wanted to have sex. She was so much weaker than he was. He was the strongest man she had ever seen. Her eyes opened and doubled in size as she felt Bryan's penis enter her body. Tears formed up in her eyes. He started pumping his erection in and out of her faster. He stopped kissing her to pant and moan. Tears rolled down Veronica's cheeks. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Eventually she could form the correct words to say out loud.

"Stop! Bryan, stop it!" Bryan kept doing it harder and harder. He screamed with the amazing sensation he was feeling. "Get off of me! I said no! I said no! Stop it!" She was screaming at the top of her lungs. Bryan put his hand back on top of her mouth. Her brain completely shut down after he did that. She knew it was too late. She had brought this on herself. None of her former friends did. She came there knowing what a sleazy man Bryan was and she let herself be led to the bedroom. She thought about how she had basically asked him to rape her. In her mind, she blamed nobody but herself. Bryan continued to rape her until he came. He took himself out of her and laid down next to her.

After he started breathing normally again, he looked at her. "So, you want to date me now?"

The life behind Veronica's eyes had now become dead. Her virginity was stolen by a man she barely knew. She opened her mouth and answered him with no emotion. "Sounds great, I would love to."

He smiled evilly. "Great."

"Where the hell are those two boys?" Gwen checked her watch. Matt and Tai were late.

Sora put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "Its okay, Gwen. I'm sure they are on their way. They are two eighteen-year-old gay boys who happen to be dating. I'm sure they are…um…occupying themselves in some manner and lost track of time. They will be down soon."

Gwen sighed. "I guess you're right." It was the next night and Gwen, Sora, Izzy, and Clair waited outside of Tai and Matt's residence hall for the boys. The group was going out to dinner to celebrate the engagement of Izzy and Clair. Gwen looked into her friend's eyes to see her comforting stare. Gwen had dried her tears the previous night before she reentered the dorm room. She had gone to bed early and silently cried herself to sleep. She wasn't in love with Sora but she was starting to before Sora told her that she was straight. Earlier that day, Gwen and Sora had discussed Gwen's feelings. Gwen could feel herself returning to having nothing but feelings of friendship for Sora. Sora was doing everything she could to help Gwen. There were no hard feelings or awkwardness between them. They were still best friends. Izzy and Clair couldn't have cared less that the boys were late. They were too busy kissing. Clair pulled away and looked down at her engagement ring that Izzy had bought her earlier that day. She watched it shine in the overhead light. Izzy observed the pure joy in her eyes and smiled. He never thought that he could find true love at such a young age. Tai and Matt walked out of the building holding hands. Gwen sighed again. "What were you two doing?"

Tai laughed. "The same thing we did last night."

Gwen rolled her eyes but smiled. "I'm guessing that you popped Matt's cherry last night."

Matt's face turned red and Tai gave him a hug. "You bet! Oh, Yama, don't be embarrassed." Matt's face stayed red and he looked down. "You're so adorable, Yama. I love when you get embarrassed." He kissed Matt on the forehead.

Gwen looked at her watch again. "Okay, we are going to miss our reservation unless we leave right this minute." She started walking and everyone followed behind her.

At the restaurant, the friends sat at a circular table that seated their party of six. Matt stood up. "I would like to make a toast to the happy couple." Everyone held up their glasses. Matt cleared his throat and continued. "I have known Izzy since we were kids. He was the brains of our group of friends. He always knew the rational thing to do and never rushed into things. I was shocked when I found out that he had proposed to Clair so soon after they had met. Izzy isn't the most impulsive boy so for him to do something so impulsive is truly amazing. Clair, he must love you a lot to do something like this. You are in good hands with him. He will always be there for you and never hurt you. You two will make an outstanding married couple one day. I love you both. So, without further ado, here's to Izzy and Clair." Everyone tapped their glasses against each other and Matt returned to his seat. Everyone turned their focus to the newly engaged couple except Tai.

"Yama, that was beautiful."

"Thank you Tai."

"I mean it. I hope your wedding vows to me are as beautiful as that."

"Wedding vows? Are you proposing to me?"

Tai laughed quietly as to not draw attention. "Not yet. Maybe I will one day."

Matt smiled at his boyfriend. "Well, when you do, I will say yes."

"I'm going to hold you to that."

"I bet you will." The two boys laughed and then turned their focus to Izzy and Clair as well. The group of friends ate and talked about the future wedding. Clair had to keep reassuring them that they weren't getting married that soon. They would wait some time. The conversation of that dinner never became dull as the friends showed their congratulations.

Clair was so humbled by her new friends' support. She was becoming overwhelmed. "Thank you all so much for supporting me and Izzy. It really means a lot to - " Clair paused her thanks and looked at someone she recognized. Everyone noted her pause and turned to see what she was looking at. Clair was watching Veronica and Bryan prepare to leave the restaurant. Everyone's jaws dropped. They couldn't believe Veronica would date Bryan after how badly he had treated the friends. None of the friends were in contact with Bryan, not even Gwen. Everyone noted in their head that the attempts to get Veronica to join in their friendship were now over. She had already been treating them unkindly. Now she had pushed things too far. She hadn't even informed them that she was seeing Bryan. From the looks of Clair's face, everyone could tell that Clair didn't even know about it. Clair's heart dropped that her now former best friend wouldn't even inform her of something like this. Clair had told her about the engagement the night before but Veronica had showed little interest. That is when Clair stopped trying to be nice to her. Veronica started to walk away from the table with Bryan but she stopped when she saw six pairs of eyes on her. Bryan stopped to when he saw the group. From the looks they received from the group, they knew any possible reconciliation was dead. There was nothing but anger coming from their eyes. Bryan knew that they all hated him, but he could see that now Veronica was just as hated. Veronica got a strange satisfaction from the stares. She finally got what she was waiting for. She had turned her back on her friends and now they were finally aware that she meant business. She knew that she had just become dead to them. She didn't even care. After the previous night, she found herself not caring about anything. Bryan had date-raped her and she just let him. Even though none of it was her own fault, she blamed herself. She saw that despite their now present anger, the group of friends was happy with their lives. This made Veronica hate them even more. Her own life was going up in flames. She was dating a man that had raped her and she acted like nothing happened. Bryan had brainwashed her into believing that the sex was consensual and that nobody would believe her if she told them otherwise. The friends continued to stare at them until the couple walked out of the restaurant. Everyone turned back to Clair. Clair looked confused and then realized that she was speaking a few moments ago. She cleared her throat. "As I was saying, your support means a lot to me. I'm glad I have such amazing friends like you." Everyone thanked her and smiled. Clair looked at her fiancé and he knew that she was upset that Veronica had not accepted the invitation to come to the dinner. "Izzy, do you know who Veronica and Bryan remind me of?"

"Tom and Daisy from The Great Gatsby?"

Clair looked surprised. "Yes! How did you know I was going to say that?"

"I didn't, I suppose. I just saw that novel on your bookshelf in your room the other day and I am quite the Fitzgerald fan myself. I understand what you mean about them. They are just two horrible people and no matter how much you try to change them, they will always be that awful. All those two care about are themselves. They don't give a damn about anyone else in this world. They were made for each other. Even though we were once friendly with these people, we should just go on with our own lives because there is nothing we can do."

"Izzy, you truly are my sole mate."

"As you are mine, Clair." They began to kiss softly. They stopped when they realized that everyone was watching them. Seeing Veronica and Bryan stirred up thought in more than just Clair. Gwen looked down at her plate at thought about the cousin that she had lost. Her and Bryan no longer spoke after the party. He used to be Gwen's confidant and friend. After he betrayed her, he just reminded her of all the boyfriends in her past that betrayed her too. Gwen knew that there relationship was over, even if they were relatives. She hated the person he had become and needed to surround herself with people that she trusted. She looked up at the red-headed girl sitting next to her. Sora looked back down at her and smiled. She knew what Gwen had been thinking.

Sora leaned in closer to Gwen. "It's okay, Gwen. I know it hurts that you lost him, but I will never backstab you like he did. You will have me as your friend forever. I promise that you will never lose me." Gwen smiled widely. "If you kissing me and telling me you liked me didn't drive me away, nothing will." The two girls laughed and hugged. They both knew that they would always be best friends.

Seeing both Bryan and Veronica reminded Tai of how he behaved at the party. He acted so irrationally only because he was scared of who he truly was. Now he had the most amazing boyfriend in the world. He had come so far in such a short amount of time and he owed it all to Matt. He looked over at his boyfriend only to find his boyfriend staring back. "Yama, I'm sorry I acted like such an ass at that party. I got drunk and went to the bedroom with Veronica. I pushed you away when you tried to help. I acted to stupid that day."

"It's all in the past Tai. Don't worry about it."

Tai grinned sweetly at Matt. "Thank you. You are so understanding. You even took me back after I wouldn't be your boyfriend in public."

"I think you seeing me get bashed woke you up."

"It did. I knew I needed to defend you the way I would if you were a girl. You are most precious thing in the world to me and I would die if I lost you. You are the other half to me. Now that I have you, I will never be complete if you aren't in my life. I want us to be together forever. I love you Yama."

"I love you too, Tai." The couple kissed passionately while simultaneously daydreaming of marrying one day.


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